Roulette Tricks - Learn the best strategies for the casino

Here you will find 9 tips you use online roulette note! These should help you to increase your roulette opportunities and possible roulette profit. This is one of the most fascinating casino games that becomes increasingly popular with the online players.

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Roulette Tips 1: Choose a casino with a good customer service

If you choose a US Casino, you can always view the game rules or ask the customer service of the Casinos for advice, but you should not expect roulette tetricks from the staff. Excellent customer service can be recognized at the following characteristics:

  • Reachable around the clock
  • Always a German-speaking employee can be reached
  • Various contact options: live chat, e-mail, telephone
  • Fast response times
  • Courtiness, competence and no descent

To find a good online casino, you should look at our list of 100% US casinos that accept players from around the world. More and more big, international casinos translate their games and commission German-speaking customer service representatives. Take advantage of this offer in a good livecasino, where you can use your trained roulette tips.

Tip 2: Play the European variant of roulette

Instead of gambling at an American roulette table where they have fewer possibilities to use their roulette tricks, they should gamble at a European table. The European Roulette Tetish has only one roulette 0, the American roulette table, on the other hand, a double OULL. So you increase your chances of casino turtle by choosing the game.

The house advantage of the casino at the European Casinoroulette is only 2.63%. However, which pays you do not matter to the La Prison rule should always be put on simple roulette chances, which is one of the best roulette tips that you should consider.

Select the table where the best roulette rules for you are valid and the gambling is even more lucrative. If you gamble roulette, there is no excuse for a bad table. So they play with system and roulette tricks and choose the correct variant in the casino or app, which means Americanroulette avoid and gamble in the grandcasino to increase their roulette probabilities.

Tip 3: Put a limit at the online olette

The roulette can be easily carried away, if you feel that a certain number is drawn or the ball ends on a specific color. If you have lost its mission several times, you would like to make up for its losses through effective roulette tricks.

To avoid that your feelings win the upper hand, you should fix a budget for each game session and for each month. However, there is something flexibility - everyone can set their own kind of limit, depending on what fits.

Common are usually:

  • Temporal limits
  • Lifetime
  • Loss

If you once lose all the inserts, you should not try to play anymore so as not to lose even more. Games of gambling and even online moulette keep many surprises ready and many experienced players will tell you that they are waiting for the next time and then make the big coup. Nowadays you also do not have to buy roulette to play to play - just use the online casino!

Tip 4: Use a system that help roulette tips

This strategy can consist, just to gamble for fun to random or pursue a specific purpose, z.B. to pursue a classic strategy or to win real money. Keep yourself at our helpful roulette tips.

Remember the scenes in James Bond films, for example with Skyfall, when James Bond puts the real money in the matchcasino in Macau on everything red? This is actually the tactics for roulette, which we have been pursuing for years. why? This bet is short and painless. Either one wins, or you lose, without complicated roulette tricks.

Nevertheless, you should be careful with roulette strategies. We mention this point aware, because many websites report about the marting altactic. We do not want to spurn them completely. However, we want to explain why these hardly make sense. At least the average citizens can hardly start with it. If you call a few million francs your own and the money is not important, then dare it. Who has to endure with a small income, should not use this strategy rather.

The most famous roulette betting strategies are:

  • Martingale
  • Paroli
  • D'Alembert
  • Labouchère

The marting altactic is easy! For example, you set US 1 on the color black. If the color comes red now, double your use on 2 francs. This will repeat so long until your color appears. US 1 will US 2, US 3, US 6, US 12, US 3, US 6, US 12. In the first moment, this sounds victorious. Finally, the player assumes that someday the other color has to come. Nobody knows when this is the case. You may need to wait 1000 rounds. Also, if it is usually so far, nobody can know. Even with 10 roulette hours, the average is bankrupt. why? Because the doubling enormously high amounts arise.

