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In the 7delon.Ch Casino find US player everything you need. Since 15. September 2020 the 7melon Casino has opened its doors online. The entire offer and all games are now also on the Internet under 7 find. Just have a look!

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Casino Review
  • Welcome bonus: Yes
  • German-speaking customer service and live casino: Yes
  • Payout times: Maximum three working days
  • Sales conditions: 35x
  • US license: Yes

7melons.CH Casino - advantages and disadvantages:

✔️ Clear Page

✔️ software from Microgaming & Co

✔️ German website

❌ Small game offer

The brand new 7 melon.Ch Casino is the perfect place for play enthusiasts. The provider offers a number of different games and a safe and reputable user interface. You have the possibility to get to know the best games.

Detailed 7 melons.CH Casino review

The 7 melon.Ch Casino offers many opportunities to gain experience with casino games. The entire website offers over 50 different games that allow you to select arbitrarily. The special thing is, of course, that the casino is perfect for players from USA. Because land-based means the 7 squet.Ch Casino Grand Casino Bern. In this Review We would like to share our 7melons experiences with our readers and enable an insight into the offer of casino.

How much bonus can I in the 7delon.get chasino?

Players who sign up here at 7melons get a 100% bonus of up to 300US - with a minimum of 10US. The minimum sales is here - quite standard - 35x. But even without the bonus, you can use the top selection of games and try to play your luck to the jackpot. it's your choice!

The site of this casino is still quite new. In mid-September 2020, the online casino went to the market. Since the latest this provider even offers a bonus!.

But she should not quit that. Because you can still use the game selection with games of the best qualties.

Just browse through the free game selection and find your favorite game.

Please note that all information on bonus and bonus conditions was correct at the time of publication of this test report, but may differ due to changed conditions and may differ meanwhile.

Is there in the 7delon.CH Casino a VIP program?

Yes, the 7melon Casino offers a VIP program for all players working on the rising of levels.

Each player who decides to sign up for 7melons is automatically included in the loyalty program of the US casino. At the beginning everyone starts in the bronze level and can Always upgrade about collecting points.

Anyone who has made his first deposit receives from the casino 2500 loyalty points, which are automatically credited on the player account. With this number of loyalty points you get into the silver level. This is followed by the Gold Level, then the Platinum Level, the Diamond Level and then the Privé Level. Who wants to achieve the last level - the privé level - must be invited personally.

You can always get loyalty points when placed on a game in a game in the casino. Depending on how high the insert is, you will receive a different number of points.

How long does a sign up in the 7delon.CH Casino?

Registration or. Registration at the US Casino can be concluded in less than ten minutes. Once you have received a confirmation link by e-mail, you can return to the website of the casino and start playing.

For registration, the 7melon online casino asks for personal information. This includes, among other things Date of birth, name, address and e-mail address. All required details, however, have gone through in the step-by-step instructions.

If you have made all necessary information, you have to Confirmation link by e-mail activate. Then you can start playing directly and can choose from all slot machines and every game.

How user-friendly is the website of the 7delon.CH Casino?

The website of the 7melon Casino is very clear. For this, the US casino ensures a ordered color choice and a meaningful menu bar.

To find itself on the website of 7melons, is not a problem. The site is very manageable and the individual areas are easily accessible. By clicking one of the different areas, you will Directly forwarded. On most pages players even have the opportunity Additional information about a game or slot machine to obtain.

Overall, the entire online appearance of 7 melons very transparent and easy to use. The level and the quality, the US may know from the Grand Casino Bern, was with 7 melons.sucked into the internet.

What does the choice of choice look at the 7delon.CH Casino?

The choice of choice in the 7melon casino is not excessively big. Nevertheless, a total of more than 50 different games are offered, from which players can choose freely.

First and foremost, the 7melon Casino offers slot machines, but there is also the possibility Blackjack to play. No matter what you decide for, all options are just a click away. On the website, players can easily and quickly choose between different areas.

Particularly interesting is that on 7 the best software manufacturers are represented. So you can decide between slots of microgaming and co.

Which slots offers the 7 melon.CH Casino?

First and foremost, the 7melon Casino offers a number of slot machines. All available slots can be found on the website of the provider.

This is a small selection:

  • Ariana
  • Burning Desire
  • Thunderstorm
  • Lucha Legends
  • King Tusk
  • Jurassic World

Who is looking for the best casino games and slot machines, is just right at 7melons. Here is your option to choose from classic and new slot machines. Who is looking for a special slot, can find this easily and quickly about the search function of the casino.

Is there German-speaking live dealers in live casino at 7melons.CH Casino?

The entire offer at 7melons is available in German. This means that the Live Casino is fully usable in German-speaking.

On the website of the 7delon casino you have the opportunity Set your language. You can also decide for German and then have the opportunity to use all areas in German.

The live casino at 7melons is not available through a separate area, but blackjack should definitely be available live according to the casinos.

What is the payout ratio in the 7delon.CH Casino?

It's hard to say what the payout rate is concerned in a casino. Most games at 7melons, however, have an RTP from 95% to 98%. How exactly the payout rate looks, but of course comes to the game for which one decides.

Classic slots95.00 - 96.94%
Video Slots95.20 - 96.94%
Video poker 99.54%
Rubello *0.00 - 0.00%

Is there a 7 melon.CH Casino app or a mobile version of the page?

Yes, the 7melon Casino also offers a mobile version for all its customers and players. This app can be downloaded from the provider's website within a few minutes.

If you like to benefit from the casino offer of 7melons on the way, you can download the app of the casino. This is possible via the website of the provider.

The mobile casino version is compatible with iOS and Android and a lot of other devices. A download is of course free and can be made at any time.

How serious is the 7delon.CH Casino?

The 7melon casino is very serious and above all legal. The conditions of the US cooperative for gambling are very extensive, but 7 melons fulfills them all.

The 7melon casino thus has the US license and is therefore a perfect casino for players from USA.

Of course, the provider also meets all other conditions in security and privacy. All information and data will be Multiple encrypted via SSL technology and become natural not passed on to third parties.

Who is not sure how safe the casino is actually, can read a whole range of additional information on the website of 7melons.

How long do you have to pay a payout from the 7 squet.CH Casino Wait?

A payout in the 7melon Casino usually does not last longer than three working days. Sometimes it can of course be much faster, sometimes maybe even longer.

To make sure that you get your payouts as soon as possible, you should Verify player account.

In general, however, you can be sure that 7 melons process all payouts as soon as possible. How long a payout but actually takes, is always dependent on the payment method.

The 7melon works primarily with transactions by credit card - these are known for fast payments.

Is there a German-speaking customer service in the 7delon.CH Casino?

Yes, the 7melon Casino offers all customers a German support. This can be reached at any time and around the clock.

On the website of 7melons, players have the opportunity to choose between different languages. One of them is German, but it can also be chosen in English, Italian or French for communication. In all languages is also a customer service available.

The staff of the support team at 7melons can be contacted around the clock. This is either via live chat via the website or by e-mail possible. For inquiries by e-mail you can send a message to 7melons-bern @ playersupport.Send and receive an answer within a short time.

Why is the 7 melon.CH Casino so recommended for players from USA?

There is nothing better for US than an online casino that fulfills all necessary conditions and is safe. 7melons combines all positive aspects of gambling and is easily accessible to players from USA.

The website of the entire casino is easy to use in German. In addition, you can receive help from the staff of the customer service at any time - also in German. Anyone who comes from the French-speaking parts of USA can also choose French as a language on the website.

According to the new regulations of the game banking commission, many casinos had to retreat. But instead, the Grand Casino Bern has expanded and published in mid-September 7melon online. Thus, US players become one Perfect and secure user interface Bed for casino games.

Other frequently asked questions about the 7delon.CH Casino (FAQ)

How to become 7 melons for VIP?

To become at 7melons VIP, you must collect loyalty points. Depending on how many points you have, get different levels. The highest level is the privé level, which can only be achieved with a personal invitation.

I have to verify my player account?

After registration or. Registration If you are not obliged to verify your player account directly. However, you should do that after 30 days to have no problems playing in the casino.

What happens when I do not verify my account?

If you do not verify your player account after 30 days, then 7melon is obliged to lock your player account. This applies as part of the new regulations and regulations for online casinos in USA. For a verification, you must submit an identification and address detection to the provider.

I have to pay for 7melon fees?

Sign in and play with 7melons is completely free. You have the possibility to use the entire offer and only have to deposit for your game inserts. All your deposits are available to you directly to play

When is my deposit available to play?

As a rule, all deposits are available immediately on the player account as soon as you have completed your deposit. In some cases this can last longer and always depends on the payment method. Primary is working with credit cards and the deposits of this payment source are known to be particularly fast and uncomplicated.

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General information
German languageYes
Online since2020
Responsible jurisdictionUS Farm Banking Committee
Number of games66
Information about bonuses
Max. bonus
First payment bonus300US
Match bonus100%
Sales conditions35 x deposit
Free bonus
  • Microgaming
Payment options
  • Bank Transfer
  • maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
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