Baccarat Rules: Game Flow & Card Values

If you played enough baccarat, roulette and blackjack as a player in an online casino, it's time for Online Baccarat in the casino. We describe them how the Baccarat game is played, which rules apply to Baccarat online and how they can win despite house advantage with certain strategies.

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Play Baccarat in the online casino

It is for you as a player no matter if you play in a terrestrial casino or in an online casino: the rules are exactly as with other table playing like roulette and blackjack completely identical. If a change occurs sometime sometime, we will of course inform you.

Important: Do not play at any online casinos, but choose the best. In our current ranking Learn, at which casinos most players win.

General information about the Baccarat

The game is generally played with 8 card decks. With a card slide, the coupier turns a card in each case. Depending on the value of the card, further maps will be thrown off, except the 10 or picture cards.

The game always starts differently: either if all players set to "players", on "banker" or when the bet is set to a draw. But it is also possible to bet on a player couple or on a bank holder pair.

When all the bets have been set, the dealer then gives each player and the banker 2 cards. Whether a third card is output depends on different rules:

  • If players or bankers have the points 8 or 9, there is no other card
  • If the player has 5 or less points, there is a third card

Get to know the rules of cards Game Baccarat

In addition to the strategy, the rules are easy to know so that you can win the online game in the casino. At the Baccarat, every bet is about guessing which hand will trigger the profit. There are different variants of the hand from the bank dealer:

  • On the one hand the Ponte . This is the player who makes the highest missions on the game table. And there is the hand that of the banker who represents the casino. If you play online, then of course you are even the Ponte, as they are the only player at the table.
  • So you have to guess whether your hand or hand from the banker will win the round, which will receive your payout. Attention: Also tender is possible. You need to know that you are not obliged to put on your hand.
  • For info: a hand wins if it is higher than another. You should also know that a hand in the game can never be higher than 9 points. So you can easily receive your profit for payout in addition to a strategy.

If you now internalize these rules, you can easily collect points and use your bonus for the game, so you get your profit without strategy but with the bonus.

Get to know the cards for playing

When playing the game Baccarat in a her favorite online casinos, the cards have a completely different value than other cards. Therefore, it is important that you know the different card values, so you can also put on the right cards. You receive:

  • 2 to 9 points for cards 2 to 9
  • 0 points for the cards 10 to king
  • 1 point for ass

These values can be remembered. Therefore, it is particularly easy to count the points later during your games so that you can beat your hand from the banker. If you played the game a few times, you know exactly which bet you can set and which inserts you should set at the bets. You know exactly when it will be a draw and if you continue to bet on the banker.

The unbeatable 9 in the Baccarat game

As already mentioned, you will never see a hand in the game at the Baccarat, which is higher than 9 points. This is simply impossible and therefore you should apply the following rule:

Every time you have a hand in the course of the games and pulls a card that exceeds 9 points, you must immediately delete the numerical numbers. For example, if you have a hand in the Baccarat, which consists of a 9 and a 7, then it usually makes a total of 16 points. But since you delete the numerical numbers at the Baccarat, your sheet has only a value of 6 points.

Let's play a round baccarat like in the casino

During a game Baccarat in the online casino you have to pay attention to different steps:

The betting phase: They make their use.

In the Distribution phase Get the Ponte and the banker at first two cards.

Checking the "Naturals" : If one of the hands already corresponds to the first two cards 8 or 9, then one speaks of a "natural" and the sheet wins. Unless there is a tie or draw.

Finally, the hands are compared and the profits are paid.

This is the typical baccarat gameplay

The special feature of this online card game is that players will become a dealer one after the other. If a player does not want to do this, he can easily pass on to the next player. The player makes this as long as the bank gains.

Depending on the number reached number, the croupier can tell the dealer that another card is needed. Croupiers always collect the losses and pay the profits.

Get to know the Big Table Baccarat

Since they are now familiar with the rules of the game, we now present them special variants of the Baccarat. The Big Table Baccarat, as the name suggests, is played on a very large table. You can also play this game live in many casinos, like most baccarat games. The good thing about the live game is that you can also use your bonus and free spells live so you can pull more cards even more.

Big Table is also played Big, because here the inserts start from 100 dollars per hand, which are given to the bank. There are 3 dealers and 12 to 14 players.

Play Mini Baccarat in the casino

Here are the same rules as the Big Baccarat, you can also use your bonus and free spells. Here, however, it is so that the dealer turns the cards at the table and thus creates a much faster game.

Here you have the same opportunities like the big table, it is played only with another number of card ceiling. Sometimes it is played with 6 decks, sometimes with more. The opportunities are only slightly different.

The Golden Middle Play with Midi Baccarat

The MIDI variant of the Baccarate in casinos is found, as the name implies in the middle. The rules are identical to the mini baccarat, except that the table is a bit bigger here, so more players can attend their luck in the game.


Many of our readers contact us because they have further questions about Baccarat. Here are therefore answers to the frequently asked questions:

What is Punto Banco?

There is a simplified variant of Baccarat and this is called Punto Banco. The bank is always the dealer here. The player can bet on the player, the bank or draw. Punto Banco is most often played in the online casinos for days today.

Which providers have the best baccarat games on offer?

There are many different online providers who offer Baccarat. For example, Gaming Felt. In the live casino it is clear evolution gaming. This manufacturer is known for its unique Live Dealer Games in HD. As if the croupiers were right in their living room.

In which casino can you play at best baccarat?

There are some online casinos where Baccarat is played. One most famous in USA is that 777 Casino. Look forward to friendly dealers, on different inserts and exciting hours. Of course there are many other games to discover.

There is a bonus for Baccarat?

You can use each bonus that applies to live or table games. Make sure many games are only part of the sales request. If that is the case, you have to free the premium forever. If you are gaining, you should better play a game that is 100%.

Is baccarat with minimal limits also possible?

Also, if it is always said, Baccarat is only played under searchable people. Of course this is not true. While there are many VIP areas in which Baccarat is happy to be on the agenda, but also for all other games Baccarat. Different limits are waiting for you. In the online casino these are special.

You want to learn more about Baccarat?

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