Casino Montreux: Playing in the US casino

The most important data at a glance

address Rue du Théâtre 9
city Montreux
Postal code 1820
E-mail Casinomontraux @
phone +41 21 962 83 83
Homepage barrier.COM / FR / Montreux.HTML

The Casino Montreux is located near Lake Geneva. Many visitors attract the area annually and above all because of the mild climate in summer and high mountains with breathtaking views. Montreux is also known as the music city, because already in 19. In the century numerous concerts were organized here. And even the Casino Montreux has existed since the end of 1800 - but the Game bench Due to the steadily changed legal situation long closed.

Opening hours and etiquette

At the moment, unfortunately, the Casino Montreux must remain closed. On the website you can find a number of information, but there is currently no information when the casino will open. So we can only orient ourselves at the opening hours that were at the closure. Which measures are used in the future for the security of the general public is the sole decision of the authorities.

The Casino Montreux has one Concession A the US authority.

Before the Casino had to close Montreux, there were permanent opening hours. from Monday to Thursday could the casino from 11pm to 3 o'clock be visited. At Friday and Saturday, visitors could even from 11pm to 5 o'clock to play.

If you are planning a visit to the US Casino, you absolutely check the individual information of the casino in relation to the opening hours.

Who wants to play in the Casino Montreux, must show a badge. Because all players have to at least 18 years old be. On your first visit you have to register and then get a membership card. In this way, you can leave your ID card at home for future visits and enter the membership card. Note that foreigners are welcome (unlike the US online casinos). However, you can not occur if you were locked at a casino because of striking game behavior.

There is in Casino Montreux no dress code. At least no one requires you to come from you in the suit and tie or evening dress. However, the casino attaches value to a well maintained appearance. This includes paying attention to do not wear torn pants or T-shirts. It is also greeted if you give hats, jackets and big pockets when entering the wardrobe.

Who does not just want to play, can also visit the restaurants and the bar.

On the one hand you will find the Restaurant Fouquets Montreux and the restaurant Le Saxo Beach. In both restaurants you will find a great selection of best food and drinks, all rated several stars. Of course you can also eat completely independently of a visit to the casino in the restaurant.

Who wants a drink between the games, can this in the Bar L'Escadrille receive. There are various cocktails and drinks.

Incidentally, Montreux is also a spa and various hotels. So if you want to book a room in a hotel, will find a large selection. So you have the opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful place in the canton of Vaud.

Game offer

In Casino Montreux, guests will find a whole range of different games. There is a lot to see for the fans of slot machines, because the casino offers 385 slots with a wide variety of games and paylines.

The Casino Montreux relies on state-of-the-art machines. These all work through an algorithm that always determines the winners of the games. Thus, all players have the same winning opportunities at any time. In addition to the slot games, there are also the machines in the Casino Montreux Video Poker and Electric Roulette.

At the slot machines you can also play with small inserts. So for every player something is.

For those who rather orient themselves on the table games, is also taken care of. In the Casino Montreux there is whole 23 different tables. Among them are, for example, tables for English roulette, French roulette, blackjack, poker and also boule. In terms of poker is especially Texas Hold'em on the program. Who wants to polish his Pokerskills a bit before, finds the most important rules and a few tips on the Casinos website.


If you want to visit the Casino Montreux, there are different possibilities. If you want to arrive by car, you can best About the A9 motorway - take the exit Montreux here. Then you just have to follow the signs and get without problems on the grounds of the casino. Anyone who comes from Geneva can expect a car from about one hour. From Zurich you need about 2 hours.

If you fly, then you can get on the Zurich Airport or Geneva land. From the airport you can continue by bus or train. At both airports you also have the opportunity to rent a car.

For arrival by public transport, take the Line 201 and get off at the stop Montreux Casino. The ferry can also reach the casino from Geneva or Lausanne. On the Internet you can find additional information and easily reach the casino over water.

In the area of Casinos Montreux are you Various parking to disposal. If you should stay in a hotel, it's worth taking a taxi to the casino. So you do not have to hold back at the bar.

The online casino

The Casino Montreux has No own online casino. Currently we do not know whether the provider has requested an online license. Because since 2019 only online casinos can operate with an extra US license. This also means that only US players are allowed to play in the online casinos of USA. In order for a casino to operate online, these providers must operate a land-based casino. This ensures that foreign and dubious casinos are banished from the internet.

As a US, you still have a good selection of different casinos on the Internet. On our pages you can find a lot of reviews about various casinos. Get an overview and decide for yourself where you want to play. If you have questions or be unsure, you can also consult the customer service of the various online casinos at any time.

Currently you can not play in USA in any country-based casino. Instead, during this time, we must resort to the online offers of the providers. So train online first and strengthen your strategies. Because especially at Casino Montreux we look forward to poker tournaments and a number of other exciting events.