Example: How much you would in 10 laps in the marting altactic:

Round 1: 1 franc
Round 2: 2 francs
Round 3: 4 francs
Round 4: 8 francs
Round 5: 16 francs
Round 6: 32 francs
Round 7: 64 francs
Round 8: 128 francs
Round 9: 256 francs
Round 10: 512 francs

In 10 rounds you already play over 500 francs and then it continues fast. US 500, US 1000, US 2000, US 4000. We do not have to say much about that.

In addition, most online casinos limits have. Either down or up. Example: 5 francs up to US 100, or US 100 francs up to US 5000. Who wants to play Martingale, is best looking for a variant beginning at 10 cents and at US 10.000 ends. Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage at 10 cents. The chance that you only win 20 cents is quite big. After all, better than US 5000. That's why we recommend those who are not so good to bet on small missions. Nobody has to do without the marting altaking. However, nobody should take too seriously. A limit is urgent here.

Example: They play as long until you give US 100. Even if you have not won with US 100, you stop, otherwise you lose more.

In online casino or. At Casinoroulette there are some profit strategies. But each one is also associated with losses. The best variant is and remains that you stop at some point. Even when it hurts. If you do not have control, you should not use casino strategies. We also recommend to you in the demo mode. Try yourself there as far as you come with Martingale. Many do not believe how much is lost in a short time. At first, the strategy seems unique. At the second gaze, this is always a cashmater. That's why you should be careful.

In addition, we can use the en prison rule and thus grab our winning opportunities in roulette something under the arms.

If you prefer longer games, then we advise without thinking much to tap on different numbers, including the zero. In contrast to the Blackjack or poker Does the game have a social character and you can easily worried bets for OHS and AHS. By the way, with a casino bonus in the back, it still plays winged with roulette today around the clock.

Tip 5: OnlineCasinos with roulette insurance are preferable

Players who are familiar with gambling and online moulette pay attention to this rule. Because with certain bets (for example, red or black), you get half of your insert when the ball stops on the 0!

If the gambling games provide insurance, you should definitely take them, because on a long-term view they increase their roulette patches and can try more roulette tricks. Incidentally, this is one of the few roulette tricks that really work. So do not rely on a cheap roulette trick, because many tricks and other well-meant advice will help you in online casinos, according to a review, not even.

The last tip in our article about RouletteTricks, is finally fun while playing. Join yourself a small priority list that you can stick during the game, for example:

  • Keep limits
  • have fun!
  • Improve understanding of the game
  • Win

Throw the chips to the table and if you make a high win, send us an e-mail with a screenshot of your profit so we can publish it on our site!

Tip 6: Use a bonus in online casinos

Now we would like to give you a tip that many overlook or, where some think this has no validity in the roulette game. The speech is from an online bonus. Mostly those are assigned to new customers so that they get to know the casino without risk. It is a misleading that these bonuses only work on slot machines. Also table games can be gambling. However, there are some restrictions that you should know.

First, we want to explain to you what is a casino bonus. Often there is a 100% casino bonus with up to 100 US or similar. You pay 100 US and get 100 US on top of that. Partly there is no deposit bonuses or free spins. With these you do not have to do a deposit.

The bonus conditions usually notes that the bonuses are only credited 100% for slot machines. This is the only small problem, why the offers are not so attractive in table games. If you use the casino bonus in roulette, this is partially only 10% or 20%. You must know this percentage so you can play the premiums. Almost every bonus has a certain sales request. Some are at 20x, elsewhere at 30x or even 50x. If you now receive 100 US, you would need to be at 20x to 2.000 US Zock. Only then is a payout. If the bonus is only credited to 10% in the roulette game, you have to gamble 90% longer.

But this does not mean that they have to do without the casino bonus. For example, you can use it for practicing. So you play directly in real money mode and know in the end, how the bunny is running. A casino bonus is ideal if you want to play for free in the live casino. There you can rarely play in demo mode. If you snatch a casino bonus, the thing looks different in turn.

Tip: Sometimes there are extra bonuses for livecasino or table games. This is the case in those casinos that present many table games. Also where there is a lot of offer for highhollers, you usually get a welcome bonus for the livecasino. It's best to compare the offers until you find a suitable casino bonus. Attention: For free bonuses, there are mostly winning limits. That's why you should pay off the credit immediately, after which you have reached the minimum sales.

Tip 7: The faith puts mountains

Some will now shake their heads and say. What are they doing for a nonsense therefore. But we have the hope that some believe us. The law of attraction is now present. Hundreds of books were written. The most famous is probably "The Secret".

You get no spell that immediately conjures the jackpot to you. It's about very different things. Surely you already heard of lucky strands. Where do they come from?? This is because if one wins, then he believes in it and the profits repeat longer-term. But at some point the moment comes where the faith disappears. Usually it is the moment where the fear starts to govern. Fear is the biggest blockade for success and this in all areas of life.

If you want to become a good roulette player, you should also deal with the topic mindfulness. How is your attitude to the money? Many people who have debts gamble in the casino and are even poorer. That's because they make out of a shortage and thus put even more deficiency. This is just as a reason why you should not play if you have no real money. Apart from that you can go more, it is a thought.

Meditate and practice positive. But we do not mean the superficial blabla. You have to feel empire. This is also a reason why casinos are mostly so noble. Has you ever noticed that debtors usually depend only in betting offices and those who are getting richer are constantly in the best Las Vegas hotels. This is no coincidence, that's the fact. The energy is another. From now on you are a successful player, you get credit sent, whenever you need it. They deserve it and are successful.

It can take weeks and months to solve the inner blockages in terms of money blockades. Once it happened, not only the money gains can improve online, they also have better job opportunities or they become creative, have ideas they make rich. Focus not only on one thing, this is the wrong way. But the basic setting should be positive. This will definitely continue. People who always say, "I never win something," repeat this so often until it does not arrive. A vicious circle. You can escape this now. Read books on "Law of Attraction". Look at YouTube videos and you will see, soon you will feel more successful.

Tip 8: Gamble at the beginning always in demo mode

If you do not know the rules yet and get into roulette, you should definitely start in demo mode. Do not make the error in which you start directly in real money mode. The longer you practice in the free roulette, the better you will.

The demo mode is above all ideal if you want to get to know another roulette variant. For example, there are small differences from French roulette and American roulette. Anyone who never played the second is perhaps confused in the end. Which means the second zero, will now ask some questions. Such ambiguities are saved when you learn the rules in advance and tried the learned in demo mode. This is finally there. Whenever you change, or want to test a new way, you should start for free. We also recommend the professionals to remind you of what the respective version for challenges.

Tip 9: Look at LiveCasino

You just want to watch and see what happens from Roulette? In the case we recommend the LiveCasino. For most, it is possible to accept when you log in. Just open the table and you are there. You do not have to make an assignment to see the dealer.

For example, they get to know the statements in different languages. If you want to know what "nothing more" is called in Italian, play the Italian version. For example, if you want to go on vacation and visit a casino there, a livecasino is also a good preparation. In the end, they know what the dealers mean and they are not blaming.


Which types of strategies are available?

Usually, the speech of betting strategies, which specify to follow playing a specific pattern. However, you can also simply use general gambling strategies, such as setting a use limit. Also, the free practice is one of a strategy.

What is the martingale?

The Martingale is a betting strategy that is particularly popular with roulette game. It's about always double the use of the previous game round. So you get the previous losses on a profit. But this tactic has its limits. Already after 10 roulette hours you are about several hundred euros when you start with one euro. That's why the strategy is not really recommended.

Where can I play roulette online?

As good as every online casino offers roulette, both in the live casino as well as software-based roulette. However, there are differences in the size of the selection, the games provider, etc. It's worth reading a few current reviews and comparing providers to the perfect one found for themselves.

You can play roulette in demo mode?

Yes, there are a demo version of roulette in many online casinos. Note, however, that this is only for table games. If you want to play in LiveCasino, there are hardly demo versions. Here we recommend you a bonus, which allows you to try everything for free.

For roulette players who want more and more. Now you know the different roulette strategies. But beware, that's not enough to make a good player from them. Continue reading: