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Please take enough time and read the following, important information through your rights on this page, as well as the collection and use of your personal data on casino welding.COM concern.

For simplified readability we will be in the following instead of casino USA.COM The terms "We", "us", "page" or similar designations. By reading our privacy conditions and the use of our website including your services, you agree to accept the conditions listed here.


The following are the readers of this website called "users".

If we speak of "personal information", we mean the information or identities of the above persons.

The term "public" contains the entire web presences of this website.

2. We collect this information with our services:

In the public area, we charge essential details to users who want to use certain areas of this website. This collection of information basically works in two ways.

  • 2.1 We use the user's information to improve the usage experience and services on our site. For this purpose, we pursue the actions of users on our site to get a characteristic profile of the interests of users.
  • 2.2 We collect a variety of personal information and data that include, for example, the user's e-mail address, full name, age, address, phone number or other contact information. However, the user can determine which data he provides. It may be necessary to prove the statutory minimum age to use the site.
  • 2.3 Automatic data collection on this page is done directly via the user's IP address containing cookie information regarding the web pages that the user has also visited before, during and after the visit of our website. We get access to the time that a user spends our services on our services, as well as the date and IP address of the user. We can use this data then to contact the user by e-mail or instant massaging. This applies to all users of our site.
  • 2.4 Authorized Services Collect information that the user makes us deliberately available, for example the details for the newsletter subscription. Such services offered by us use this information, which can include the photo ID, the e-mail address, the gender, the date of birth and the full name. By using users authorized services, these users allow us to store such details in order to further improve our services and, if necessary and third parties, if it is legally necessary.

3. So we use the information covered by us

We collect various information during your visit on our site. Below are some important uses of this information without which we can not offer users like our services.

  • 3.1 operational services

    Information obtained can facilitate the operation of the website and its services, as well as the maintenance of those and thus improve the services we offer you. You help us with your inquiries, help us answer your comments, comments, questions and recommendations that you could have related to our website.

  • 3.2 Improvement of our services

    The correlated information is used to understand and analyze our own services, as well as trends in the way our readers use them to recognize. This allows us to design new products, to ensure better experiences and adapt functions that are less popular.

  • 3.3 communication

    Data we collect from our users allow us to communicate with them for administrative purposes. (a) Teaching customers about the violations of violations of applicable law (b) current promotions and exclusive offers related to the products on our website to share with customers. These are suggestions from which every user can contradict. This will be explained in more detail in the section "Your Rights" (Section 5).

  • 3.4 Tracking and Cookie Technology

    Information can be automatically collected by cookie. The technology can enable the following things:

    (a) personalized services, such as storing login information on the benefit of users who do not have to enter personal information several times to receive services. (b) Individualized advertising, web content and customized information. (c) marking for third parties and monitoring services of this page. (d) tracking entries and entries, logging of status and the use of promotions.

  • 3.5 Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics as a tool for measuring and evaluating website traffic on our website. We do not have business relationships with Google. Google and Google Analytics are to be considered regardless of our services. When using Google Analytics, Google gets access to user activities on our website.

The data of our users are treated by us with the utmost care and protected at any time. Information is only divided by us if it is necessary to solve technical problems. In any case, this information is not suitable for identifying the user.

4. Disclosure of information

This is the disclosure of information to which the user gives us consent in the following cases:

  • 4.1 information without restrictions

    These voluntary information will be left by the user in our public area, for example in the form of a message by our comment function. This information is public and visible to each person.

  • 4.2 service providers

    Our website is necessarily processed by third parties involved in the website, maintenance, hosting, development and other services. You have access to information and personal information, but this information and data are reduced to a measure necessary for the execution of the respective services. These service providers are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of this information and data at any time.

  • 4.3 User unspecific data

    Automatically collected information is passed on to third parties to assist in the following areas. (a) Reporting. (b) Marketing. (c) correlation of user behavior with behavioral patterns, content, functions and services used.

  • 4.4 Compliance

    We will only disclose personal data if it is required by law by law, for example by a judicial judgment, precharge, arrest commutures or similar legal procedures. We will cooperate with the law enforcement agencies and other state institutions in the legal framework provided for. This includes the following: (a) Liability Restriction. (b) Protection against fraudulent, unlawful and abusive activities. (c) defense against claims or allegations of third parties. (d) Security for our services and availability of these services. (e) Securing our property, our rights, enforcement of our contracts.

  • 4.5 Ownership

If the owner of our services has changed after taking over or merger, the possession of the personal data is also over and can be accessible to one or more parties. The new owners will continue to comply with a privacy policy to maintain their rights.

