Slot machines for free: Play the most popular games of USA here for free

This article lists most visits to our users. Here you will find a lot of free Slot machine (also called Slot Machine) to which you can access without registration or deposit obligation. But as a reminder: we are not online casino, so you can not win money on our site. To do this, you must log in to a real online casino with a game license. Look at our recommendations.

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The most popular casino game in USA is still the slot and that will stay that way

Slot machines belonging that they believe free games are completely useless, should know that this is completely wrong. Because first you can familiarize yourself with the game without having to put money. That's good news. Because they can get used to the slot machines, the different options test by which we tell in our articles and put our tips into action.

The times in which they had to buy a slot machine are over. In the meantime, in all soul rest on the Internet, you can play your slot machines games, especially the popular slot machine game called Book of Ra. You still do not think that slot machines will play for free? On this page you can convince yourself.

We recommend our readers these online casinos:

Test slot machines for free in the casinos

With our free slot machines you also have the opportunity to play for free and fun. There are gamers who only want that. They are no longer forced to register extra in a casino, which is often not wanted. Play the slot machine of your dreams and switch to the casino when you want to play the slots online with money. Slots games are fun, but in the end it is the profits that are the most enthusiast about online slots.

Play for free brings the gamer many advantages. Not only that you get to know new slots, even you can test the functions better. There are small stumbling traps in the casinos, which we do not want to conceal you. In the following paragraphs, we explain why you have to be careful.

Sometimes there are other setting options. Number of lines, coins per round and so on. Partially, players can buy extrapinia or free spells. All this can also be checked for free. Basically, we recommend always warm at the beginning. Professionals make it that way. They play a while in demo mode and rely in the real money mode later.

Free vending machines Discover directly with us

To use the free slot machines, you only have to visit our page. Click on the icons for the appropriate game to start the casino game. Very easily. The great thing: We provide you with a particularly high credit so that you can familiarize yourself with the insert systems of slot games. You can also interrupt the game and later log in again, with the same score as before the break.

Free games are therefore fun because they can try different casino games. In addition, they apply one or the other strategy. Since they play completely without risk, all this should not be a problem. Not true? We have a lot of experience in this area and do not want to miss these. In some casinos there are over 3000 different machines. Since the selection is of course gigantic. Since nobody wants to buy the cat in the sack, you should play the games in free mode and test. A change in real money mode is still still possible later. Finally, there is enough experiencing.

Pause when you want and continue playing later

So you can play indefinitely. We often try to put new games online so they are always up to date on the news on the market. With us you are always up to date. Great, not true? Here we go. Have fun with our slot machines, in German or English. Since everything is free, you can also make mistakes without fearing consequences.

But if you still need a break, the free slot machines wait for you and start from where you last stopped. Free slot machines are always matched to your personal location, the slot machines are waiting for you and all the information is stored so you can reuse the slot machine later. Many who did not think about the machine for free before, are now very enthusiastic and constantly playing at the slot machines for free.

Discover the profit opportunities in the slots

Online casinos are able to help you a lot of money if you like the best players not only play roulette, blackjack or poker, but also slot machines. Although this game is also free to have free, but vending machines are only worthwhile to turn the rollers with real money. Slots are the games with the highest jackpots that you can also win via app. Therefore, it's time to put a bonus together and bring the coins to blades.

What you should consider at a free slot machine

No matter where you play the risk-free games, always make sure that the websites are serious. So much betray, play with us or on those websites that we recommend does not happen to you. Because these are guaranteed serious and safe. We only present those where they are not guaranteed to be in danger. Safety is the A and O in the online casino, but also on all other pages. Finally, games are also presented on Funsites. Especially because it is free, many gamers do not worry about it. But if you are in danger and trapped viruses.

If there is something for free, this makes customers magically. Whether on the internet or in real life. The fact is that there are also some scammers pages on the web that the users want to lure in the trap. Some infect the computers with malware, other attempts to conclude subscriptions or bombing customers with advertising. That's why you should be twice as careful with free offers. Just play on secure pages that are SSL-encrypted. This will recognize at the locksys icon, which is located in the browser bar. Also, the website Terms and Conditions and privacy information should have. It may cause little damage if you start a virus scanner and check the page. Better safe than sorry.

Free is not always free. Those operators who attract customers on the side and persuade a registration, often want to sell expensive subscriptions. Good possible to play only the first 5 days for free and then pay 30 euros a year. Of course, this is not the point of matter. For the reason you should be careful what you do and where you sign up. Always read the terms and conditions, especially where you have to register. Never specify an account number if you want to play for free. If one requires, this means nothing good. Please be careful. It is best to play only on official online casino pages or those we recommend. Then nothing can happen.

Free plays on smartphone and enjoy on the go

Who wants, also slid the hot games on the tablet or on the phone. Again, we have to warn you. Customize what you get on the phone because there are some apps that are not trustworthy. If you want to install something on the smartphone, please only from the official stores, because there can not happen there. You should not install any apps that you will see through advertising. Unfortunately, those will be happy to appear on games pages.

For apps, we also recommend a virus scanner to run over it, so that such malicious software recognizes. We know all these info does not sound so positive now. We also do not want to claim that all apps are evil. But the topic of casino, free and games is just one where to take care. If you once have your favorite side or app, you do not have to worry about it anymore. Be careful and watch where they gamble.

Why should you play a game in demo mode, if it's so easy anyway?

Of course, some players ask themselves the question, why do you ever need a free slot? What are the reasons for playing these in free mode. Finally, an automaton explains. Think, but unfortunately there are small stumbling blocks that overlook many players. Sometimes so small are not that small, some of them are even quite big when you take it exactly.

