Casino du Lac Meyrin: Guaranteed fun for US

The most important data at a glance

address Route de Pré-Bois 20
city Meyrin
Postal code 1215
phone +41 22 592 00 00
Homepage Casino

The Casino du Lac Meyrin is very close to Geneva. The land-based Game bench Since 2002, there are already almost 20 years since the casino has been put into operation. Treat yourself to the different theme evenings, private parties or competitions. On the Casino website, you can find a lot of information about the casino and the various events.

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently the Casino du Lac Meyrin must remain closed. Due to the current situation, it can not predict when the casino is reopened. That's why you should definitely check on the website how and when you can play back in the casino. For questions or ambiguities, you can also call and ask directly in the casino.

For the opening hours, we can currently only orient ourselves at times before the closure. Here is stated that the casino Open every day from 8pm to 11pm is. However, this applies only to the general areas and slot machines. the Table games are only available from 15 o'clock, Because dealer or. Croupiers are needed. These will be from most of the game banks only in the afternoon or. Events hired.

Note that before entering the casino, you must pretend a badge. Of course you have to at least 18 years old be to be able to play in the casino. As part of the US law, all documents must also be scanned in the casino. Thus, USA protects against money laundering and other scams. So do not wonder at the entrance if you keep your ID briefly.

There is no dress code. So neither a suit with tie nor an evening dress is required. However, you should make sure that you wear clean clothes and no torn jeans or t-shirts with provocative sayings. In any case, do without shorts or bath clothing, tank tops and hoods.

Game offer

The Casino du Lac Meyrin has a big gaming offer. The management of the casinos relies on variety and therefore offers more than just a pile of slot machines.

Overall, visitors to the casino can Over 205 different slots to use. These are retro slots, but of course a whole series of modern games. Some of these games also have a promising jackpot who just waits to be cracked.

How much you want to use is almost complete you. However, you have to deposit at least 0.01 US and can place a maximum of 25 US per game. Due to the B-concession of the casinos, higher missions are not possible, which should not make a difference for the average player.

In addition to the conventional gaming machines, there are also some electronic games. Here, for example, players can play electrical roulette on 2 machines. Furthermore, there are 7 electronic blackjack machines. No dealer is needed for these players, so these games are available at any time.

There are also 15 different tables For the classic table games. Guests of the US casinos can play here on seven roulette tables - there are two Texas Hold'em tables, a table with SIC Bo and five blackjack tables. Make sure how many people can play at the table and how the minimum.


The journey into the Casino du Lac Meyrin is easy. Of the Airport - Meyrin aeroport - Only 1km from the Casino du Lac Meyrin. If you are planning a longer stay in the area, you can also stay at the nearby Mövenpick Hotel. The Mövenpick hotels are a corporate group. The hotels can be found in many major cities with international airports and train connections. In general, there is an individual management within the respective hotels.

From the Mövenpick Hotel there is every hour Shuttle to the airport. If you want to drive with the S-Bahn, then you can use the lines 18 or 14 to get to the center of the city or the lake shore. By the way, the nearest train station is only 5 minutes and the Balexert Shopping Center is also 3 minutes away.

Of course you can also drive to the casino by car and be more flexible. We best recommend the route online via a route planner - like BSPW. Google - plan. So you can also stay informed about current details and news on the route.

The online casino - Pasino.chest

The Casino du Lac Meyrin also has an online casino next to the land-based casino. The online casino of the casino can About the address WWW.pasino.choosen will. On the website you can find a lot of information. There is a huge selection of games and best of that you can use them in the current situation.

Choice of play

The website of Casinos du Lac Meyrin offers a wide selection of different games. In order to get an overview of an overview, you can Filter between various areas. For example, you will find "new games", "slot machines" and "table games". The online casino also has a Live casino. There you can enjoy the most popular games like poker, blackjack and roulette with a live dealer or. Croupier play. Here are, for example, Monopoly Live or Speed Roulette.

Pay attention to the tables for roulette, poker and co, that there is always one Minimum gives. Some games such as roulette are also available in various versions - so that there are different game options.

Offers and Promotions

In most online casinos, you can use a bonus when you register. The same applies to Parisio.Ch, because here you can have one 200% Welcome bonus up to 600 US obtain.

In addition, there are also other offers and actions. You can find them all at any time on the Casinos website. In the Category "Offers" are the current promotions listed. Only necessarily pay attention to the conditions that apply to the use.

For example, if you play the game of the week, you can use one Additional bonus of 100 US obtain.


For a registration you only need to click on the website to "Register". Then a separate window opens where to specify your personal information. Be sure to make sure that you make all the information justified.

After registration you will receive a confirmation and can start directly to pay and play.

As a rule, the entire registration takes only a few minutes. If you still have questions or problems, you can contact customer service and ask.

Customer service and further information

The entire website of Parisio.Ch is extremely clear and user-friendly. All areas can be achieved without problems with just a few clicks. You can also find an overview of the most common questions and related answers.

If you have an individual request, you can also communicate live with persons of the casino. There is even one on the website Live chat to disposal. Alternatively, you can also send an e-mail to the employees of the online casinos.