Game Banks USA: Land-based US casinos

In USA, all casinos must have a concession. This will be for Top casinos Forgive from the US Game Banking Commission (EDBK) and enables casinos legally to offer game banking games.

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This regulation has been valid since the entry into force of the new 2019 money match 2019. Assigned concessions are valid for 6 years. Subsequently, a request can be submitted to the EDBK to extend the concession.

US gamebanks | Current list 2021

Currently 21 game banks have a concession of the US EDBK. There is a distinction in two categories of casinos - the concession A and the concession B.

Game banks that have concession B are regulated by the Commission. This means that players can not exceed a maximum of 25 US francs. In addition, the canton of the casino can be one Cantonal delivery to raise the gross game yield. In total, 13 game banks have a concession b - the remaining 8 have the concession A.

Grand Casino Baden

That Grand Casino Baden is considered one of the largest casinos in USA and is only 20km from Zurich Airport. The casino has 25 tables with games like poker, roulette or blackjack - there are also over 300 slot machines.

Every day, visitors to the casino can participate in tournaments and have the chance to win five different jackpots.

The Grand Casino Baden also has an online casino in addition to its arcade hall. This can be done via the website achieved. Planned is a reopening of the casino in February 2021.

Grand Casino Bern

in the Grand Casino Bern Find visitors 14 different game tables. There, the most popular table and card games can be played with professional and experienced dealers. In addition, 320 vending machines are available - including, for example, jackpot machines.

Also the Grand Casino Bern has an online casino. The online offer can be on 7 melons.Cheers are visited. There are a lot of slots and games available for playing at home. A registration takes only a few minutes and is of course free.

Casino Lugano

That Casino Lugano is located in a building designed by the Italian architect Achille Sfondrini. The casino extends over two floors and offers three bars, a restaurant and an extra furnished area for smokers.

The casino offers 500 slot machines with 18 different jackpot games. There are also 27 game tables and a VIP area.

Since 2019, the Casino Lugano is the sponsor of the local football club FC Lugano.

Casino St. Moritz

That Casino St. Moritz is located in the US Alps, in a stately height of 1.850m. Thus, the casino is the highest casino of USA.

In Casino St. Moritz can play visitors to 81 modern slot machines. There are also a number of various table games like Blackjack, American Roulette or Ultimate Texas Hold'em.

In the building of the casinos is also a bar with a unique view of the play area and first-class cocktails and drinks. In addition, the bar of the Casinos St. Moritz as insider tip for whiskey lovers - because there is a very large selection of best whiskey varieties.

Around the year, various events take place in the casino. For example, the "Passion Night", the "Burlesque Night" or "Sexy Night For Women".

Casino Barrière de Montreux

That Casino Barrière de Montreaux offers 385 different slot machines. In addition, there are also 17 tables where games like roulette, poker or blackjack can be played. For poker lovers there are 4 cash tables - only the opening hours must be considered.

The casino is in Geneva and offers a view of Lake Geneva. The building was burned down in 1971 during a concert of the Group The Mothers of Invention. Shots were delivered with a luminous gun and a short time later, the entire building was in flames. Immediately thereafter, the building and the casino was recognized again and opened again in 1975.

Casino Admiral Mendrisio

in the Casino Admiral Mendrisio Guests can enjoy over 344 different slot machines. But there are also 23 table games where roulette and blackjack are offered, also Punto Banco and Baccarat can be played there.

For all poker lovers: The Casino Admiral offers no poker tables.

The casino is 15km from Lugano.

Casino Bad Ragaz

That Casino Bad Ragaz has 160 different slot machines and 7 tables for blackjack, roulette and poker.

The casino was opened at the end of 2012 and can be daily from 12h to 3 or. 4 o'clock to be visited at night. The building is part of a complex, which also includes the Sternhotel Hof Ragaz.

Casino Davos

in the Casino Davos There are hundreds of slot machines and also some tables for games like roulette, blackjack and some more.

The game room is open daily from 14pm to 2 o'clock. Admission is free and of course only from 18 years. Before entering the casinos, a copy of the ID card is made - this is necessary due to the new money laundering law.

The Casino Davos is located in the mountains. Who plans a visit, so can connect a holiday right away.

Casino Barrière Friborg

That Casino Barrière Friborg If there has been a variety of different games since 2003 and has been offering since 2003. In total, players can play at 150 different slot machines and 6 table games.

During the week, the casino is open from 10pm to 2 o'clock and on the weekend until 4 o'clock.

The casino is only far from the city of Friborg and can be easily reached by car.

Casino Interlaken

That Casino Interlaken is open from Monday to Saturday from 10pm to 19 o'clock. However, note that roulette and blackjack are always available from 16 o'clock. Sundays the casino remains closed.

The Casino Interlaken is online about achieve. There can also be found best slots and games.

The casino in Interlaken has a large selection of best slot machines. If you want to play roulette and blackjack, you can also use the various tables of the casino.

Current information about the casino and its offer and possibilities can be found on the website itself or on the Facebook page.

Casino Barrière Currendlin

That Casino Barrière Currendlin Located in the heart of the small charming village of Currendlin. The Casino belongs to the French company Lucien Barrière.

The land-based casino consists of various areas and offers a large smoking area and a central bar. The special feature is the view of the surrounding, barely touched nature of the area - in typical US style.

There are 119 slot machines available, which are repeatedly updated. As a special feature, the casino offers a "Jurapot" - a mysterious jackpot, which increases with the inserts.

There are also 9 different video poker vending machines and the possibility to enjoy tables like blackjack.

Casino Locarno

The casino in Locarno is just minutes from the beautiful Lake Lake Maggiore. The casino is located between the pier and the popular Piazza Grande. In a well-maintained and pleasant environment you can celebrate casino games and special entertainment.

That Casino Locarno has different jackpots, this jackpot system makes the game offer even more attractive. The operators of the casinos organize a whole range of different events - customers and players appreciate them very much.

The land-based casino has a wide range of different games, such as:

  • 150 slot machines
  • 4 roulette tables
  • 3 blackjack and Texas Hold'em Tables
  • Stud poker
  • Automatic roulette

The casino is open daily from 11pm to 3pm. On Friday and Saturday, the doors are even open until 4pm at night.

Casino du Lac Meyrin

That Casino du Lac Meyrin is 5km away from Geneva and opened 7 days a week.

Players can play 205 slot machines. In addition, the casino offers traditional gaming tables, a restaurant, a bar and a smoking area.

Distributed over the year, the Casino du Lac hosts various events, such as Lottierie evenings, private parties, games with monthly drawings and much more.

Overall, the land-based casino offers 3 smoking areas where can be easily smoked during playing.

Casino Crans-Montana

That Crans-Montana Casino Located in the heart of Crans-Montana. There players find a large selection of different games in various areas. Among other things, you will find 130 slot machines and a comfortable smoking area.

The land-based casino is open daily from 10pm to 4pm. On Friday and Saturday the casino is even open until 5 o'clock.

In addition to the large selection of slot machines there are also a number of Place games like Roulette, Backjack, Stud Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Three Card Poker.

In the same building there is also a restaurant and regularly find private and organized events.

On request, even a chauffer service is available. Naturally parking, of course, are provided free of charge.

Casino Neuchatel

That Casino Neuchatel Provides 150 different slot machines and players can choose their use freely. Inserts are already possible from 1 cents. There are also 6 different tables for various table and card games. There are, for example, roulette, blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em Poker - these can be used daily from 18 o'clock.

The Casino Neuchâtel is located in the French-speaking part of USA in the city of Neuchatel. The journey is very easy and on the website of the land-based casino you can find a map with the exact contact and direction information.

For questions or more detailed information, you can also call the casino. The phone number can also be found on the website of the casino.

US Casinos Schaffhausen

in the Casino Schaffhausen There is not only a lot of games and vending machines, but also a bar with drinks and burgers.

