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That probably most popular game Device: the slot machine (or single-armed bandit, slot or fruit automatic!) is a machine in which coins are dropped into a slot and activated by a lever or button three or more marked roles. These are equipped with different symbols and paylines. Traditionally used symbols are: stars, cards, bars, numbers (7 is a favorite), various illustrated fruits - cherries, plums, oranges, lemons and watermelons - as well as the word jackpot.

There are huge selections to slots!

What is a slot machine? And what do you have to pay attention?

A slot machine is a gambling device that was previously set up especially in gambling halls or bars. There are now a whole range of offers online that enable you to use slot machines on the Internet. Before you use slot machines on the Internet, you should at least deal with the provider more accurately.

The term slot machine was originally used for vending machines, but referred to the 20. Century almost exclusively on gambling devices. The first money-operated gaming machines in the US come from the 1880s, although it was actually just novelties - for example, two toy horses, which race after the introduction of a coin in the machine race - and not direct players. These devices were set up at a bar in a salon or a similar device and betrayed competitions between the customers. For most machines, the owner paid the customers with drinks or cigars or sometimes in the form of trade checks (specially embossed metal brands), which could be exchanged for refreshments. In 1888 there were machines that paid coins. Please note:

  • Find out about the profit payments: There are several slot machines and of course different providers on the Internet, which provide you different slots. As a rule, this information is made available to you, but you can learn about relevant pages and other players which machines percentage more and better than other slots.
  • Sit limits when playing: You should be superior before playing how much money you want to spend maximum and lose in the worst case. If you are doing, you can simply continue playing if you win and listen to if you have reached your loss limit.
  • Plan the long term while playing: Share your gaming experience. If you are planning a holiday in a casino city, then consider how many days you want to play in the casino. Then share your budget on the days, so you have a daily use for every day. In this way, you can better control your loss limit and keep an eye on.
  • Secure yourself: Especially if you have not yet played on slot machines, you will be wondering how fast you can lose your money. Again and again it happens to players that they have spent more money than they really wanted. That's why you should only take the planned amount of money and do things like your credit card rather at home. In addition, you should not go into the casinos alone, because so you can also stick each other to spend more money than you originally planned. Last but not least, you should first prefer coins instead of seems.
  • Do not give your profits: Even if you win, you should not use this money again. Instead, you should only play with your money brought, because so you can always take something home at the end of the day and do not go empty.
  • Become a member of the casino: You can also choose an online casino where you only have to create an account and then can play at any time. Before you sign up, you can also compare the advantages and offers and see which providers best fit them.

Overall, it always makes sense to cope with a suitable strategy and follow it. This also includes that you choose the right vending machine and ideally play with the maximum set. You could also decide the slots to choose with the smallest jackpots. In this way, the likelihood of cracking a jackpot as if you would play on other machines.

In general, it is of course important that you understand the slot machines, thus familiarize yourself with the symbols, paylines and special features. In some online casinos will give you the opportunity to test some games for free Before you need to deposit.

How to work slot machines in the casino and what is an RTP?

Slot machines in the online casino function with the help of a random generator, which is controlled via an algorithm. This ensures that all players have the same chance. - The average of these payouts is also referred to as RTP and often specified by the casinos.

RTP is an abbreviation and stands for the English term "Return to Player" (Translated: Back to Player). With an RTP rate, the percentage is given, which the player retains average as a winnings at the machine. In German one could therefore also say withdrawal probability.

RTP rates vary

From machines to automation and manufacturers to manufacturers, the RTP rates are different and can also vary widely. But that also means that you can potentially achieve higher gains if you know which slots has the highest RTP rates.

An average RTP rate on a slot in the online casino is between 80% and 99%. But that does not mean that you can also get back for every euro you deposit exactly 80-99 cent. Because this value is only valid in the long term and so the profit and loss ratio can naturally fluctuate down or above per mission.

