Casino Friborg: Playing in the land-based casino of USA

The most important data at a glance

address Route du Lac 11
city Friborg
Postal code 1763
E-mail Casinodefribourg @
phone +41 26 467 70 00
Homepage barrier.COM / FR / FRIBOURG.HTML

The city of Friborg is located in the US Mittelland - the French-speaking part of USA. In German, the city is also called Freiburg, because the area also has some German influences. There is a well-known educational center with universities and campus, but since 2003 also one Game bench, The Casino Friborg. Many visitors come in the area to admire the beautiful nature and unique architecture. There are also some museums for history and art. The city offers a lot: but above all a wonderful casino

Opening hours and etiquette

Unfortunately, the doors of the Casinos Fribourg must currently remain closed. Due to the current situation, game banks in USA should not open for the time being. When exactly the casino is reopen in Friborg, is still unclear. Currently we can only orient ourselves at the opening hours of the arcade in front of the closure. However, if you are planning a visit to the casino, check the opening hours on the website in advance - you can also call directly in the casino.

Before closing the casino, visitors could 10h until 2 o'clock from Sunday to Thursday to play. Friday and Saturday players even have the possibility of the casino from 10 o'clock to 3 o'clock to visit. As in most other casinos, too, you can only enter the table games in the evening or. Use afternoon hours. That's because that dealer or. Croupiers are needed to play - and these are usually spired in the evening.

Anyone who wants to visit the casino must be able to show a pass. The US authority requires all the game banks that they examine the identity of all guests. Before that, ID, passport or driver's license must be scanned locally. Then you will receive a membership card with which you can come into the casino in the future without a badge. Of course you have to over 18 years old be.

The entry in the casino itself is of course free.

In Casino Friborg, value is placed on clean and decent clothing. A But there are not strict dresscode. Just make sure that your things have no holes and washed. Do not like to see tank tops, torn jeans, shorts and clothing with provocative inscriptions.

Game offer

If you are interested in slot machines, you will feel comfortable in the Casino de Barrier Friborg. The casino offers 150 different slot machines gambling. The different slots offer a number of paylines and uses. There are not only classic vending machines, but also some novelties. Of course, however, all machines are state-of-the-art and with best technology. This also means that all the games of the casino work with an algorithm. This ensures that all players have the same winning opportunities.

For those who have no desire for US slot machines, there is also a selection of table games. Here are players Three roulette tables, two blackjack tables or a poker table to play. These are playing between 17 o'clock and 18 o'clock ready to be played - Depending on when the dealers arrive for the night.

At the poker you will find especially Texas Hold'em. Those who need a refresh of the rules again can inform themselves on the website of the casino.


If you want to arrive by car, take the A1 motorway. If you come from the other direction, the A12 can offer you better for you. That's why it is recommended Route before planning on the internet. So you can make sure you do not miss an exit and come to the destination as soon as possible. Just display individually, which route is best for you.

Whoever comes from further, can be on the Airport Belp land. This is 40km from Friborg. After landing, you can go to the casino by train or bus directly. Alternatively, you can also rent a car, or call a taxi. Otherwise, you can fly to the airport Basel or Geneva and come from there into the casino.

The train station in Friborg is just 2 hours away from Zurich. Drive to the train station and take a bus from the line 1 to Casino Forum.

No matter what you decide for in the city there is a lot of parking. If you decide to stay in a hotel, then look at if you can park there. Some hotels are located in the immediate vicinity of the casino - other hotels are a little farther. Often it makes sense to stand the car and come with the public to the casino.

The online casino

The Casino Barriere de Friborg has No license for an online casino. Therefore, there is currently no online offer for the games of the casino. Of course, there are a lot of alternatives for US players. However, you must always make sure that you can only play in casinos for US online.

According to the Law Amendment of 2019, only selected providers in USA may operate. This means that the casinos must have a land-based headquarters in USA and apply for an extra online license.

A number of casinos in USA also have an online casino. On our pages you will find a lot of reviews about the different US providers. The biggest advantage is that you do not have to orient yourself at any opening hours. Take a look at the reviews of the various online casinos and decide where you would like to play.

Attention, however, is offered for players outside USA. Because the Online casinos in USA are accessible exclusively for US players. If you also want to play outside the US country boundaries, you must look around other providers. Generally, you should pay attention to a valid license. Because even casinos outside USA must of course meet conditions.

By the way: the Most online casinos offer various promotions at. For many providers you can get a bonus directly as a new player. Best inform yourself about the websites of the corresponding casinos as you can use these.