The land-based casino organizes regular game events. There are also daily different table games like Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Blackjack. There is also a jackpot for these games.

Almost 300 parking spaces are available in a garage on the grounds of the casinos and additional 140 parking spaces. For all guests of the casino there is also a free wardrobe.

All smokers can play in a separate smoking area - this is located on the first floor of the building.

If you have questions about the journey or other concerns, you can contact the casino directly. All contact details are available on the website.

US Casino Pfäffikorn-Zürichsee

At Hotel Seedamm Plaza in Pfäffikon you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of the US casinos. The casino is only five minutes away from Raperswil-Jona roses and easily and quickly reach.

The 10 game tables and 158 slot machines guarantee best entertainment.

The visit to US Casinos Pfäffikon-Zürichsee is rounded off by the culinary delicacies in the various award-winning restaurants.

The land-based casino is open daily from 12h to 3pm. On Friday and Saturdays you can even visit the casino until 4 o'clock.

That US Casinos Pfäffikon-Zürichsee is just under 27km from Zurich railway station. If you arrive by car, you can use the in-house parking.

US Casinos St. Bile

That Casino St. Bile In addition to a range of play opportunities, this also offers the option of private casino evenings with the professional team of the casino to organize. For this you can choose a locality yourself and bring a series of casinetic and professional croupiers to this.

The casino is located in the eponymous canton - in his capital St. Bile.

US Casinos Zurich

That too Casino in Zurich Belongs to the US Casinos Group. The company is a holding AG and operates various game banks - so also this in Zurich.

The land-based casino is free every day until 19 o'clock. From 19 o'clock guests must pay an entrance fee of 10 US.

The casino offers a whole range of game possibilities. All in all you can find over 160 different machines. Some of them are also in a separate smoking area.

The casino has parking on the grounds. There are 620 parking facilities.

Grand Casino Basel

in the Grand Casino Basel Should visitors pay attention to the dress code first and foremost. Some clothes are not desirable, including, for example: tank tops, dirty clothes, provocative clothing, floats, base caps, sunglasses. Otherwise, visitors can come in classical outfits.

The Grand Casino Basel offers More than 300 different slot machines. Players can already play with a minimum of 0.01 US. The good: All profits are tax-free.

If you do not feel like automatic, you will also find a series of table games in the casino. For example, games like blackjack, Ultimate Texas Hold'em and Roulette are ready here. The minimum payout amount varies from 5 US to 10 US.

As part of various occasions, special events take place in the casino. There is an event calendar on the website of the casino.

Grand Casino Lucerne

That Grand Casino Lucerne is open for guests from 9h to 4pm. Friday and Saturday, however, the casino is open until 5 o'clock. However, advice that table games are always available from 16 o'clock.

In the same complex as well as the casino, the restaurant Olivio, the SeaCafé and the Casineum, where regular events are organized.

In addition to a whole range of various slot machines, players in Grand Casino Lucerne can also play poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and jassino.

The Grand Casino Lucerne also has an online casino online, via the website mycasino.chest can be reached. There players have the opportunity to find a large selection of the best games online and to use mobile.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You have to pay taxes on profits in the casino?

If you play in a casino with concession, you do not have to pay taxes on the profits. Profits from an online casino are subject to the withholding tax from US 1 million.

Pay the casinos taxes to the federal government?

Yes and even not little. This was the aim of the new Regulation 2019, because the revenue from gambling should use the general public and thus the tax revenues are relocated to other areas and ministries.

Are all land-based playbanks legal?

After adopting the new Play Law of USA, only 21 game banks have received a concession. All other casinos had to close and are therefore illegal.

Is gambling in USA allowed?

Yes, in general already said. However, it depends on the definition of gambling, because sports bets include, for example, as skill games and are subject to other regulations as casino games. In any case, operators need a concession of the US EDBK.

Can each casino can also open an online casino?

No, not all land-based gamebanks can also automatically operate an online casino. For this purpose, various criteria must be fulfilled and the operator must have the appropriate concession.