US Casinos Schaffhausen: Fun + Entertainment in one place

The most important data at a glance

address Herrenacker 7
city Schaffhausen
Postal code 8200
E-mail info.Schaffhausen @ Scgroup.chest
phone +41 52 630 30 30
Homepage www.UScasinos.CH / Schaffhausen

US Casinos Schaffhausen is part of the US Casinos Group. Also belong the casino in Pfäffikon, St. Gallen and Zurich. US Casinos Schaffhausen offers its players in the field of Gamebanks An extensive offer and the possibility to win in the best entertainment. With a little luck of course.

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently, all US casinos are closed - also US Casinos Schaffhausen. An opening is of course planned as soon as possible. Until then, we can only be based on the offers and guidelines before the closure. US Casinos Schaffhausen has a concession B.

The casino is located in one Building complex, which is completely designed for entertainment. There are several areas that guests can visit - even independent of the casino. Of course, the land-based Cencupy Schaffhausen forms the heart of the entertainment offer, but through the many possibilities, the experience becomes more attractive only. In the building also regular events are organized, which are accessible to the public.

Admission is free. Who wants to play in the casino, only has to pay for the gambling itself. Depending on what game you decide, apply Various opening hours. How these will look like after the reopening, previously unclear. However, it is very similar in almost all casinos. Namely slot machines are usually always usable and table games like roulette have extra opening hours - because here dealers or. Croupiers are needed.

Everyone can enter from 18 years. For this it is important that you have the ID card. Because without control of the ID you can not enter the casino. So it wants to make the US law and US Casinos Schaffhausen punishable if the rules did not follow.

The casino has one Smoking area in the 1. floor. There are also slot machines, so it will not be boring for smoking. Incidentally, there is also one Wardrobe, all the guests also free to be able to use. Note that you should not take umbrellas and big bags in the casino. You can simply add them to the wardrobe.

US Casinos Schaffhausen also has a small one Dress code. At least visitors should make sure that they appear in well-kept clothes. But also belongs that no sunglasses, hats, snowshoes or provocative clothes are worn. Of course you should not arrive in the dirty clothes.

From Friday to Saturday you can from 17.30h the Gatsby Bar enjoy the casino. There is every Friday and Saturday even an exclusive burger deal! In the Gatsby bar, however, private events can also be organized, for example. Christmas party, meetings, seminars, workshops or other parties. Just contact the Gatsby staff team for booking.

Game offer

The game offer from US Casinos Schaffhausen is very overwhelming. On the website of the casino you can even Advertising video to the games see. There the rules are explained and how to get into the race as a bloody beginner.

Overall, US Casinos offers Schaffhausen 116 slot machines. These are state-of-the-art slot machines. Of course, these work all randomly - behind each combination is a algorithm. And start it can already be done with a use of 1 rappen. You can choose between different games at the slot machines. Just consider the Minumation of 1 rapping and maximum use of 25 US.

In addition to the many slot machines with the best slots, there is also a semi-automatic roulette system with a total of eight terminals. That has the advantage that roulette can be played at any time.

Of course, there is also a selection of table games, for all those who do not feel like playing at slot machines. On the website of the US Casinos there is even an overview with the rules of roulette and co.

From Thursday to Saturday evening you can play every week at the so-called "Fun Tables" of the Gatsby Bar. You have to go to the 2. Upper floor and can play with a minimum use of 1 US. This allows you to join US Casinos Schaffhausen to participate in one of the smallest missions in USA at table games. Incidentally, Blackjack is already available from 2 US and roulette also from 1 US.

There are 3 American roulette tables in the non-smoking area. And another table in the Gatsby Bar. In addition, the multiplete system that can be played without a dealer. American Roulette you can Monday to Saturday from 16 o'clock play, Sunday from 15 o'clock and multiplete every day from 12 o'clock. The minimum inserts differ, depending on what table you decide.

There are also 2 blackjack tables in the non-smoking area and another in the Gatsby Bar. Again, the minimum use differs - depending on where and at which table you play. Every day you can Play from 16 o'clock blackjack, Except Sundays, there it is already possible from 15 o'clock.

For the poker fans is also taken care of. At least there is an Ultimate Texas Hold'em table. There are even a jackpot from Thursday to Sunday. Monday to Wednesday poker is only offered on request.


So close to the German border, US Casinos Schaffhausen is even far from Stuttgart or Munich.

The land-based casino can be easily achieved via the highway. For all visitors arriving by car, there are even parking on the grounds of the casino. These are free.

Of course, you can also choose the environmentally friendly variant and the Arrival by train deny. The US train offers a lot of connections to the train station in Schaffhausen. Depending on which direction you come, you can find out about the website or about the search engine.

The online casino: Online.UScasinos.chest

If you want to use the online casino of US US Casinos, you can use the URL or Online.UScasinos.chest. Currently are all US casinos - in Zurich, St. Gallen, Pfäffikon and also Schaffhausen - closed. That's why the online offer is a perfect alternative.

News advertising online UScasinos with the new poker offer on the Internet. There is even a separate area on the website of the online casinos - and a separate bonus.

Overall, online USCasinos is worthwhile for US players. In view of the license situation for gambling in USA, it is not easy to find a suitable and reputable provider. With its online offer, US Casinos therefore represents a great alternative, of course completely legal is.

Choice of play

the Choice of play is quite manageable. Nevertheless, there are a few great opportunities to try the best games and machines. The special feature of online UScasinos is that you First test all slot machines as a demo game can. So you do not have to deposit any money and can play anyway.

The games and slot machines can be filtered. There are various categories, such as "New Games", Rappen Slots "or" High Roller ".

Players also have the possibility to filter games for software providers. With online USCasinos you can Choose between GreenTube, Isoftbet, Playtech, Red Tiger and Fazi.

In addition to a large selection of slot machines, there are also table games. The can be found on the website in a separate category. There are games like blackjack, roulette and poker available. On some tables, there is even a jackpot.

In addition, there is also a live casino and a completely own area for poker. In addition, players can participate in various tournaments.

Offers and Promotions

For the first three deposits you can each one Bonus of up to 250 US obtain. For this you only have to make a deposit and accept the bonus. For the first deposit, there are even 10 free spells on 5 days in a row.

But there are also other offers and promotions at online UScasinos. For example, a special poker reload bonus is available.

Without having to do anything, you can get alone for the registration 10 free spins and 5 so-called "golden chips".


A registration is really easy and done quickly. Once you are on the website of the online casinos, just click on "Register". For a registration, however, you should read the conditions, because you need a residence or address in USA. Players from Germany or Austria can not play here.

If you have completed all mandatory fields for registration, it can start directly. Your registration will be confirmed and you can start.

Customer service and general information

You can contact the customer service via the website of the online casinos. There are employees for their personal Questions via live chat to disposal.

If you have general requests or inquiries, you may be answers possibly. Also in the FAQ's on the website Find. There, the most frequently asked questions are answered, so that a contact sometimes is unnecessary.

Generally, the complete Customer contact very satisfactory. Even if you close the live chat, a lot of fun in the online casino is desired again. In addition, the website is transparent and answers all questions that could have a player. Also read the Casino Renzension for on-line.UScasinos.herself.