Casino St. Moritz: Game fun in the land-based casino

The most important data at a glance

address Via Veglia 3
city St. Moritz
Postal code 7500
E-mail info @ casinostmoritz.chest
phone +41 81 837 54 54
Homepage www.Casinostmoritz.chest

In the spa town. Moritz in USA can players from Gamebanks not only enjoy great entertainment, but also relax. In addition to the casino, visitors to the area can participate above all skiing or other events that you can only know from television. The Casino St. Moritz has since 2003 and is part of the Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. As a guest of the hotel you can easily use the casino offer!

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently the casino is closed. Due to the current situation, places like the Casino St. Moritz stay closed. Due to this regulation, no opening hours on the website of the provider are also available. Whether the casino will come back at the same times and conditions is also unclear.

Before the closure was the Casino St. Moritz on Sundays until Thursdays from 20h to 2 o'clock open. From Friday to Saturday, guests could use the game offer from 20h to 3rd. When exactly table games are available, however, is not specified.

Admission at CasinostMoritz is free. This is also one of the reasons why the valuation for the casino is so positive. Many players simply set free entry in the casino.

Basically in Casino St. Moritz everyone games over 18 years old is. In order to check that, you must have your ID card. You can register the same on your first visit and receive one Casino card, so you can leave your ID in the future at home.

A well-groomed outer is in Casino St. Moritz estimated. That does not mean that it No strict dresscode gives. Instead, you should just make sure that your clothes is not dirty or broken. The expensive evening dress, slippers and tie you can leave in the cupboard. If you are really unsure, then you can also consult the casino yourself before you visit.

In Casino St. Moritz is there next to the game offer also a bar. There you can approve drinks and order a few simple snacks. The Unique & Only Bar invites you to a few tasteful cocktails - these can even take you to the vending machines of the casino.

In addition, the Casino represents its Rooms for various events to disposal. For example, you can organize your company celebration or other private parties here. But of course you have to consult with the casino and book your event in advance. Keep your eyes open in the future, because there is also Regular poker tournaments.

The Casino St. Moritz has one Concession B The US Gambling Authority. This determines the number of games and in addition players can not use more than 25 US per game.

By the way, the Casino is St. Moritz to share the Casinos Austria International. Overall, the group has casinos in 14 countries, one of them is the Casino St. Moritz.

Game offer

The focus of the land-based casino is a number of different slots. These can not only be found in the lounge, but in all areas of casinos. In total, guests can get up about 82 slot machines be happy. These offer all different games so that it does not guarantee boring.

All machines are state-of-the-art and up-to-date. There are also classic games in the retro look and with the typical fruit motifs. There is also on the conventional slots Jackpot machine. Here you can play with a few rappens and crack the jackpot with a bit of luck.

If you do not feel like slot machines, you can also choose from between different table games. Here are for example American roulette, blackjack or poker to select. There are even regular tournaments for Texas Hold'em.


In the Casino St.Moritz can take you comfortably by car. Also from the neighboring countries Germany, Italy and Austria the journey works fine. Between Zurich and St. Moriz are about 200km - this is a journey time of about 3 hours. But also from Milan it is only 175km.

If you come by plane, it makes sense to fly to Basel, Zurich or Geneva and continue to travel from there. Best inform yourself about further transfer transfers to the casino.

A special feature of the area is the Rhaetian course. With this you can also go directly to St. Moritz driving. That takes from Zurich central station to the ST. Moritz downtown 3 hours and 21 minutes.

Generally worth a visit to St. Moritz. The area is rich in nature and sights. If you want to learn more about the region, you should definitely plan a visit - the Casino St. Moritz does not have to be the only one that you can see there.

Since the casino is right in the Kempinski hotel, you can easily book a room. The casino can be reached through the courses of the hotel and is available directly. Especially after an eventful day, it can do well in the casino to come to rest.

The entire canton of Grisons offers Many possibilities tours away from roulette and poker to companies. Many visitors to the town later comment on that they have experienced the Railway and the journey into the area as a special feature. There is also one or the other restaurant in the region that you should not miss. Be sure to check the opening hours here and you can give information from the restaurant yourself in advance.

The online casino

The Casino St. Moritz is still running No online casino. We also do not know if a license has already been requested or not. For US players, there is also a selection of other online casinos that have a concession of the US authority.

Many other land-based gamebanks in USA also operate an online casino. Note here, however, that the US online casinos are only accessible to US. Players from Germany and Austria are unfortunately not allowed.

In order to be able to find out better, where you can easily play as a US, there is a lot of information on the website of the US authority. There you will also find a statement about the concessions and what exactly it has.

On our pages you can also find a wide selection of casino test reports. We take the most online providers just under the magnifying glass and check what the offer actually lives. Especially in USA, since the new licensing law, it is no longer so easy to distinguish which providers are legal and which are not.