Malta Casino License: Get all information from us

Both Spi belongs to those of the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) to the most prestigious. The Regulatory Authority of the island of Malta is an independent institution responsible for managing all types of gambling on the Maltese territory. Of this a large number of entertainment plays are affected: Bingo games, commercial games, terrestrial and online slot machines and much more. The LGA is based on the Lotteries and Other Games Act of 2001, which regulates the different areas that are closely linked to gambling. So he wants to guarantee a fair and transparent entertainment for the players, prevent the risks of cybercriminality and fight against corruption and money laundering. Here we would like to review Maltese game license exactly and examine their credibility and trustworthiness for US players.

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the Maltese Government

As mentioned above, the LGA is an independent authority that regulates the following activities in terms of terrestrial and online gambling in its territory: slot machines, casino games, commercial games, remote games, video games, sports betting, lottery games and games without win. The license of the LGA allows the companies based on Malta to offer their services in and out of their territory. So it is a Malta Casino Offshore license. However, you must know that the LGA offers four types of license classes for online games. Each of these licenses is valid for 5 years and can not be refunded:

  • A license concerning casino operators and gambling operators, in short, all who use a random number generator to imitate the drawings of terrestrial casinos.
  • A casino license affecting only the providers of sports betting on the Internet.
  • A license reserved for the professionals and companies that promote their services from Malta for their services.
  • A license issued by the companies that host or manage one or more providers.

The credibility and usability of the Maltese license in USA

One of the reasons for the attractiveness of the island of Malta is that it is from a regulatory view of the White List of the British Government. The Malta bonus casino license of the LGA is therefore highly valued and providers who are owned by this license are usually considered trusted and safe. While on the point of view of Maltese legislation, online casinos with an approval of LGA worldwide can be active, so it can still conflict with national laws.

Nevertheless, Casinosschweiz also with online slots casinos with a LGA license together. We can confirm that these games pages are honest and considerate the applicable European laws. For more information about the subject, you can also view our Malta Casino list of the best online casinos that offer the US players their services.

News on the web: The MGA also works hardly in 2021 and takes care of concerns

Who wants to know as a player, what the Malta Gaming Authority is doing so should regularly on their website. There is a sector "News". This area is interesting for players, because there is also known there which licenses are deprived. For example, the Pocket Games Software Limited may not offer games more, but also the Playbay Malta Limited is no longer entitled to present your content. We find this point interesting and important to know User immediately where you can sign up and where not. The MGA is really transparent here and fair for players. In addition, a feedback form published in May, where you can report conspicuous betting sites and details. Who is not sure if a provider is legal or offers a fair offer, can of course report at the MGA. Also, users find many important information on the page that helps help.

How do you recognize if a casino is really licensed and serious?

It is worthy that there is online casino with license. However, a legitimate question is how to recognize such gamebanks? Mostly the license information is at the bottom, the website. There are a number and the respective commission listed. If not there, it is anchored in the imprint or in the terms and conditions. In any case, there must be information. If not, fingers away, in the case, the casino is probably dubious. Only because a Malta Casino license number is there, this does not mean that this is correct. Look directly at the MGA and look there in the database after the casino. All licensees are listed on the page, so there is no escape.


May one play as a US player at a MGA Casino?

It is still a grauch. Actually, US players should gamble in their own country. There is also a lot of casinos that were launched for players. These should also support citizens. So far, there were no big penalties when someone played in a foreign casino. How this will be in the future, nobody can know. The US casinos and new regulations have only existed since 2019 and by Covid19 everything is done anyway, everything has expired. If you want to play seriously in any case, you can relax in your own country.

Why is the MGA so popular with the casino customers?

This is probably because it is an EU license and the Malta Gaming Authority is known for its strict machinations. Players know bonus casinos and other gaming pages need to stick to the rules, otherwise they lose their online casino license. Everything is monitored here and hard without exception. Quite as it belongs to live commission.

How can you check security as a customer himself?

There are a few factors that have their validity. For example, each casino must be SSL-encrypted, in the EU, data protection information and terms and conditions must be offered on the page. On the basis of these points you can deduce a little, whether the providers work cleanly or not.