The basic strategy with blackjack

As mentioned in a previous article, there is nothing better than the base blackjack strategy to the house advantage at Blackjack to reduce. You just have to know how. The tactics are a developing technique that forms the basis of the card counting strategy. We go closer to this strategy in a separate chapter. If you learn the basic strategy, then you know when to pull or double. Actions that seem insignificant, but in blackjack in reality are crucial.

The little story of the basic strategy

The basic strategy should know one of every blackjack player. But before we want to tell you the story. Where does the tactic come from and why is she still so well known today and popular in the online casino? Find out everything you need to know about the next lines and become the blackjack insider.

The use of tactics is a guarantee that they play blackjack in the optimal way. In the 1960s, a professor of situations summarized. This archive was then to the subject of an article acquired by a certain Ed Thorp and then made from the strategy a book called Beat the dealer. How his name implies in this book valuable information for players who want to beat the croupier. Beat the dealer is a unavoidable bestseller at Blackjack: He has not only helped to understand millions of players how to reduce the home advantage of the casino, but also helped the casinos received a new type of clientele. Because during the blackjack was reserved earlier the men, there are now more and more women who are interested in this game. In addition, the rules with the transition to the Internet have changed something and so the basic strategy had to be adapted - the online casinos try everything to reduce the benefit of the player.

The table and details of the basic strategy

Please do not confuse the casino table with the blackjack table. These are two different things. We introduce you to only one table where the most important steps are specified. After this point, we explain what it has with the blackjack table. As a beginner, you should deal with the base tray so you get an overview. Do not worry, that's not that difficult. On the contrary. Print the information or write it off so you have all the important tips on the hand.

The blackjack strategy depends on the rules of online casinos, from the number of card stacks used and of course from the selected variant. In the following table you will find instructions for this method. On the left you will find the total value of your leaf and the tips you should follow to reduce the home advantage of the casino. Do not forget that most online casinos do not offer a profit strategy for your games. Your only alternative is to memorize this blackjack table and practice regularly to master you perfectly.

17 to 21You should not pull, no matter which leaf of the croupier has. They are superior.
12 to 16If the sheet of the croupier has a value between 2 and 6, then you should not pull. Only pull if you have an ace.
9 to 11If the sheet of the croupier has a value between 2 and 6, you should double systematically.
88Share your sheet when you have two 8s in your game. If the sheet of the croupier is higher, pull.
99Share your sheet of two parts when the total value of the leaf of the croupier is between 2 and 6. Otherwise they stay.
TTNever share your two 10s.
AaShare your two aces if the total value of the leaf of the croupier is below 6. Otherwise they stay.

Now you know what steps you need to do to reduce the house advantage of the casino in blackjack immediately. You should know this table by heart to increase your chances of winning this card game.

Use a blackjack table to improve your skills again

Now you know the basic strategy, but there is still a better variant used by many players. The blackjack table. This does not mean this table we have listed above, it is a where different data is registered. Above vertical are the leather points and horizontal left the player points. In the middle, the two meet and there is the respective statement for the player.

Here you speak for example from a hard 9 or from a soft 10. If the dealer has 10 points and the 9 points, look in the blackjack table, what you suggest. The tables are based on long-term calculations and have a significance. Just make sure that you do not get to old game table. There are now improved. In Las Vegas, the guests usually share the old leaves to increase the house advantage. Better bring your own blackjack table to make you the right choice. Playing with the blackjack table is absolutely not difficult. You just have to remember the respective abbreviations and just know how to do it properly. Already she is a wonderful help in the game.

Hard and soft hand

Note, there are different table entries. Let's talk about a hard hand and elsewhere from a soft hand. If the dealer or you own an ace, then you have a soft hand and must look in the soft hand table. Example: You have an ace and a 9. Then one speaks of a soft 20. If you had two 10s, it would be a hard 20. There are differences in these two tables because the probability drops to an ace in the stack when you already hold this in your hands.

