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Casinos USA is a comparison portal for online casinos, in which one can play as a US carefree and, above all, legal. We test providers carefully and share our experiences with them. We also tell you our most valuable tips with which you can win even more bares in the online casino.

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Slowly to play her out

The gambling is not a new development. Already For centuries or even millennia Are there games that are amazingly similar to today's gambling. In the meantime, the gambling has developed greatly and the first casinos came up.

100% reliable casino play

Than Age of the Internet is a new way of playing the game, namely the internet. There is no reason to uncertain. You can be legally and gamble in USA and at all times and be sure that everything works wonderfully.

The advantages of online casinos

The play houses around the corner are not even worth a thought, because that OnlineCasino so many benefits brings with it. Little surprisingly gamble more and more casino players online and avoid the gaming casinos in the region because they simply give them no incentive to gamble. In addition, these game banks are often linked to addiction and crime and you want to be not associated with it.

In the Online Casino Cocks can now no longer have to do without the conveniences of sofas. It is enough, With the laptop or the phone to be connected to the casino welding and it can start. To gamble on the web you can even wear the pajamas or the clothes of yesterday - no interesting.

Large game selection in the online casino

Who has overcome first and the first time an online casino "visited", will quickly find that the game offer is in nothing in terrestrial casinos in nothing. The online offer can even put your offline counterparts in the bag in terms of graphics and features. Especially in online casino USA is the Quality of the Internet Games Fantastic. Through the LiveCasino, the experience is now more realistic and hardly with the real feeling that you have in gamebanks, comparable. Even the tradition-conscious players agree that you can play in online casinos such as MR Green or William Hill in an excellent atmosphere. So there is hardly any arguments against the online casino.

They are not convinced despite everything? We still have to mention that the Odds Also better in internet scasinos? If you do not believe us, or just want to know more, then you are exactly right with us.

Bonus and free games in online casino USA

In the different US online casinos you discover different different Bonus offers. For example, you get one Bonus without deposit, free spells or a welcome pack. It's all about what you want. There is hardly a company that has no bonus on offer. Mostly there is a welcome bonus to the start. they pay 100 US and get 100 US on top of that. But also a bonus without deposit can be interesting.

Checklist for online casino

These different types of promotions are most common in online casinos:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Deposit bonus
  • Bonus without deposit
  • Free games
  • Cashback Deals
  • Casino internal tournaments and raffles
  • Prizes
  • Cash bonuses - without bonus conditions

The main thing you like the Casino bonus and you can make the online casinos unsafe. Alternatively, you get from the provider free games. It's time 100 free spins, then 500 free spells etc. Depending on which Casino offers this. Get them these and you can get to know new games in peace.

For example, there is a bonus in the Casino 777, But also with another casino provider.

You do not have to search for a long time because it really gives them everywhere. But beware, you also have to go to the Bonus requirements keep. This point is especially important because otherwise you will not get a payout. For example, the bonus must 20x be implemented. In other 30x etc. Get it 1000 US, you have to be around 20.000 US Zock. So are the rules. This fact forgot many casino players and surprisingly wonder why they receive no payout.

A small hook also have profit amounts, free spins and bonus without deposit offers. Here you can just to pay up to 100 US. This clause usually applies everywhere. But there is a small exception that we do not want to. Zock in Jackpotslots, they are usually allowed to keep the profits, If it is a jackpot profit. Sounds fair, right? That's why we recommend you to gamble with a jackpot slot machine. Crack up several million with the bonus, May you look forward to.

Legal online casinos in USA

Profits in euros and francs in the casino

Since 2019 everything is different in USA. Middle 2019 went The first online casino At the start, so that the US can finally be allowed to play officially. We would like to inform you in the next sections on how the law is built and which points the players must keep. Game banks on the Web were always a kind of gray zone. Actually, one was not allowed to go abroad as a US. There was still online casinos, allegedly for US goods. That's because you are not really tracked as a player.

Anyway, no case is known where to pretend to the player. After all, you can not expect customers to know everything. The companies are here in information obligation. Nevertheless, you should not do it if you know it. Certainly not now, where it isThere are several online casinos in USA. Who loves his country, plays in their own country. So one says. At least try it, you should, and high profits will also be taxed in the US. That's why everything makes sense.

