Play online Sic Bo: Rules, Suppliers, Strategies

Most people know how to play their free spins and bonus at casino like slots, craps, live poker or blackjack. But do you know yourself with SIC Bo? The Chinese online Casino game Sic Bo is currently on everyone's lips. Read more here.

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The history of the popular online game

Play free Sic Bo Games! Not everyone knows like this casino game free games, Free Sic Bo Games and the bet will be made together with the inserts and what rules are associated with the eye. That's strange, especially because this game is becoming increasingly popular. Let's hope that the casinos will soon change their minds. Luckily there are online casinos. There you can try the game already now. You will find that in terms of charm the roulette in nothing follows.

The originally derived from China game is already several thousands years old and is one of the first casino playing at all.

This game is very popular in Asia and SIC Bo means "precious dice", which becomes the same thing that this is what this is about.

In Asia, this online casino game is played a lot in Casinos in Macau. Also in the Philippines it is played a lot until it is the beginning of the 20. Century was brought by Chinese immigrants to the United States, where it has since been found in many casinos.

That's why it's in this online game

At the SIC Bo you will find a glass bell on the table, which you can not touch any circumstances. Under this glass bell are three cubes. The game rules for winning, your goal is to guess the eye sum that the provider has. Now they understand the relationship with the roulette. Instead of the roulette kessel and the ball you will find a bell and dice at the SIC Bo, but at both games they bet on the result for the profit.

You need to know that about online Sic Bo

First, you need to know that you do not have to do it at the SIC Bo with a human opponent. They play against the online casino, just like roulette, blackjack and poker. So it does not matter if you are the only player at the table or if there are other players here, they never play against other players.

To play SiC Bo in the casino, so you need a transparent glass bell under which three gaming cubes are. On the side of which is a games carpet on which they make their assignments. In the online casino you will find a table with a number of combinations that you can bet. To win, you only have to guess the eye sum.

How to play the game

First, you have to place your live bets for win. You can confine yourself to a free bet or make several missions. You must always keep in mind with the bet of the casino's table limit and of course your real money budget. Then just click on games and the cubes are mixed by the casino. You just have to wait more, which eye sum stays and then match the number of numbers with your bet. If you have done correctly, your profits will be automatically calculated and you will receive the profit of your bets as a real money payout.

These are the game rules for betting

If you want to play Sic Bo in online casinos, there are different bets that you can go. So that you receive the highest possible payout, and win for free, observe the following combinations:

SimpleGuess one of the three cube pages for winning
BigThe eye sum of the dice must be over 10
Small The eye sum of the dice must not exceed 11
Double Put on a number that must appear on 2 of the 3 cubes
Double Put on a number that must appear on 2 of the 3 cubes
Two dice Set 2 numbers that must appear on all 2 of 3 dice
Triple Put on a number that must appear on all 3 cubes
Any Triple The same numbers are on all 3 dice
Total Guess the sum of the 3 cubes

Note this SIC Bo strategies for win

Since this game is more likely to arrive on a random number, it is difficult to predict them. If you play the game live in the online casino, you will see how the dealer from the provider brings the cubes into wheels.

Which strategies are now the best for the highest real money payouts? Well, always pay attention to your sum of the deposit at each Live Gaming Sic Bo. Always keep the budget in the eye in mind so you do not start too high. Use the following strategies for higher opportunities for high payments.

Strategies at low risk

See these tips as beginners bonus, because this is a top beginner tip.

First, focus on the small bets, big bets and combination bets. If you have a bonus or free spells, you can also combine them. Otherwise, they think best about these rules.

Medium risk strategy

You know it of slots, craps or poker in casinos - sometimes you are ready to slot machines and co. to take more risk, but thus to receive a higher game payout.

In this games strategy, you focus on combination betting, which you have minimally 4 possibilities of profit in every round of the game. The good thing about this strategy is that they have no great losses, but higher winning opportunities.

Strategy at high risk

If you are more traveling in the High Roller category and risky, take several bets at the same time in the course of the games. In this variant, you have a great risk if you win, then home high.


Can you play Sic Bo with a bonus in online Casio?

Some rewards can be used for SIC Bo. But beware, not always the game is one of the sales request. Continue reading the bonus conditions in advance. If there is a separate bonus for the live casino, you can usually use it for SIC Bo. But here too, it may be that you have to free the bonus more frequently than, for example, slot machines.

Where was Sic Bo invented?

His origin has Sic Bo in ancient China. There it was brought to America at some point and from there into the rest of the world. Of course, it is a game that has been changed multiple times. Parts are still included from the type of origin, but it reminds little at that time.

We offer sic Bo in every online casino?

Not everywhere because it is a game that is not so familiar as roulette and blackjack. You have the best chances on those platforms that generally offer many live games. For example, craps or different poker versions. Log in the best in that casino where Sic Bo is offered. Also use the game money mode to test the game risks and deepen the rules.

Players who like Sic Bo should read more

Now you know how to play Sic Bo. Now you can devote yourself to strategies to further deepen your knowledge: