Craps strategy - betting, tips and strategies for more profits

Think of a bonus game in online casinos with strategies, the same bonus poker or the playing of bonus roulette in the sense. Do you know next to poker and roulette also the dice game craps? At the Online Craps To win play through his use is not a simple task.

The Best 3 Craps Casinos

The Craps game explains: All beginning is easy

In order to bring the winning opportunities to this cube game on their side and not lose, they should best bet on the bets with the lowest house advantage. Because the casino raises a commission on the total of her profits from bets in the craps! The selection of your bets when playing at the dice table is so crucial to win. There is a good thing that there are four bets for winning, which stand out from the rest: the betting pass and come and their opposite do not pass and do not come. In these bets, you can significantly reduce the house advantage of the casino by adhering to certain rules so that it never exceeds 1.40%. In the following article we will explain how you can increase your chances of winning with a few simple tips so that you receive the highest payout.

No risk and avoid unfavorable bets

You see that you should always decide on the craps for bets with an attractive payout quote. Make sure that the quota of the payment is not associated with a higher house advantage of the casino. The best dice bet to increase your chances of winning in the casino is simply to do without certain online bets in the casino, where you do not win: The bets Big 6, Big 8, Horn and all 7 you can confidently forgotten! Because the house advantage of the online casino in such bets is between 9.1% and 16.7%! Here the casino wins in most cases and you go without the big payout.

Put on simple bets in the online game

To get profits at the Craps, you should put on simple bets. The bet mentioned above is intended for ambitious (or ignorant) players or high scooters. For the high payout is better to focus on the betting pass, do not pass, come and do not come come. why? Since the house advantage in these bets is very low at the beginning: it is only 1.41% for each bet. The Do not Pass is even more advantageous with a minimal house advantage of 1.36%. The best way to increase your power is to reduce the house advantage of the casino so that you do not lose.

Use the Lay Bets

The setting of Lay Bets can prove very beneficial to the player. In the Lay Bets Strategies, it is assumed that the eye sum 7 falls in front of the next set eye sum (Z.B. Lay Bet the numbers 4, 5, 6 etc.). It is true that she lose 5% of her profits to the casino at Lay Bets strategies in the event of a race, but the casino must finally win and live. After all, the house advantage is below 1.36%. Then the question arises: Should you better choose Lay Bets - where the house advantage is already relatively low - or satisfied with classic bets like Do not Pass, which can also serve as Lay Bets, but not associated with any commission? In most cases, the players opt for high assignments to avoid the best possible way, rather than deciding for a bet where they may not win.

Use the Craps odds for yourself

Odds does not mean much more than odds and that you should use this craps statement for themselves.

This odd's strategy is a special because the bonus casino does not have a house advantage at this bet when it dices. Your chances are with this odds bet so fair and real. This is a bet in addition to the litter. Here you put on the exact result of a number before the 7 is diced.

You can bet on the following winning opportunities here:

Dice resultChance
4 and 102: 1
5 and 92: 2
6 and 8 6: 5

So use this strategy if you prefer a particularly fair and true strategy for your bet.

The Sharp Shooter Method as a Top Bet

The Sharp Shooter method is based on a Craps eponymous expert. With this method, a player should determine the movement of the dice in the litter at the table.

But how do you use this Sharp Shooter method now? That's not so hard, it needs to make it just wins some body tension and skill in the throw with the cubes to remain the right numbers on the craps table.

For the Sharp Shooter method, the body remains stable in the throw from the cubes and under tension, while the throw arm moves only a few millimeters. With this use of tension, make sure that the cubes do not bounce off the craps table, but only strip the table to stay with the desired numbers. So you just rolled your top eye sum.

The patent Field Craps method for the profit

In this method, their greatest use is their patience, because this brings them to the perfect number of their eye sum. So play here with all the peace you can apply and forget the feeling as it is when you lose.

The procedure for this strategy is above all observation. In the first 4 moves other players who are lucky, watched. The first 4 moves are only small bets and it is observed how every team of players dies.

From the 5. Flock then it goes to the larger use. So this bet is something for the player who can not quickly lose and watch patience.

It is actually proven statistical that this method for craps games is more profitable than others and that one loses less money as a player.

Decide for your strategy

All the strategies presented are not wonder a wondering of games, because nobody can predict which numbers are rolled. The various strategies rather increase their winning opportunities. The rules of the rules indulge in setting their missions and watching the missions of other players before they act for themselves.

You must not forget that it is always gambling. Under no circumstances should you rely on tactics that you are selling expensive. Unfortunately, there are many dubious sheep on the internet selling expensive books. They promise you that they win a lot of money and you tell them that the tacticals work 100%. This is unfortunately not the case.

On the contrary, the only ones who win something with such actions are the authors of these books. They are liked to be advertised in casinoforen or by advertising displays. Also, you should take care of newsletter that sells you such things. All tips that work is available for free on the Internet. Most we present you or you will find them on other pages. But never you have to pay for it. Remember that so you do not throw down unnecessarily money. It's better, you invest the money yourself in the casino than that you put it in the throat.


You can use a bonus for craps?

It always depends on which bonus it is, and in which online casino you play. Basically, premiums are already valid, only these do not always count to the sales request. Is the case, it may be that you have to play ten times longer until you receive a payout. It's best to get a bonus that is extra valid in the live casino. This usually gets better.

Craps is ideal for beginners in the casino?

Craps is a game that you should learn a little before you play with real money. Every game is in the beginning for most difficult, but in craps there are many uses. That's why you should have a little patience if you want to play it. In any case, you should start with play money. Read the rules and try different set options. As with roulette, it is advisable to start with the simple and best opportunities. Increase gradually.

Which is the best craps in Europe?

There is a private European Craps version that is a bit easier than the classic. Some application possibilities were deleted. We recommend these beginners because the entry is easier. Basically, we always recommend you to start with a variant. First, if you master a game perfectly, you should change, otherwise you get confused with the versions.

When was craps invented?

Craps have been around for many decades. It is a simplified version of the game Hazard. This was introduced by Bernard de Mandeville in 1813 in New Orleans. Craps derives from the word Crab and means as much as crab. One chose this term because it in 16. Century a designation for one doublet was. To craps to what it is today, it took a time. Today it is not indispensable.

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In short, they understood that the basic strategy is the simplest and most obvious resource to avoid the house advantage of the casino in the craps. However, there are other strategies that you can use to increase your winning opportunities: