Casino Locarno: Playing in Best Society

The most important data at a glance

address Largo Franco Zorzi 1
city Locarno
Postal code 6600
E-mail info @ casinolocarno.chest
phone +41 91 756 30 30
Homepage www.casinolocarno.chest

In Locarno in USA there is a lot to discover. In addition to the city's casino, there are many other sights and Gamebanks, such as the Madonna del Sasso or the well-known Castello Visconteo. Who is interested in films, can also enjoy the international film festival in Locarno. But since 2002 there is also the Grand Casino Locarno, in the matching atmosphere in a historic theater.

Opening hours and etiquette

Unfortunately, the Grand Casino Locarno has to remain closed due to the current situation. When the doors of the casino are reopened, is still unclear. That's why we have to wait for the provisions of the US government. What they expect, however, as soon as the casino will open again, we do not want to pretend you. In this article you will find the most important information about the Casino Locarno.

Before the Casino Locarno had to close, the casino was Sunday to Thursday 11pm open until 3 o'clock. At Friday and Saturday, visitors could even get from 11pm to 4pm to play. How the opening hours look like when the casino reopens, is not clear. That's why you should find out about the website before a visit.

If you want to play at Casino Locarno, you must at least 18 years old be. Be sure to bring your ID card, driver's license or passport with. These documents are checked exactly and scanned - that is necessary due to the money laundering law.

There is no dresscode in the casino Locarno. You do not have to wear a suit with tie or an evening dress. Just come as you feel good. However, you should make sure that your clothes have no holes and is freshly washed. Do not be seen in sunglasses and hats.

In addition to the many games there are also a bistro restaurant in the Grand Casino Locarno. Over there 40 seats in the restaurant and 60 other outdoor seating. Especially couples can enjoy a romantic evening overlooking the stars. The service is first class, which is why the restaurant has almost exclusively good ratings. You can enjoy a lot of different dishes - for example, national food from USA, pizza and much more.

Of course, there is a bar in the casino itself. There you can enjoy a break of poker and Co and order various cocktails and other drinks.

If you are planning a longer stay overnight in Locarno, you can also stay in one of the hotels. In the village you will find various hotels that offer rooms and a top service. Before booking a hotel, check better in advance how far this is away from the casino. But there are also shuttle services or you can take a taxi. Let your possibilities best explain to the hotel reception.

Before the casino had to close, private events were also often organized. If you are planning a company celebration or other big party, keep the Grande Casino Locarno in mind. The ratings are also very positive for private events.

The Grande Casino Locarno has one Concession B of the US Authority. That's why you need to make sure that you can only use a maximum of 25 US per game. Higher missions are allowed in some other casinos with other concession. But if you are not a highrider, you will hardly notice that.

Game offer

The Casino Locarno offers its players a great variety. You can 150 different slots choose and play with the smallest inserts. Already with 0.01 US you can play in the casino at the machine. By the way, these are available around the opening hours. There is also a selection of jackpot slots where you can win with luck big amounts.

In addition to the large range of machines, there are also table games. The casino holds Four American roulette tables, three poker and blackjack tables ready. These are only from 18.30 o'clock available. Because here dealers are needed, which are only hired in the evening hours.


Between the Piazza Grande and the harbor is the Casino Locarno. Various ways the land-based casino is well connected. If you come by public transport, you can at the Train stop Locarno Funicolare train station exit. From there, the casino is only a few minutes walk away.

If you arrive by car and come from the south, drive the highway of the lakes. This leads from Milan to the border of Chiasso-Brogeda. Then take the track A2 towards Gotthard. If you are at the exit Locarno-Lago Maggiore, drive off.

Come from north take the Simplon Street E62 to Domodossola. Then continue on the SS337 towards Locarno. To better plan the route, Google Maps or other route planner can help you.

Near the casino you will find a range of parking spaces. As a rule, parking is within walking distance of the casino.

The online casino

The Casino Locarno currently does not operate online casino. Maybe the game bench will apply for an online license in the future and provide its offer on the Internet. Based on the current facts, however, it does not look like this.

If you still like to play online in USA, you can do that with other game banks of the country. There are a number of articles and tests from various providers in USA on our pages. There you will find many US casinos where you can play completely legal and serious. We give our rating for the offer of providers and give you the most important news on the way.

There are many websites with a US domain. But that does not automatically mean that they are legally. Because to operate an online casino, providers must have a license from the US authority. Since 2019, only a few selected casinos have been obtained from this license. Be sure to play on licensed casinos, where you do not suddenly lose your entire money overnight overnight. Best read the details and conditions for the online service of the provider.

Many online casinos offer new players a bonus at. They usually get them when they register and deposit the first time. More detailed information can be found on the website of the respective online casinos. In general, however, however, that you need to implement the resulting bonus credit in online casinos always first. After successful implementation, you can pay out the profits.