Little is changing at the game principle, that's right, but in the setting options you could fall into a trap, if you do not be careful. For example, in some machines, there is the possibility to set the maximum amount. In the past, it happened more often that users clicked on this button because they wanted to see how high the maximum amount is actually. What these did not know who clicks on this, sets the amount immediately and the rollers turn. In many cases users do not have to start extra. If the maximum amount is 100 euros high, they have played 100 euros in a second, and that's more than annoying.

For this reason, we recommend again and again to test all slots in advance for free. In demo mode, try everything without problems. You can click on the maximum button as often as you like, nothing will happen. The same applies to all other settings. Try different options and get to know the machine to the interior. Then, if you feel ready someday, the change in real money mode is nothing in the way. But until then you should not make the mistake and play immediately with real money.

Who knows, maybe you do not like the machine, why would you therefore want to invest something?? A demo mode has a reason so that you can just try the casino game. If there is already a free mode, you should also use it.

Play with a no deposit bonus free of charge in the online casino

You do not necessarily have to play in demo mode, there is another way to gamble for free. The speech is from no deposit bonus. It is a bonus you get free of charge for registration in the casino. Sometimes there are free games instead. Fact is, with these bonuses they play without risk, but still enjoy winning opportunities. Is there anything more beautiful?

At this point, however, we have to say that there are almost always bonus conditions that you need to comply. For example, the bonus must be implemented several times before a payment is possible. For example 50x. If you receive a 100 US bonus, you must now play around 5000 US. This forgot many customers and surprises in the end, why they do not receive the profit paid.

Another limitation is available at the payment. Most profits are only transferred up to 100 US. Sometimes only 50 US. Except, however, are mostly jackpot profits from slots. If you crack the jackpot, you may mostly retain the money. Please make sure that you can not play some slots with the bonus or with free gilds. These information can also be found in the terms and conditions.

The best games you can play for free

We can not introduce you 3000 games here, but want to mention a few highlights. Above all, those who have never played in the casino until long, thereby get a small overview. In the first step we will show you different slot machines categories. Although slot machines are similar, they are still different if they look exactly.

The fruit machines

The fruit machines, or retro slots referred to, are classic vending machines without a lot of frills. As a rule, there are fruits like cherries, grapes, lemons, etc. Often those have a classic retro solder sound that is known from the early Internet times. Wild symbols are rare. Sometimes the bar has symbol, the highest meaning. We recommend all those such slots that like Easy and Retro. By the way, there are also fruit machines that play in the future. These are deposited perception and mostly with a spacy sound.

The books and Egyptllots

Since Book of Ra kindly loves every book games. A book is usually the wild symbol and ensures better profits. Many of these slots play in ancient Egypt. Next Book of Ra there is Book of Dead, Ramses Book and many other book games. For adventure slots, players have the feeling they go to treasure hunt, so they are so popular.

Diamond games

It sparkles and glitteres on the rollers. For example, at Starburst. The hit from the house Netent. Everything revolves around diamonds, gems and co, the players feel like in their own world. You can switch off and somehow they work relaxing.

Licensing products from film and music

Likewise, many film fans are moved to the casinos. Whether Dirty Dancing, Game of Thron or South Park. There is hardly a slot that does not exist. Netent also brought the Net Rock's slot machines on the market. Jimmy Hendrix and Co play here their songs on the rolls. The licensed products bring many fans of those into the online casinos, otherwise some fans through the slots. Thus, the circle closes.

Other highlights in the online casino

Actually, there is a slot every topic. Princesses, aliens, underwater adventures, pirates, jewelry, ganovas, fairy tales, bears, freaks, plants, chakras and co. If you want to play a specific topic, you do not have to look for a long time. It's amazing how many new games are constantly on the market. The manufacturers will never be boring and constantly falling to you new things.

Safety is always important and everywhere: fit on

We would like to mention again that the topic of security is important in free games. Many report on any pages, and surprise in the end when they pay something.

We already wrote above that you often tap in abofalles or viruses gets on the device. That's why we wanted to remind you again, not to act too much. Let yourself be selected when selecting the pages. Pay attention to the terms and conditions and only play on encrypted pages.


Free games are fun as you can see. Now you should know everything about what it says. If not, read the article again. Below we summarize the most important FAQ for you, so guaranteed no questions left. Whether free, with bonus, free games or right in demo mode. The main thing you have fun at gambling. Just play where they really feel comfortable, then it works with the revenues.


Which machine games are offered in the online casino?

In terms of gaming offer there is such a large selection, it would blow up the frame if we list all here. Slots are available in all categories. Starting with the classic fruits, to princesses, researchers and co. For everyone the right Slots game is there, there we are safe. When free playing in demo mode, you will find it risky to see if you like the game or not. Much joy.

You can play anywhere without credit in the online casinos?

Most online casinos offer a demo mode, but not all. That's why you should be careful here. Sometimes you have to sign up, elsewhere this is possible without registration. Wherever you play, pay attention to the topic of security so you do not get any viruses on the computer. Thanks to the official casino sites, this should not be a problem.

You can try different strategies in free mode?

Of course, you can try what you want. Since they do not take a risk, they play as long as they want in the demo mode. But unfortunately we have to tell you that the quotas in demo mode are partly different than in real money casino. If you are more frequenting free playing, this does not mean that it is the case in demo mode. Unfortunately, that many gamers believe and then surprise why they barely win something later. Compare the RTP so you know where you have better chances of winning.

There are slot machines tricks that work 100%?

Also at this point we unfortunately have to tell you no there are no tricks that work 100%. Slot machines are always stuck by chance and nothing else. No one can influence this. Highest they are a master of ideas. Otherwise there are no tactics. Leave your fingers from the e-books on the web. These include no useful tips. Everything there is, you will find enough on the internet, so you do not have to pay for it.

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