Casino Payout Rate: You should know this information!

Have never asked the question whether there are games in an online casino, which are more lucrative from a financial point of view than others? If you want an answer: Yes, of course, there is the. But how can you know which? That's easy. When selecting a game, you should always pay attention to the payout ratio. If you want to know what it's about, then fit well. Because the Basics will always be useful in your life as a gambler.

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What is this about?

The online casino payout ratio is a value that you should pay particular attention to. why? That's easy. So you can close to the quality or rather on the profitability of a game. So it's a crucial factor for the player. But in reality, only a few gamblers inquire about the payout ratio or questions on how to calculate them.

To tell it: The payout ratio shows you the percentage of the inserts that the casino pays back to the players in the form of profits. You need to know that the online casino payout ratio is often calculated for a certain period of time. Mostly the 24 hours are.

How is the payout rate calculated?

Take a look at the following example to better understand the definition. Let's take you to you VideoPoker. In the period of 24 hours, many different players play on the internet machines and overall were in this period 5.000 $ set. During this time, the gaming players have a total of 4.000 $ gain on online casino. Calculate the payout ratio is very easy. You expect: 4000 $ / 5.000 $ x 100 = 80%. The payout ratio on this video copy machine is thus 80%.

Attention: You must know that this value is of course an average value. D.H. that, for example, you can win a lot - for example 3.000 $ - and the online casino Zocker after you almost nothing. In any case, 80% of the inserts will be paid back to the Games User on this machine!

A guarantee for the casino players

Some players keep it impossible. But with an online casino slot machine, we recommend only to play with such machines in which the payout ratio is over 95%. That's certainly a high value, but you can expect the best automata. You also need to know that you can trust these numbers. Because as soon as a casino and its software manufacturer are controlled, then of course, the gaming payout quotas is checked. The software manufacturer has no interest in dizzying, because he would lose important customers, both casinos and player.

What games have the best payout rates in the casino?

Of course, many players now want to know which games have the best payout quotas. Well, we will not introduce you 3000 slots now, but we'll show you where to find the best game quotas. These are hiding among the top table games and in the live casino. True. There always wait the best return to players on Zocker who want to go to the whole. Partially, Zocker may be pleased to 98% or 99%. Strange but true. For table games, such as blackjack and roulette, the casinos have the worst house advantage. That's why the bonus offers are rarely in these areas.

The top slot machines come on average to 96%. These are available, for example, from Mercury, Netent, Novoline, Microgaming, Playtech and other providers. Some are 94% settled, others to 98%. Granted, a big difference does not do that anymore. Finally, it is still on the random generator in the slot machines of the online casinos, when and where to win something.

The payout quotas may be high, but the winning opportunities are not the best. How does it come? This question asks many players. As we have already described above, the payout quotas are always counted. The values are approximately comparable to statistics on cities. There are only 30% unemployed or the average earnings are 2000 euros. Many feel never addressed with such numbers and that also has its reasons.

Bring something to play with a game with high return to player?

Of course, the chances are higher with a good RTP than a bad. Did you know that in regular casinos partial values of 50% are normal. Unbelievable, but that's the way it is. 50% and 96% are already a small difference. In any case, you will notice that you are rather handcaking in the online Play Casino than in the regular casino. This is definitely true for the machines. The table games rates are usually the same because they are the same everywhere. The chances of roulette can not deteriorate when it is the same rules and fields. With slot games this is a bit different. Here the provider can typeface a certain quote and this has its validity in the end.

What has it with volatility in the Internet Casino?

In addition to the payout rates at the casino provider, there is another value. Some players have never heard of it because he goes down in many play casinos. Anyone who deals with the topic for a long time and definitely hears something about it, because we are sure. Well, we speak of volatility. There are slots with a high and low volatility. With a high, it is less common to a profit. If the winning combinations are correct, the machine usually spits higher amounts. With a low volatility, it comes to a profit more often, but the proceeds are smaller. This information should know players so they choose a vending machine that suits them. Who invests a lot of money in the casino and plays a long time, focuses better on a high volatility. All those who do not want to go into great risk rely on the low variant.

In many online casinos, it is possible to filter best slots after volatility. In addition to high and low volatilities, there is also medium. The best way to test it yourself in which you try different slots. It is worthwhile to keep your own statistics. Say, you'll make a note of your profits and the missions. It also makes sense to write how long you needed for the profit. Then put the same amounts with another slot, with, for example, high volatility and check what comes out of it. If you want to succeed in gambling, you should try yourself through various strategies and lead automatic statistics. As a result, one's own creates and at this the chance of winning can be recognized better.

Attention: The payout quotas in the online Play Casino Demomodus are partly wrong

In no case should you rely on the quotas in the slot machine demomodus. These are sometimes different than in real money mode. Some believe just because they gain a lot in the demo, that's also the case in the other mode. Unfortunately not. For that reason, you should never rely on the game quotas. Here are other rules and values. The providers are only obliged to comply with the payout ratios of real money games, these are also regularly controlled. First, from the licensors and secondly from independent bodies. Do not agree with the payout rates, risk the providers that they lose their licenses.


Online Play Casinos can simply change the odds?

No, an online casino has no access to the return to player, the games. Only the providers themselves can change this and need to update the games in the game banks in a row. In addition, the number of quota must always match the real RTP. If this is not the case, the manufacturer risks a warning. Finally, it comes to a scam when other results are possible than stated.

Changes an online casino bonus the RTP of the games?

Many players have the feeling when they play with a slot machine bonus or with free spins, the winning probability decreases. No, a bonus may not influence nothing in real money mode. You have to enjoy the same opportunities as well as in real money mode. Again, the casinos must help allowing everything to be right. Otherwise threatens warnings and a licensing train. This does not want to risk a provider. Do not worry, the values usually correct, the question is only which algorithm is used. Name no one really knows what time the payment rates are calculated on which period.

The payout ratio can be tricked?

You can not change a fixed quota. However, some playing, for example, blackjack or poker, ways to improve the chance of winning. Where you have to say that these tricks are usually incorporated in the RTP. Not always, but. Really do not change something like that, because in the end, luck is still lucky if it comes to a profit or not.

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