Best RTP rates

So before you start playing, it makes sense to inform yourself about the slot machines, the manufacturers and the payout rates. But that does not automatically mean that they should only play games with the highest RTP rates, they should only be aware of this. Because the well-known Jackpot Slot Mega Moolah also has "only" a payout rate of 88% and has already brought a great profit so many people. From large jackpots on the video poker, on the other hand, we have not heard much yet, although you can find the highest RTP rate with 99.9% here.

When willing slot machines best?

Incidentally, many players still think they should not play at any machine that has just paid out. In connection with the question: when willing slot machines best? If you know that is independent of whether a slot has just paid or not. The whole system, whether in the land-based casino or on the internet, is 100% random and it does not matter which slot you play or how many times it has already paid out.

In order for a slot machine to be admitted, it must consist of a number of tests. This also includes that all slots work with a random order based on algorithm. Incidentally, the same applies to machines in gambling halls, where the prejudice is still rendered that slots better pay off if they were not emptied for a long time.

There are a lot of strategies that allegedly help players in online casino or game banks even higher profits to achieve. However, it will never be possible to influence the algorithm - otherwise it would be no gambling more and even illegal.

Makes the number of paylines really the best slot machines?

The number of payments can influence the possibilities for a profit. The more paylines there are, the more combinations can have a player and thus has higher opportunities. Whether a slot machine with more paylines is better than one with fewer paylines, but is not a flat rate.

Paylets are the possible combinations of symbols that ultimately lead to a billing machine. They are therefore lines because they appear in a particular line, angle or pattern on the screen. There are straight, diagonal and zig-zack lines. In the meantime, there are also slots that do not follow directly a specific payline and instead are referred to as profit routes. Here then profits can also lead to payment via adjacent roles based on matching symbols.

Many players think that more paylines will automatically lead to higher profits. However, this is not quite as, because you can play two different machines with the exact same number of paylines and still do not have the same chance for a profit. The reason for this is that you can also determine the betting insert and the coin value per spin every game.

Fixed and adjustable paylines

There are solid and adjustable paylines, which also has a direct impact on the profits. In principle, you can already say that you have more opportunities for a profit if you have more paylines available. For most slot machines, however, a spin is more expensive, the more paylines you activate you. It usually does not matter if you play at a vending machine of Novoline or Mercury. In reverse, it also means that you can win more if you have a lucky spin!

In conclusion, you can already say that the paylines have an impact on the profits and the frequency of them. But it always depends on what you are looking for, because you can at least even big profits with fewer paylines, but less frequently. With more paylines, however, the opportunity will give you smaller amounts regularly. Ultimately, it is your decision as a player if you prefer to fast small profits, or slow big profits.

These online casinos are loved by many hot!

Why does not it care about what time you play slot machines online?

Many players do not want to believe that the distribution of profits actually only randomly based. Therefore, there are many articles and counselors offering strategies that allegedly lead to faster or higher profits. Ultimately, however, it does not matter which time you play at a machine - random principle is always based on the exact same algorithm.

There are a number of theories to gain better chances at certain times at a slot machine. We had already mentioned it, because many players do not want to play at a machine that has previously paid a profit. Especially in the land-based casino you also talked about a "hot machines", ie a slot, which offers a higher probability of a payout. This claim therefore came that nobody has already won at the machine for a long time.

The best time to play

There are also many players who develop whole strategies when the best time is to play and how they should play. This is often said that you should deposit less at the beginning of the slot and then over time increase the inserts. In this way, you would be able to win in the long term and probably even crack a jackpot. But that's naturally nonsense, because you can also win if someone has just won the same machine before you. Of course, it does not matter whether you play online or inland casino.

Why can a slot machine will not be manipulated, no matter what strategy?

At the risk of repeating that again and again: all slot machines work with a random principle. Behind every machine is an algorithm that comes with each spin for use. It does not matter which strategy a player would apply, the exit is always random.

We have already mentioned that it does not matter what time you play at a machine. Whether in land-based casino or online, all slot machines and slots are based on absolute coincidence. There are algorithms that are applied to pay out profits. These algorithms are fair and equal to each player and can not be changed in the middle of the game. Nevertheless, there is a huge industry on tricks that will allegedly help you to win more in the casino than other players.

Better opportunities for individuals would be dubious

They should always be superior to how serious a casino would be if it would actually treat some players preferably. Of course, you can save some money with skillful inserts, but in the long run you can not win much more, just because they have applied one of these strategies. Online every casino must have a license and these licenses are awarded exclusively to providers who are serious and just pay. It would be preferred or disadvantaged against each gambling law player!

Anyone who has ever played at a slot machine but knows that it often looks like it would not go with right things. That is, above all, that is not always and in every round free games or at least think less than other players. Often it was might also coincidence that only several rounds in succession has worked a certain strategy and recovered it again and again. But it is also luck and not a functioning calculation of winning.

Play must be fun

So let's blurt and play because you have fun. Plan your missions and do not expect to win every round! You will not be able to outline a slot or slot machine and anyone who claims that claims. Gambling does not mean for no reason gambling and somehow it would also be a pity if it would no longer be about the fun of chance, but to calculate different possibilities. Because who wants that, can simply decide for a game like poker or blackjack.

Why can you not play as soon as possible in USA slot machines?

The trend has been clearly imaged in recent years, because most play enthusiasts have now moved in online casinos. Hardly anyone still goes into gambling halls and that also changes the complete use and handling of slot machines.

In the past, most people have visited a land-based casino when they have played. There they usually signed a membership and could come by at any time to play. There are several machines available in the game room, which you can freely choose. Especially classic Novomatic games were particularly popular here. Whether online or in the land-based casino, of course, as today the question is the question: which slot machines pay best?

Game hall or online casino

Unlike in the online casino, you will receive any extra bonuses or free spins for different slots. Basically, you can actually only play with your own, real paid-in money and also win. It is relatively no matter how much you lose and win, the casino will not accept any liability for it and not compensate them. In the online casino, on the other hand, you can use regularly with actions, offers and promotions that will be informed about e mail newsletter. Often you can also contact the online provider after high losses and ask for a bonus. Often you will also receive one, if you really lost a lot.

Even if many suspect the opposite, they are a little safer in the online casino than in the land-based casino when it comes to their losses. If you have mentioned once you want to close your account because you no longer feel comfortable in the online casino and the provider does not include your account, you even have the opportunity to demand your losses back. In the land-based casino you may receive a maximum of a few tips on how to handle your missions, win and losses in the future better.

Whether online or land-based, however, it is obligation to sign up for every playing and depositing his personal data. If you might still have the opportunity to play completely anonymously and enter a game room, that's no longer possible. The reason for this are tight gambling laws to serve the protection of the players.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

With a progressive jackpot slot, players have the opportunity to win more than on a conventional machine. In general, all players pay in a common pot and a happy winner, at the end, will receive all the missions in the form of a jackpot profit.

As a progressive jackpot, it is called a win that is increased every time a player plays without cracking the jackpot. Once the jackpot has been recovered, it will then be reset to a certain value again and increases according to the same principle. Many lotteries and online casinos offer progressive jackpots and so every time the jackpot has not been won another lot of money is transferred for the next draw on the jackpot (especially when we go out from the lottery; in slot machines are often waiting just until the Jackpot is cracked).

The jackpot increases with each game played for a small amount. How much the jackpot is growing, the casino decides itself and can thereby vary from provider to provider. However, if you decide for a game with a progressive jackpot, then you will usually see the current height of the jackpot.

So you win the jackpot

Usually, a Progressive Jackpot is only offered players who choose the peak rate per spin. However, all the inserts (maximum or not) to fill the jackpot pot. The jackpot can only be cracked by winning with combinations, such as a royal flush in the video poker or five of the mostly paying symbols on a slot machine.

As for all other games in the casino, too, here is that you have no influence on the payment of the jackpot. Indirectly take effect on the amount of the jackpot because they use a certain sum of money, but they can not do anything that would promise a profit. Manipulating the distributions is therefore not possible here.

Which ones are the top 5 slot machines in the online casino?