It's not always about prohibitions, benefits or because you want to be cool. If a separate country presents certain companies, you should gamble there. Finally, too much is already investing abroad. There can be at least in things gambling in your own country. as said. Everyone has to know this for themselves. There are still other providers who are also open for US. These register one .Ch domain and hope that no one has done. It's not the domain, but the casinol license. That says where a provider may present his games or not. We will report about this later when we take more precisely on the concessions.

What does the new law mean for the US?

The biggest difference to before is that US now Officially gamble. This was not possible in advance. The foreign providers are thus excluded. Still is not done hard, but this can change. The Commission has an eye on the other casinos.

If you look a bit, make sure it's still many other USCasinos gives, who have nothing to do with the US. On the one hand, it would be fair if there are warnings, on the other hand want to have the players free selection. As always, it is one Gray zone, Where nobody knows what he should keep from about. Somehow the World Wide Web is so big and free that you can not imagine limits. There is also a contradiction here.

Legal casinos in USA

But there are other changes that we have summarized here.

1. The IP gray zone

Once you play somewhere else, you are not really in USA anymore. Therefore, you can always find excuses here. In the end, the IP counts, from the point where you are and not where you play. But as I said, everything complicated and hardly comprehensible. Be yourself so fairly and gamble in the US so that the gambling laws remain. If none plays at home, the licenses will disappear again. Whether that is meaningful, let go.

2. The licenses

The licenses for online Casinos went On the 1. July 2019 at the start. From this point, casino games, roulette, blackjack and poker were allowed to be offered. Not only the online casinos must have licenses, including the game providers. Who can not show, will not be unlocked for his games. At the point, the authorities really grab through. This was noticeable. At the Novoline Games in Germany. Since these are no longer allowed there, you get regular a warning. So also in USA. If you want to know which games are on the lock list, we recommend the website of the US Farm Banking Commission. There are all listed.

3. The lottery

A lot has changed Lottery area. The lottery Romande and USlos may, for examplePresent live bets. Likewise, one may bet as a customer at horse racing abroad. Some positive innovations that we also feel great.

Who is allowed to play in the online Casinos USA?

Only persons who are reported in USA are allowed. German and Austrians can not play in US online casinos unfortunately. If you want to gamble in US, you would have to visit USA or evil. In addition, you have to be of legal age, so you can gamble. This is evidence of a badge and a logo. Maybe it is handled as with most casinos. In the beginning you have to enter the data when registering. A review will take place later before the payout. Some casinos also demand this in advance. Everyone can do it as he wants. So or so you definitely have to make an ID exam or expect it. If they are locked in an online casino in the US, they are not allowed to gamble in others. You should also think of our own interest, after all, debts are a big problem, which one should not take on the light shoulder.

In summary, visitors are allowed to play in US online casinos:

  • Are reported in USA
  • Demonstrably fully years
  • Are not locked

The tasks of the Federal Banking Committee ESBK

If you are traveling on the internet and already played in online casinos, you will certainly know the Malta Gaming Authority or other commissions. Those authorities that make sure that the casinos stick to the rules. the US Farm Banking Committee Is the US response to it. The ESBK takes care of all good and who take care of the provisions.

What tasks does the ESBK have?

  • The ESBK supervised The casinos so that customers do not experience disadvantages. For example, care is taken if the Games are fair. Independent organizations check the Random Number Generator who randomly remains and triggers profits. Every game has a certain return to player, a payout rate. And this must be adhered to.
  • In addition, it is monitored that it is not too Money laundering and terrorist financing comes. That's why it is common that you can only pay off the same account with which one has paid in the online casino. If this is not possible, must be at least the same name on it.
  • Also Security and social concepts implemented. For example, measures for player protection are made to be blocked and reviewed. Also, the casinos must provide certain links that affect themselves.
  • Likewise, the organization cares around Net locks abroad, So that US can only play in their own country. The illegal money game is also monitored and observed.
  • ESBK will definitely be helpful in case of problems and ambiguities. If you notice that casinos violate the law, refuse a payout or similar, you can advise themselves. Such commissions are so important. Zock now abroad and have problems there, you may receive no help. Since it can even happen that one holds the credit because they have violated the rules. After all, you can not play.
  • Conversely, there were already cases where customers have complained the casinos because they have lost a lot there. They got right and the credit return, because the platforms could not have been advertising. How to turn it how to do. This can be good for you or not. That's why we recommend again, if there is a private online casino in your country, they play there. Because they get the biggest security there and you are in an emergency behind them.

A and B - licenses in the LandCasinos - the differences!

