Novoline casinos: slot machines now play in online casino

So far in the world of online gambling a bit submerged, Novoline, the king of the classic slot machines. This is mainly because the parent company NOVOMATIC is its own Casino software produces and many casinos use this platform exclusively. Novoline slot machines can be found in some online casinos where they can also find games of developers like Netent or Microgaming.

Are Novoline games online just as well as in the player?

GreenTube takes over for Novomatic the porting of the Novoline slot machines on online platforms. In Novomatic online casinos, so you can play your classics without problems, because GreenTube has kept both the originals such as Book of Ra, as well as the popular deluxe variants developed. The player is at any time enjoying the old Novoline slot machines, whether Novoline Online or Offline.

As we said, in the online casino Novoline, there is the really classic slot machines from Novoline, which can not be different from the originals, graphically polished versions and interesting enhancements. For example, Book of Ra is a version with 6 roles that listensively listen to the name Book of Ra 6 Deluxe. The sixth role is conveniently activated and deactivable.

Enjoy the Novoline Online Casino

To win new players, NOVOMATIC has decided to promote further developments. New game ideas, unprecedented features and interesting, new stories are now on the agenda. The Novoline fame is never completely lost.

Great Novoline game ideas are copied daily by other manufacturers, but you never get to the original. Especially the Novoline Classic Book of Ra has found numerous imitators on the internet.

The Novoline Games List with the best games

Novoline offers a variety of popular slot machines. Mostly follow these simple patterns, and have proven technologies. At Book of Ra you have 5 roles and 9 paylines. At Sizzling Hot, it's the same number of roles and symbols, but only 5 paylines. Normally, Casino Novoline changes online between these two formats regularly.

Book of Ra

There is a superhit from Novoline and this is called Book of Ra. For years this was in place 1 in the online casinos. This is mainly because the casinos made a lot of advertising and put the slot in scene. Since he is so famous, we would like to introduce him briefly.

The game is played on five rollers and ten paylines. Inserts are between 10 cents and 50 euros possible. Where the inserts can vary something. There are casinos working with other amounts, even in demo mode can be different. That's why nobody should be surprised here.

The RTP with 92% is not quite so good, but still the game is a hit and popular with the players. Why is this? Apparently the Gamer Egyptenslots may. Probably also because it reminds a little at India Jones. To achieve a profit, at least three same symbols are necessary.

The well-known Book of Ra works in this slot as Scatter and triggers free play rounds. In the free play rounds, profits are possible, which are a lot higher.

The mysterious to Book of Ra is that there are several versions of this game. Book of Ra Deluxe, Book of Ra 6, Book of Ra Magic and many others.

These are the slot machines that players prefer to play:

  • Book of Ra
  • Book of Ra 6
  • Sizzling hot
  • Lucky Ladies Charm
  • Lord often he ocean
  • Dolphin's Pearl
  • Pharaoh's Tomb
  • Rumpel wildspins
  • Fairy queen
  • Flame Dancer
  • Lucky Rose

The fact is, you do not need to buy any of these Novoline Automat, because if you buy a Novoline machine, then just as a showpiece for your living room. The internet is the most games only a mouse click away. And yes, there are players who want to trick novoline, but the Novoline automatic games are designed to be absolutely impossible. So do not try it.

You can play novoline games in demo mode or not?

Basically, nothing speaks, most novoline games can play you in demo mode. The problem is more likely, in Germany the games are not offered because they are not welcome there. Novoline has no licenses there. But this does not apply to Austria and USA. There should be no problem.

Whether demo mode or real money mode. In the two countries, Novoline games are offered. Take advantage of the new game so you can get to know and try the many games. It can also be developed with strategies if you want that. Please note that Novoline games are not manipulable. Tactics only work up to a certain degree. For example, by increasing or similar to each round. But you will never be able to influence the game. This will definitely find this when playing the demo mode.

You can play novoline games via a proxy server

With a free game no one will say something, but you would like to play from a country novoline games where they are forbidden. Do not do this about the proxy server! This is a criminal offense and if the casinos check this and drove, they will not keep their money. In the worst trap you have to pay a punishment!.

With casino laws is not to joke. If something is forbidden and no license has, then you should talk about. If you already get the warning from the casino that the game is not available in your country, you should not handle it. If you want to play Book of Ra and Co, visit Austria and play it in the regular casino. There is enough. If you are in said land, you may also play.

Is there a bonus for novoline games in the casino?

Where Novoline games are offered, there are usually a bonus, no question. EXTRA for Novoline is rarely offered, unless they are free spins. This sometimes exist for certain games. Book of Ra was often advertised. In USA, you can now even find casinos where you get free spins for this game. Best compare the casinos.

Important to know each bonus has to be released. You can not forget that. 20x, elsewhere 50x. Also, there are other rules to pay attention. All these are in the bonus conditions, or. in the terms and conditions. Who does not hold on it, gets no payout. Free games and no deposit profits are usually limited. Here partly only up to 100 euros is paid out. If that's the case, you should leave the money immediately when you reach the sum. Or would you like to give money to the casino? It is best to compare the offers today and get the best bonuses that there are. Much joy.

The entire Angbeot and Services from Novoline Casino

The Austrian parent company NOVOMATIC not only produces novoline slot machines, but also many more product lines. Year after year, Novomatic presents new technologies and equips its NOVOMATIC and IMPERATOR CABINETS with exciting new features. Great touchscreens, two touchscreens, Virtual Reality, all that you can already, or will soon be found by Novomatic and Novoline.

Novomatic also produces platforms for Novoline Casinos. Therefore, you can see some online casinos that offer exclusive games from the brand Novoline. Thus, NOVOMATIC can offer this casinos the Novoline Casinos online product range and the exclusivity of the brand remains preserved.

If you also like to play on true casinos, then you will find slot machines in casinos throughout Europe. Most recently Novomatic took over some casinos in Spain.

Use the Benefits of Novoline Casino Quality

With bonus or without, Book of Ra Sizzling Hot and other slot machines make unbreakable fun and worry also often noticed for great profits. You can play at Quasar Gaming, or in the Stargames Casino, and there are only two casinos that offer Novoline Casino USA. Many others are already ready to give you a Novoline Casino Bonus, with which each slot gets more lucrative.

Playing Novoline Slots online have always been a large crowds magnet, which puts the Novoline games of most other providers in the shade. The games are now even playable via app and play for free for the novoline. So with the deposit, you can still wait before you get the tricks perfectly and know how to get profits easiest.

The software of Novoline is and remains unique and honestly we know no alternative. So it's time that you also enjoy playing the Novoline online!