The data can be physically or electronically obtained on this acquirer. The acquisition could also lead to bankruptcy, sale of property or bankruptcy.

5. Your rights

  • 5.1 We value that you can use your rights and therefore allow you appropriate access to your data if you use our services. You can request or change or delete this information. The request can be made via the contact forms on our website.

    You can prevent the transfer of certain personal data to us, which can influence some of the services offered by us.

    You can contradict the handling of your personal information at any time if it is not a legal matter. You can log any complaint if you think we have violated your rights. In this case, please contact the Federal Office for Privacy.

  • 5.2 analytical information

    You can prevent your information from being saved by Google Analytics by Opt-out function to use.

  • 5.3 unsubscribe from commercial communication

Some e-mails that we send you have commercial content. You can not tell us at any time not to receive these e-mails by following the description of logging out, which is in each of our e-mails. Alternatively, you can also contact us via other communication channels. The logout can take up to 10 working days. Apart from that, you could also receive e-mails regarding services on our website.

6. Services of third-party providers

Our website contains links to websites or services of third parties or third-party services. We are not responsible for the information you share with these third-party providers and their services. We are not responsible for their deeds, even if the site or service is provided by us. We also recommend that you find out about these third parties before using their websites and services.

7. Privacy plate

Casino USA.COM complies with EU DSGVO (Data Protection Basic Regulation) regarding the use and storage of personal data and information. If a conflict of interest relates to DSGVO, the GSGVO must regulate the inspection process.

8th. Cookies of third-party providers

Necessary cookies - with these cookies you are able to access and navigate to our website. These three types of cookies are used on this page:

  • Performance - Collecting information helps us understand how readers use our site and can help us understand how the site works, if a problem occurs, which should not occur as a rule.
  • Functional cookies - these include the credentials and decisions taken in the past. This data includes the username, language, region or country where you are. These cookies enable us to adapt the site to your personal preferences.
  • Behavior-controlled cookies - these help us to present them the most relevant advertising news on our website.

9. Children and minors

Neither offer services for children under the age of 18, still supported these. It is our rule to deny our services to those who are minors and we do not collect any data from children under the age of 18, if there is no legitimate demand from parents to do so. If you are below the age limit, we ask you to refrain from the interaction with our site immediately and in the future. If you are a parent or legal guardian, you can contact us via the contact forms of our website or by e-mail. We will then delete the collected data.

Since our services are not suitable for minors and underage use our website or services, these users can delete any content that they have left on our website. We must not say that the deletion of this data is not guaranteed, but we try to completely remove this data.

10. Data security

As we follow the recognized standards of the industry, we follow the rules to protect the information that we have sent us directly. We practice administrative, technical and naturally physical standards to protect the data you have collected accidental or unlawful loss. Data must not be destroyed, changed, disclosed or passed through the unlawful appropriation of the data. Our software uses SSL technology to encrypt the data during transmission over the Internet.

Although all measures are taken, we can not guarantee full security so that they provide all information from the user to their own risk. If your data has been obtained from third parties, we will contact you directly, as well as the competent authorities that can be treated in accordance with the applicable law in line with this case. If you think your such case is present without we know, please contact us through our contact form.

11. Data storage

The storage of data is merely for a limited amount of time and only as long as we need you to ensure that you have met your original purpose, unless it is necessary to keep it due to legal reasons. We will keep all the information required in such a scenario to enable our legal obligations to enforce disputes and enforce agreements.

12. settings

It is part of your right to customize your data or change privacy settings, but you need to be aware that no security measure is impenetrable. We can not be held responsible if data will be obtained from third parties, even if we deserve our obligations for safe data storage.

13. Data transfer

The data we transmit our partners may not be protected by the same security standards, as we have no influence on the handling of this data on the part of third parties. We transfer data as described, with the best possible safety standards, but can not guarantee absolute security.

14. Conditioner and responsible

We are classified according to the GSPR, in regulation 2016/679, the data manager. This means that user data containing personal information, from casino welding.COM can be controlled. In addition, we determine how this information is used and for what purpose.

We can not influence how third parties deal with such personal data, as they are stored. However, we can have subcontractors who manage this data for us in conjunction with our services.

15. Changes and additional regulations

Over time, the contents of this privacy policy may need to be changed or expanded as we adapt to new sets. Therefore, we advise you to check regularly whether the privacy conditions have changed. So you always stay informed about your rights and our services. If you continue to use our services, this means that you understand and accept this privacy policy concluded.

Last modified: 25.05.2018