In USA there are licenses of type A and type B. In the online casino, they have no big meaning force, but we still want to explain the differences.

The A license get all those casinos located in an area with over 1 million inhabitants. Who has the license A, does not have any restrictions. For the B license, only 25 US per game is allowed, and there are differences in the cantonal levy. In online casinos, that does not apply because you can not check here from where the US gamble. Finally, residents are allowed to gamble all casinos in US and not only those who offer in each canton.

A licenseB license
From areas with more than 1 million. InhabitDifferences in the population
No financial restrictionsMaximum 25 US per game

The licensed online casinos in USA

The current gambling law is on 1.1.2019 entered into force. But the first game casinos were only in summer. Gradually, they were allowed to open. 21 gamebanks got the licenses to present their offer on the Web. Most used the concession expansion and opened their online services. The games offered in the matchcasinos must also be checked and released. This also takes over the ESBK.

Hereinafter a chronicle about the assignment of the game licenses:

  • 7.7.2019: Vote, who, when and where the casino license gets
  • 5.7.2019: Casino Baden opened
  • 22.8th.2019: OnlineCasino lutzers opened
  • 9.9.2019: Game bench Davos opened
  • 24.2.2020: Casino Interlaken opened
  • 15.9.2020: Casino Bern opened
  • 29.4.2020: Decision on the awarding further licenses for casinos Meyrin and Lugano
  • 25.11.2020: OnlineCasino Neuchatel opened

You can truly be glad that US has done this step in 2019. Germany is also awarded to licenses again 2021.

Responsible play in online sincinos

The online casinos you have to stick to many rules. Each provider must provide, for example, a social concept to promote player protection. Here, the Commission has made some specifications to which one must hold:

  • information
  • Early detection of player problems
  • Enable self-control
  • Game restriction and limits

Player protection in LandCasinos

Player protection Is enormous important. Landcasinos has already proven a proven emergence, when players appear to be on looking for a search:

1.: Personnel responsibility

In LandCasinos, operators must provide their own staff who are trained and to go to people who are at risk.

2.: Active response

With talks, one tries to hold endangered players from playing further.

3.: Spray of the player

Does not help, they can also lock them.

Player protection in online casinos

All these steps are difficult on the web. The following steps have been enforced in online casinos:

1.: Self-lifting sheets

There are self-lifting arches, with which you can check your own behavior.

2.: Further help

On the websites there are links and offers for counseling centers, self-help group and more. So the player can inform and get help in the worst case.

3.: Spray of the player

The player account can be blocked at the request of the player or in the event of shrinkage.

Conclusion for player protection

the early detection is important in LandCasinos as well as in online casinos to recognize endangered persons in good time. This is certainly easier in the landscasino possible, which may be that the Setting up online casinos. If it looks up that someone plays a lot and this daily, income and asset documents could be required to continue playing.

In 2019, round 61.500 people blocked, because they suffered from gambling addiction. A frightening number, which was certainly even higher in 2020.

SOS gambling addiction, if you suffer from gambling addiction

Do you suffer from gambling addiction or know someone who needs help? Then you should www.SOS gambling addiction.chest drop by. This club helps addictive patients and those who want to be advised. If you have debts or. To suffer from gambling addiction, you should not put my head in the bag. It just does not make sense. The faster you look for help, the better. There are also in your community or city addiction counseling centers, therapists or self-help groups.

During the lockdowns Also help some forums. Taughture with other affected and therapist, which you would like to advise online. Such online consultations help some even better because they are less scared to talk to strangers. Look over at the said address and let yourself be informed. If you sign up for the first time in the casino, put a limit, and do not overdo it. Play better in demo mode and then switch in the real money mode, if you feel ready.

Discover a lot of information about the US games

The many online casino games are fun as you can see. There is a lot of choice and now finally legal. Would you like to see more about the games in US. Look at on-line.UScasinos.chest or on jackpot.chest past. There are informed about the various online sincinos, topics and much more. Because of the new licenses there is always new discovering new. Finally, online Casinos would like to expand their offer regularly. Now we still go to a few questions that are repeatedly asked.

Actually, there is also an online casino bonus in USA?