Top slots are games that are particularly well known and used by many players. In the online casino, there are 5 vending machines that we want to imagine.

Basically, you have to distinguish naturally, because in the land-based casino there are other top games than on the internet. However, some classics have remained the same and still available in online casinos. But well-known slot machine manufacturers, such as Bally Wullf, of course, do not play a role online, which was dependent in land-based casinos of such. Nevertheless, we have put together an overview of the most famous, most popular and best slot machines on the market:

  • 1. Book of Ra: The game comes from Novomatic and has been an absolute classic since the beginning of the slot machines. Whether online or in the land-based casino, everyone knows the game and probably already played it once. The classic design, the distribution of rolls, rows and paylines makes it easy to play all players. Online casinos that Book of Ra can offer today have a great advantage over other casinos.
  • 2. Mega moolah: The microgaming slot has become really known online. The slot machine was several times in the media because he made a number of players on millionaires. It is a progressive jackpot slot, which is not resistant, but high profits pay.
  • 3. Lucky Lady's CharmAnother Novomatic Slot is Lucky Lady's Charm, which belongs to the absolute classic in many casinos. But even this machine was already found in land-based casinos and is therefore also a term for players of the old school and always worth an adventure.
  • 4. Mega Fortune: The slot machine was launched by Netent and is also a progressive jackpot slot. Similar to Mega Moolah, the machine was always in the news, because incredibly high gains were achieved.
  • 5. Sizzling hot: Another NOVOMATIC slot on our list is Sizzling Hot. If we have previously talked about classics, then no slot is so classic like this. Many players think of slot machines and casino to the fruit slots and not infrequently also to Sizzling Hot. The machine is exactly what many associate playing in the casino and thus an Evergreen of the lucky landscape.

Of course there are other slots and slot machines that are really worthwhile, we have only given you an overview of the most famous and best. But you will quickly find that every year new games appear and thus you have the opportunity to discover new games again. Certainly you will find no machine more like the Liberty Bell, but newer versions of providers such as Netent, Microgaming, Endorphina, Play N 'Go and other well-known names.

Where you can use Casino Roulette or other table games online?

In most online casinos there is a fairly wide range of different games. This means, for example, that players can usually use table and card games in addition to machines.

Before choosing an online casino, you should definitely ensure that the offer and choice of choice fulfill your own expectations. There are by a number of providers who focus primarily on slot machines and offer only various slots.

Many online casinos have next to the vending machines but also other offers. This usually also includes a smaller or larger selection of table and card games. For many casinos players have the opportunity to choose between different versions and play with different minimum inserts.

Roulette is particularly popular

Roulette is popular as a game in the casino, because it is a game that does not follow many rules and can be understood quickly from everyone. Nevertheless, roulette is already quasi-tradition in every casino and is therefore also provided.

Some online casinos also have a live casino in which roulette is mostly offered. Here players can play with a real live dealer and see how the ball rolls, lands and who wins.

Where you can sign up as roulette professional to play under the best conditions?

As roulette professional, you can always play with every online casino that provides a roulette offer. The advantage as a professional, however, is that you probably will not be disturbed at high minimum payments.

For professionals, there are often special offers in the casinos. Partially, you can also use special websites if you want to do without the benefit of machines anyway.

If you log in to a regular online casino, you should pay attention to whether there is any restriction for professional players.

FAQ - most frequently asked questions

Especially when using online offers, you should ensure that there are no open questions. Many online casinos therefore provide an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

Where you can use the best slots as a US?

To find a suitable casino, it is important that you choose a reputable and legal provider. In USA there is the Casino 777 and MyCasino, which have a great choice of choice as well as the necessary licenses.

How long does it take to get a pro?

To be considered as a professional in the online casino, you do not only have to win regularly, but also generally know about playing and gambling. Even if there are no effective strategies for slots, you can still be a pro, because you know exactly which software works like.

Online casinos in USA are serious?

Through the national regulation of casinos and gambling in USA, players are particularly well protected. The reason for this is that really only the providers receive a license that fulfill all requirements of the state. A dubious online casino has no chance in USA.

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