Casino Courrendlin: Game fun and relaxation

The most important data at a glance

address Sur Haute Rive 1
city Courfriend
Postal code 2830
phone +41 32 436 10 80
Homepage barrier.COM / FR / COURRENDLIN.HTML

The Casino Courrendlin is also called Casino Barrière. It is located in the French-speaking part of USA - anyway, the website of the Game bench Also available in English. Anyone who wants to experience a little more in addition to the large casino offer can also dine in the restaurant of the house or order a drink at the casino bar. In the Casino Courrendlin is ensured for an all-encompassing experience.

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently, the Casino Courrendlin must remain closed. When exactly the land-based casino can be reopened, is still unclear. Nevertheless, there are many interesting things to discover about the casino. Once the casino is reopened, you can benefit from the many possibilities and the big game offering of the casino.

Casino Barrière is a group of several casinos that are in different locations. Overall, the group has 33 different establishments.

Who decides to play in the Casino Courrendlin, which can do that without problems. Of course you have to over 18 years old be. Admission is completely free and you can use all games and offers at will.

There is not really a dresscode in the Casino Courrendlin. However, you have to stick to a few restrictions. Because the casino wants No guests welcome in floating things or short pants. A classic outfit is completely fine - it definitely does not have to be the expensive evening dress!

To be able to play, you absolutely have to Bring card. Because this will create a member card and for future visiting you only have to show the card.

The Casino Courrendlin offers a whole range of different slot machines. But also table games are among the offers of the casino. Unfortunately there is No detailed information on the opening hours the arcade. Experience shows that you can use the table games like roulette, poker, blackjack and co but only in the evening. The reason for this is that to play real live dealer or. Croupiers are needed.

Next to the casino experience there are also various other events and possibilities in the casino. You can enjoy Casino Barrière Courrendlin in the restaurant food. The restaurant has Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11.45h to 14 o'clock and 18 o'clock to 22.30h open. On Tuesday and Saturday the restaurant is after all from 18 o'clock to 22.30h open. And on Sunday you can.45h to 14 o'clock and again from 17.45UR to 21.7 o'clock in the restaurant Essen. On average, a court costs 24 US. The entire restaurant is room for a total of 60 guests. Incidentally, all in the restaurant can also be under 18 food.

In addition, the casino in Courrendlin also offers one Casino bar. This is open Sunday to Tuesday from 10pm to 9pm. On Friday, Saturday and public holidays, the bar is open from 10pm to 16 o'clock. The bar offers various beverage specialties and cocktails. At the bar one can also buy an "aperitif" package. This costs a total of 15 US and includes a glass of champagne and casino chips worth 10 US. If you do not want to drink anything, you can also order small snacks at the bar.

On the website you can also have some Book packages. These include, for example, drinks, eat something and casino chips. But beware: because the vouchers can currently be bought. However, they can not use them because the casino remains closed until further notice. In cooperation with the Grand Hotel you can also book a stay for several days.

Game offer

The Casino Courrendlin offers a wide selection of different games. On the website of the casinos you can even get an overview of the different possibilities in the casino before you visit.

There is one Whole series of different slot machines. These are in the scope and players can choose between a lot of various slots. The modern machines are all operated via an algorithm. This ensures that all players have the same winning opportunities. In addition, you can choose different games at the slot machines and do not have to change the slot machines for each game.

Who cracks the jackpot in the Casino Courrendlin, at which sounds a winning song and light effects. An anonymous winner is not here! The jackpot can be cracked at all slot machines that participate.

For all guests who do not feel like playing only at slot machines, there are also table games. On various tables, visitors to the casino have the possibility of games like Roulette, poker or blackjack to play. Details about the games and the rules are available directly on the website for free. These can be individually displayed for all games. Just make sure that the table games are not open automatically at any time as soon as the casino opens itself.

Overall, the Casino Barrière Courrendlin offers 119 slot machines, 9 video poker vending machines, 5 roulette tables (including 3 electronic), 2 blackjack tables, as well as a conventional poker table.


The Casino Courrendlin is pretty close to the French border in USA. It is located approximately in the middle between Bern and Basel.

who arrive Will, can drive over the modern highway. However, note that you then need to pay tolls. To make sure you arrive, you can also use a route planner on the internet.

Of course you also have the public transport to disposal. the Bus stop is called "Courrendlin, Casino". So you can take a bus from the station and drive almost directly in front of the door of the casino. Just note that there are fewer buses and tracks in the evening. So if you are planning a night at the casino, it can be worthwhile to stay at the hotel until the next morning.

Online Casino

The Casino Courrendlin currently does not operate its own online casino. It is also clear whether the provider has already requested an online license. Because to expand the casino on the internet, it requires an extra concession. However, these have already requested and receive many other gamebanks, so US players have quite alternatives.

Especially for US, it is not always easy to find a suitable online casino. This is because the license and laws for gambling 2019 have changed greatly in USA. Since then, only casinos licensed by the US authority can operate on the Internet. As a result, foreign providers in USA are no longer allowed to present their offer. At the same time, this also means for the currently available providers that these are exclusively available for US players. Alien players from other countries can not play in US online casinos.

Currently one can at least try his luck online and grind on the skills. As soon as the gates of the Casinos Courrendlin finally reopened, there are the tables and games in real to discover!