What you should pay attention to the casinobonus:

  • Bonus with or without deposit?
  • Which sales requirements apply?
  • Which minimum payment applies?
  • Read bonus conditions exactly

Of course, there is also a bonus in USA. Would be even more beautiful, if it does not exist. In our experience these are even generous. In some cases there is a bonus without deposit and without sales request. This has a special reason. The US casinos know that customers are standing on such bonuses and many are reporting. Of course there are some who take the balance and unsubscribe. But since it is about 10 US, not much should happen. Some are even so smart and pay only from 20 US. Yes, here you have to take care again and again that you can not be cleaned.

Top casinos with bonus in USA

You should under no circumstances sign up because of a bonus. If, then do it because you want it and not because you like the bonus so well. Always remember, a bonus is always advertising and nothing will change. As we have already discussed above. There are always Sales requirements or other rules and falls, who you like to overlook. In any case, you should read the bonus conditions so you know what to do and that you do not have disadvantages.

The best games in online casino USA

Who logs in to an online casino, wants one, play without end. Of course, these are also games. Without it would not work. That's why we want to take a short time on the online acasino games that you are allowed to expect. Of course it always depends on it, With which provider cooperate. Some have some on board, others just a few. Fact is the best of the best already waiting for you.

The best slots are waiting for you

Slot machines are the heart of each casino. Enjoy games like Book of Ra, Mega Moolah, starburst and many others. You will be amazed what is possible.

The following special features are available under the slots:

  • Retro slots or modern slots
  • Fruit
  • 3D machine
  • Wild symbols
  • Extra special functions

Preferably Filter the individual games in the matchcasino, so you have an overview. Note, there are different payout rates and also the games are divided into different volatility levels. Research, then discover a matching slot.

Play unique table games in USA

Also table games can be found in the many game banks. There is blackjack, roulette games, baccarat and a lot more. These are offered for example by Evolution Gaming. Playtech, Netent and many others have great titles on offer. How about a round of french roulette or vipblackjack? Play either in the table play area or check in directly in the livecasino. Everywhere you get options to enjoy your game. Much joy.

Online Poker USA in the best rooms

They are a big poker fan? Wonderful, in the US online scasinos there are some premises where you gamble your favorite game. Enjoy Beginning games up to the best tournaments. Whether video copy or Holdem. The most varied versions and by-in are already waiting for you. Compare is worthwhile in any case. Practice until you have a perfect pokerface and apply this in the poker rooms. Whether in table play area or in the livecasino. Everywhere unique games are waiting for you. From spares to highhrer.

The best music manufacturers:

  • Mercury
  • Novoline & GreenTube
  • Net
  • Microgaming
  • Quickspin
  • Yggdrasil
  • Thunkerkick

These players also reject licenses. Thus, they are constantly on the safe side. If you stick to our review and log in to these casino providers, nothing can happen to them. We only present reputable platforms.

How do I win in the online casino?

Play online casino legal

Who wants to succeed on online science USA, must first know the rules of the games. What is easy for slot machines, Can be heavier with Black Jack. Or do you know how to use Hit, Stand, Double and Split correctly? If so, then congratulations, because you belong to the few who play Black Jack and know the rules completely. We have created the top guide for serious online campasino providers in USA, who helps them with every step they go towards their goal.

However, you should also go a step further in online casino, Because a house advantage is primarily one of Jeders. The fact is: Again, the company has an advantage to note.

So who does not use all the benefits in the matchcasino, Who he can get to increase his profit rates, should play the play best again by the head. In general, however, the following basic guidelines apply to each player, every casino game and every online casino:

  • Only play in serious, licensed online casino
  • Game rules awarded award
  • Possibly dominate strategies
  • Through free play
  • Know the winning probabilities and house advantages
  • Use of bonuses and promotions
  • Put limits and preserve a cool head
  • Always keep the fun of the matter as a priority

A hot tip is definitely the online casino first Casino games for free try out.

In this case, a registration is usually optional. Casino providers like Leovegas and Cherry Casino make as that works, Because there you can not only play in online casino for free, but also without a registration! Even then is an app, part of the offer that is available to a freely available.

Our reviews and your top casino

Bonus gift in the casino

Who in the casino with real money is a little practiced, white How important and helpful can be a bonus. Sometimes you lose, though you are still such a good player. Especially then can one Bonus in online casino Miracle. We know more platforms with more different bonuses, as they could ever dream about. It is important to recognize exactly the properties in online campasino online, which is preferred at a casino. For example, these could be bonuses, or also free games.

From testing the casinos

Some of the best casinos also have VIP offers for Casino players from USA, so you do not have to hold back financially. So it is important to choose the online casino, which best suits you and your personal preferences and characteristics.

We last again and again in the Spin Palace our experiences. The provider of the games is the well-known software developer microgaming. You probably have heard of that already.

But there are other online casinos, which we introduce you to our top casinos online overview. Just look for the casino that suits you mostly.

Some of the best casinos we have tested

  • Jackpot City
  • Jackpot City is an online casino, which first by the huge welcome bonus make aware of. But fortunately it is not over, because the players expect a game selection in which there was a lot of work in which there was a lot of work. All major and important software manufacturers are represented and contribute to the fact that the online casino makes everyone's name and really acts as a virtual version of the legendary gambling city of Las Vegas. But it's not only all glitter and glamor - even in terms of payment methods, licenses and customer service is right here.

  • Casimba
  • Again, there is one Labeled big welcome bonus and a platform that is well thought out and which have no mistakes or deficits that would be called as a so-called "Deal Breaker". Casimba is one of those casinos that have taken a lion as a mascot, and like a lion should feel the casino player here as in a kingdom. Also a great VIP program is available - So to speak for the alpha lions - and also an outstanding great mobile app that should set new standards.

  • Royal Vegas
  • This is not different with Royal Vegas: In addition to one License of the Maltese gambling commission There is also a prestigious certificate from Ecogra. So you need To make money and data security and can concentrate completely on the great games that are offered in bulk. The welcome bonus is also not without, you can get a lot of extra gifts here, and over the first four deposits. As part of the Fortune Lounge group is the Royal Vegas, suitable for the name, just part of one Elite Group among the online scasinos.

News from the world of online gambling

Mobile Casino App

The world of gambling turns fast. Often, it will give it in the gambling casino sudden developments that corn the player at the playcasino online with real money cold. The development of the new LiveCasinos, as well as the Zock without download Have brought new friends to online casino USA. More and more people benefit from these new developments that you have to be informed. If you want to smolder correctly again, you may Our news Of course, do not miss about online casino USA.

We always tell you where you are best in online casino in Saus and Braus Real money can get - by mail, WhatsApp or Facebook.

For example, we were among the first, who reported as David M. with allslots Let's relax 209.977 $ won. We were also one of the first counselors who has followed the expansion of NetBet in the casino industry.

There is also a contact page on which you provide us all your questions about online campasino. Do not hesitate. Our passionate team is always free and friendly at your disposal.

Play on the go - Get apps

Mobile casino

Many use nowadays directly App of the casino. Over 90% get the online scasino bonus and try to implement it with the mobile phone with the mobile phone. Surprisingly many players also succeeds. Just new online casinos are often technologically at the top and thus able to the casino player from the beginning to enable a perfect, mobile experience. We do not know if it is coincidence, but lately, many lucky with the CasinoApp win the jackpot in the slotgames like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune.

Maybe it's another reason for you to put on the smartphone. If you do not feel like downloading, they usually play With your mobile phone in online casino Without download the latest games and livecasino games. Websites created for Mobile GamesCasino USA devices make this to a round thing. Generally, there are three ways to play on the way, and every good online casino offers at least one of them:

  • Native app for iOS
  • Native app for Android
  • HTML5 web app for all operating systems

If you have not tried the HandyCasino yet, we recommend you, A look at one or the other online science test to throw on our side. There we tested the best casinos in the world and tell you everything you need to know about these casinos - for example, whether the casino provides a good app. Some readers have already thanked us and Screenshots sent by their win, because they finally get to the winner track. With the right casino can happen to you.

The best software developer

Slot machines in Onlne Casino

Everyone has a favorite online casino, which he always considered Best online cast would, simply because you have made the best experiences there. The casinos we recommend to you have all one thing in common: they praise the best software with exquisite casino games. Relatively many casinos make their players with slot machines, Black Jack and Casinoroulette of Microgaming Experience the star hours of gambling. It may be the most famous developer of Casino software on the web.

But also modern giants of igaming like Netent or Yggdrasil are no longer to think about the online gambling game. If you have never played Starburst ™, Aloha ™ or Vikings Go Berzerk ™, it will be high time. You will feel like in the casino of the future. Everything is polished here on high gloss and the profit amounts take astronomical heights. Also the classics of Novomatic or Merkur may not be missing in a very good casino. After all, we do not want to do without Book of Ra ™ and Double Triple Chance ™.

Casinos with the best software in 2021

The cream de la cream of online casinos can not be found in the rain even fans of LiveCasinos. The industry standard is from Evolution Gaming set, a transfer of livecasino games with real croupiers and authentic ambience specialized company. But also Netent and Extreme Live Gaming Are two brands that have prevailed in the LiveCasino segment. Discover all this in the online casino where you are gambling? If not we recommend you to take a look at our top casino list in which we present you the casinos with the best software.

The best casino games presented for you

So that you control directly towards the profit, we have some for you Casino games picked out not just fun, but also promise many and high earnings.

Playing cards in the casino

    ♠ the slot machine Starburst Everyone is a term. Not for nothing he has been one of the most popular slotgames throughout the online casino: the payout ratio is high, the extras ensures high profit amounts and the slot leaves the casino player all imaginable freedoms.

    Since Starburst is available in most casinos, you could easily implement your bonuses here in the casino, which is perfect for the starburst perfect.

    Blackjack is another game that you have to play again and again. If you know the right strategy (we introduce you to our guidebook), higher amounts are expected than every other game. For this purpose, it is available in LiveCasino, where you feel the real casino atmosphere.

    Roulette games may not be missing, but you should refrain from the American version with the double zero. This reduces their chances to win clearly and doubles the house advantage. A situation that you deal with the Francing Peaniant Roulette. Make it on James Bond style and put everything on red - it's actually a formidable strategic train.

Those who have apart from high jackpots are in the OnlineCasino in USA golden. Here is always always slotgames with huge jackpots, especially the Mega Fortune Slot and Mega Moolah. Although it is not easy to crack these jackpots, but if you make it, you never have to work again only a single second. Unless they split the money and act too much a pair of a ticket.

Laise well prepared!

Online casino on mobile tang

The most important online info is that you as a casino player sooner or later can become high scooter, If you have a bit struggling. Often, new beginners do not think long-term enough, but are on the rapid success. But gambling is a long-term discipline in which a rigid persistence pays off. So it manages almost every geller to become VIP player or high scooter, which is seriously trying for a long time. Just try it and you will see it's worth it.

We therefore recommend you from the beginning in a good online casino to gamble and nothing to be left to chance. Get a good bonus in a Best OnlineCasino US, which you discover on the Web (we have all tested them). Make sure you choose the right games and keep you cool head. In our guide there are all the information you need for it, Casinotests with exclusive bonus offers, about rules and instructions, to tangible strategic tips and Casino tricks.

The truth is that many, who pay attention to these points, win very quickly, Although they did not expect. But we are known for our critical, almost pessimistic species and therefore will never make you too many hopes (even if they were justified). Fact is, in online casino, your thirst will not be bounded after win.

Attention: There have been lately lately, which have won several thousands of francs already on the first evening with small amounts. If you should not win aerial, you should not be discouraged. On an eventful week and many prices!

Latest news about: Online Casino USA:

  • 01.01.2021: Money Game Concordat (GSK) enters into force:

    This entry into force is replaced by the intercantonal agreement on the supervision and the approval and income use of Intercantonal or Total US Lotteries and Bets (IVLW). All 26 cantons have joined the money game concorder. At the constituent assembly of 11. January 2021 the committees are ordered and the regulations adopted.

  • 23.06.2020: US online casino players receive unwanted payment surprise:

    A software error was responsible, which led to some of the online gambling customers of Grand Casino Baden without her knowledge accidentally five-digit negative balances and debts generated.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the online casino in USA

Are casino games taxable in US online casinos?

Up to 1 million euros are all games tax-free if the money was won in online casino. Everything about it has to be taxed. We recommend that you complete a tax advisor if you are really lucky and win a lot of money. At little win, you do not have to worry. Gain large sums several times a year, it depends on the total.

May Germans or Austrians play in the US Casino?

No, in USA, only US customers may register in online casino. All others are not allowed to play there. Conversely, US can only play in USA. There is still a gray zone because not every casino holds out, but you have to get it soon. The commissions strongly control whether the platforms violate the rules. In Germany there will be 2021 own casinos and in Austria there is already online Casino Win2day. For everyone there are suitable offers. So do not have to go out empty.

Are those casinos illegal who do not have a US license?

There are some online scasinos that with .end. But this does not automatically mean that it is a US casino. You should definitely look closely what license is valid. If you think of the casinos we presented you in this article under the US casinos, you should not have any problems. Just play in USA and you definitely play legally.