Remember everything with an ace is a soft hand and all hands without ass a hard hand. This information should also be easily remember. Blackjack is really a simple game if you can get the basic rules once and apply.

The basic strategy can also be implemented in the online casino?

Some players are afraid that certain strategies do not work in the online casino. Of course they do this. Except for the card counting, you can use everything from blackjack to learn what you learn from us. There is no difference if you play in the right casino, against the computer or live casino. Since the cards are always revealed after the series, they have insight into the game and can react accordingly.

We are of the opinion, on the internet it is even easier to work with tables and tricks. After all, you can sit down next to themselves. Nobody looks at a stupid if you need a little longer. It is also so better for practicing. You will see, gradually you can memorize some skills. Who plays blackjack longer term, sometime is what to do. You see, the dealer has 9 points and you have 8 points. Then you have to do this and that. It is just a game where you really have to practice and this long-term. Easy to believe, after a day you are a blackjack professional, unfortunately does not play. You have to go through.

Forwarding, we generally recommend the online casino. Many are afraid of the croupier in the casino because they will become uncertain. Uncertainty is bad because you can not think correctly. Already one makes mistakes and loses the game. The online casino is a kind of protected frame where you can try everything. We find that you can not go wrong here. Not at all. Who is safe after a while, can get a bonus or free games. These are usually also in the table play area. If the same, you have to play them more often to keep the profits. Who makes it just about practicing, the bonus can get in any case.

You can practice the game blackjack for free in every online casino?

Unfortunately not everywhere, but at many online casino pages. There are some providers who have blackjack in peto and offer them in demo mode. Some without registration, some with. As always and everywhere, compare the offer until you find pages you like.

Important, and this applies to all websites. Whether now for casino pages or fun pages. Make sure the web pages are serious and safe. An SSL encryption is at least for you to play safely and without dangers. Especially with the free sides, players should be careful. Sometimes, viruses or subscriptions are hiding exactly there. Read the terms and conditions, especially where you need to sign up. Just agree nowhere. Need to specify the account details, double and watch out twice, which price you pay. Free is actually free and should not cost anything.

There are many ways and ways to play blackjack. Whether you gave it directly to the casino or on a fun page is left to you. Also, there are apps that you can get directly on the phone. Even social media platforms offer blackjack. Hardly anyone comes past Blackjack because it's just a horny game, which knows almost everyone.

If you download an app, please get such a request only from the official App Store or download apps from casino pages to the smartphone. Never any Fun apps that are just offered on the web. Applications of this kind are even more dangerous than virus-welding pages. Malware could monitor your phone and do bad things. Safety is the most important topic in all cases.


Is there a strategy that works 100% at blackjack?

Of course not, otherwise the casinos would be bankrupt. There are tactics that increase the chances of winning. But you will never find one that promises you secure profits. Probabilities can be calculated, but there is no guarantee, because the coincidence has the last word. You can believe in it and that's good. Who familiarizes on his skills, is known to be mountains. But even there is a lot of exercise needed. Because the doubt is usually larger in the end. Practice yourself in mindfulness and play blackjack daily in demo mode, then you will gradually become better.

What has it with the trick books on himself, which you can buy on the internet?

Again and again screamers try to sell any e-books to persons. Forget this, because there are no tricks that were not already mentioned. If you want to persuade you, that these are tricks that work 100%, you should seek the width anyway. The only one who gets rich is the one who wrote the e-books. Logical, this wants to make money. Take a look at the internet. Everything that is aware of blackjack is offered for free. So you do not have to buy a tactical guide to buy a lot of money.

Is blackjack better than baccarat?

This can not be answered so because tastes are different. The games are similar, but different. Who puts on fast rounds, is better off at Baccarat. But Blackjack does not really take a long time. It's best to try different games. There is the demo mode in the online casinos. So you can gradually find out which games match them and which are not. There is not the unique game that fits all for everyone. Luckily everyone is different, otherwise it would be pretty boring on earth.

Learn on. In order to continue your learning process, find below a list of items that allow you to deepen or rediscover certain aspects of the blackjack: