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congratulations! You have for the best Online Casino USA Guide for casino games decided. As a thank you to all readers, we have decided to create special rublers for all different casino games.

Of course, we have only commissioned the best editors - casino specialists who have known the world of online casinos for many years and who want to make their knowledge and advice easily understandable.

The most important thing at all: The online casino games

Some old casinoisms are still valid today, for example: a casino is always as good as the games that exist there. This is true both on the conventional gambling halls and on the modern online casinos. For this reason you will find here on this page a list of all the top casino games that can not be missing in any good online casino. Not only poker, roulette and blackjack are included, but also slot machines and one or the other really exotic-sounding casino game, from which you may have not heard yet. Whether still quite new or old: You definitely know this casino games if you go into an online casino!

In the short descriptions of the casino games you will discover links that lead directly to our detailed games categories. In our sections for each games you will find a lot of information so you are always up to date as soon as you start a game. We start every time the game rules. Because without the rules of the game it is impossible to understand a casino game correctly. Then follow the strategies with which you can win more money and a number of other articles about the player profiles, the best casinos for the appropriate casino game and many more articles on the topic.

So if you like to inform yourself and in search of interesting thing about casino games is offered here a good overview. In addition, at the end of the contribution, we will still discuss which online casinos offer the best casino games and why you should look for bonuses and free spins.

Casino games list

We highly recommend this online casinos!

Slot machine

Slot machines, also called slots, have developed in the age of the Internet to one of the most popular type of casino game, which exceed the other games numerically. For many players, the selection of slots in an online casino is the crucial criterion, as these casino games are most commonly played, and it seems like the slot machines Slot machine Win more followers every day.

But slot is not the same slot - there are different subspecies. These are the most important:

  • Fruit: The classics in retro look, such as Sizzling Hot and Sizzling Hot Deluxe from Novoline.
  • Normal jackpot slots: With happiness and certain profit combination of symbols or profit in a bonus round, a jackpot can be won.
  • Progressive Jackpot Slots: Invested by microgaming, games with progressive jackpot have long become super hits like Mega Moolah, for example. From any real money, which is made somewhere in such a game, a part flows into a casino overarching jackpot, which can achieve dizzying heights.
  • Megaways slots: invented by Big Time Gaming, this type of slot has at least six rollers and the trick is that every turn can change the number of symbols per roll. Thus, the number of profit possibilities is increasing extremely. Therefore, the name Megaways.
  • Franchise slots, Which topics are picked up from the "Popular Culture", for example of blockbuster films and video games. Examples: Lara Croft, Bridesmaids, Game of Thrones, Iron Man.

However, a feature always remains the same: everything revolves around the symbols that are on the rollers. These types of symbol are common:

  • Standard symbols inspired by game maps: from 1 to 9 as well as K, Q, J and A standing for king, lady joker and ass
  • Wild symbols: A wild symbol is welcome because it can replace other symbols and complete profit lines
  • Scatter symbols: Usually free games or bonus function are triggered when you have two or more scatter symbols on the rollers
  • Retro symbols: In the old times, seven, bells, diamonds or bar symbols announced particularly thick profits
  • Retro fruit icons: Cherries, oranges, melons, lemons, grapes. Billow from the time a hundred years ago, when one could win on the slots instead of real money still sweets in different flavors.
  • Bonus icon: This triggers a bonus function as the name already can be guzzled.

Not every slot imagines all these symbols, and everyone they are different designed. These designs can be as artificially as varied and usually hang up with the subject. Motto of the slot machine together. For this reason, no slot game looks like the other, which probably also makes the great charm of these games.

In order not to lose the overview of the thousands of existing online casino slot machines, we have a small list of Top Games here. These names are really famous in the gaming industry and all slots of these manufacturers are considered excellent. In brackets behind the names of the Casino Games software developer we call some of your top slot machines Hits.

  • Microgaming (Mega Moolah, Agent Jane Blonde, Immortal Romance)
  • Net (Mega Fortune, Starburst, Gonzo's Quest)
  • PlayTech (Wings of Gold, Age of the Gods)
  • Yggdrasil (Valley of the Gods, Piggy Riches Megaways)
  • Mercury (Gold of Persia, Double Triple Chance, Jokers Cap)
  • Pragmatic Play (Wolf Gold, Madame Destiny)
  • Red Tiger (Golden Leprechaun Megaways)
  • PLAY'N'GO (Book of Dead, Bell of Fortune)
  • Novoline (Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Dolphin's Pearl)


Although the slot machines today take the largest share of the online casino stage, there are of course other, more classic means and ways to multiply the money of a deposit with a happy player hand. Who does not just want to randomly random, but also likes to take the fate in my own hands, can do that with blackjack.

This is certainly one of the favorite games of the terrestrial casino players, but nowadays it has Blackjack Play on the internet most fans. Because in the online casinos you will guarantee blackjack game tables in 2D or with a live croupier, which makes the casino game even more attractive.

The aim of blackjack is to achieve more points with at least two playing cards than the dealer, but not more than 21 points. That sounds easier than it's, but it's easy to put out over the 21!

There are two different ways to play blackjack:

  • As a software-based game: Virtual game, you play "against the computer", cards are distributed with the help of a random number generator. Often also available as a demo version and therefore excellent for practicing.
  • In the live casino: Real live dealers distribute to real felt tables The cards and players can participate in the events by Livestream, entertained by the Live Dealer and, if necessary, communicate by chat with the dealer and the teammates.


at roulette Is it without a doubt about one of the most symbolic casino games in the gamebanks. Without it would not be a real online casino. If you are looking for strong feelings, then the roulette is definitely the right game for you.

Together with blackjack, roulette is probably the most popular casino game in the live casino, which you can enjoy around the clock. Also, there are roulette in table play area. Play this free or directly with real money.

These three ways you should know:

  • American version: Instead of only one field with the zero, this variant still has an extra field with a double OUL, which is why the house advantage is minimally increased here.
  • French version: Without the double meter and with more advantageous house advantage, therefore usually played in the online casinos in the online casinos.
  • European version: Essentially just the same as the French version, except that everything is named in English instead of French. Instead of "Rien Ne VA Plus!"So it's called" No more Bets Pleease!".


Baccarat is finally the game that makes us happy with us, as you can use the services of the casinos to win money. Shah Baccarat directly online and try it out.

In Asia, this casino game is a huge hit, and in the top casinos of Macaau is supposed to be made almost 80% of all sales through the Baccarat player. Why you like this casino game in Asia and what else is to know, you will also find out in the Baccarat article.


Rubbellosis Know you guaranteed from the casino, you will also get in the online casino. There are different types of loose and on request they even play these for free. The best way to try different scratch cards until you find the ones you like.

Rubbellosis is a surprise - one that you do not have to wait long! Hardly a game runs faster and for that reason, rubbellosis are so popular with the players who are on instant winnings. Subbles can be found in an online casino is very easy! The game was invented only a few decades in America (is therefore still relatively new) and soon came to a successful approach around the world, where it is still an integral part of the kiosk games. When there was the first online casinos, the next step was inevitable: Rubbellosis were converted into software version, functioning by random number generator and can always be played everywhere and really simply in the online casino. Today, the players are tearing around this game and are constantly waiting for new products.


Video poker is a game mixing slot machines and poker. An attractive mixture! If you do not know this game yet, then you should try it quickly. You will find that you will soon be crazy about it.

Video Poker is particularly interesting for those players who are interested in the famous, right poker game, but do not stay directly at a table in the Live Casino and there want to put their hard-earned real money on the game. Poker is really a thinking and you should know what you do before you put money. With the help of video poker you can get to know the different variants of poker wonderfully relaxed, internalize the rules and meanings of the cards and play for free in demo mode, so as to practice in peace.


If you ask player before what game you are most scared, then many answer Craps . But apart from the rules that are not just easy to understand, the craps is a real casino game that will take you.

This game is not only easy and complicated at the same time, but also look back on a very, very long history of development - similar games with cubes should have given it thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt! So do not let yourself be fooled and taste them into craps, because there is a lot to learn to discover and probably also to win.


Bingo is something for everyone. If you have never played Bingo, then the time has come now. In our category about bingo Learn everything you need to know before you start your game. Take advantage of this offer now and you will find that Bingo offers you only benefits.

And at this point still a small, well-community appeal: Do not be stopped from the general image of the Bingo game! The game was specially known in the German-speaking area through certain television broadcasts as a kind of senior game. But it is certainly not that Bingo is just something for old people - on the contrary - as already mentioned, Bingo really means for everyone and great fun for all age groups. Swing over the prejudice and discover bingo for itself.


Keno is undoubtedly our favorite lottery game and it is also very appreciated by all other online players. To the Keno Is it possible to conquer a new target audience in the network. If you want to participate in this adventure, look at our special robber.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a game that we have recently discovered. There is the Sic Bo for several centuries. However, the game is not allowed in the terrestrial casinos. That's a pity, but one reason more to discover SIC Bo on our pages.

Casino was

In Casino she had to beat the dealer with his own weapons, so the better card! Play this fast game if you fancy an uncomplicated, fun card game. All important information about the rules, the history of the casino was and the best strategies can be found in our Casino was counselor!


Pontoon is the British variant of the "forest-fitting" has it in itself! Five Card trick, completely new payloads and the proven concept, as close as possible to the 21 to come close to the game table. In any case, inform yourself about the history, rules and strategy of the game, because then that is Pontoon Yours!

Three-Card Poker

At the Three Card Poker Everything goes for quick profits with an uncomplicated process. If you do not know it yet, you will be excited because the three main criteria are correct: simple rules, low house advantage and high payments.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is an intelligent card game with the well-known basics from the poker. If you want to experience how this game still offers a completely different feeling feeling, you have to Pai Gow Just watch poker. The basic idea is slightly different than ordinary poker variants, as they must make two hands here, which have to beat both hands of the dealer to win!

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean beaches and golden wealth await you at Caribbean Stud. The game with mythenum-danced past shines through its simplicity, but on the other hand, just enough choice of choice, to play players in which fun is in the foreground, to deliver some successful moments. At least we are from Caribbean Stud Poker enthusiastic.

You can also play casino games on the smartphone?

A question that now has many users. The casino games also work on the mobile phone? Well, we can not give a clear answer here because it arrives on the title. So much is betrayed. Newer games run all mobile. The providers know that many play on the tablet or mobile phone. Also use some Android as a computer operating system. That's why everything has to go on each platform without restriction

Older game titles, on the other hand, will not all be reprogrammed in HTML5. This does not necessarily mean that they do not work on the phone. But Flash is needed and you do not fit the screen. This fact does not just navigate that. It's better to focus on game titles that have a responsive design. If you download one app, please only get programs from the official stores or for renowned online casinos. In no case should you get any dubious apps where you do not know if it is contaminated with viruses. A virus scan definitely helps.

Mobile should not be older than 5 years old and have all updates so that this is fluid. The best way to play your wish game for free on the smartphone and test it. If everything works as expected, the change in real money mode is nothing in the way. We only recommend playing in a safe environment. Never pay money in public Wi-Fi, you should also go to play. Because you never know if not hackers are nearby. But there should be no problems at your own mobile mobile phone.

Why are some games not allowed in some countries?

Many players wonder why some games are banned in their own country. What reason has that? It always has licensing reasons why it does not exist one or the other. As a laie you know about it hard. Anyone who deals with the casino subles will soon know what we talk about here. Whether a casino, a casino game or a provider. Everything needs a license and these will only be awarded for specific countries!

Normally, we may play all the well-known tracks in USA. Merkur, however, is currently not playable there. This is because the provider was involved in allegedly illegal machinations. That's why the games were blocked. Meanwhile, there are some brands that recall the players, so Merkur fans can play their old classics yet. Similar scenario with novoline. In Germany, the games of this mega provider are also blocked. In Austria and USA Book of Ra is playable in any case.

If a casino game is not available in each country, this is usually displayed. It will be notified ala "The title is not available in your country". So you recognize directly that you can not play it. Few online casinos forgot this hint, it's a gray zone, as players can not know everything. But it can happen to you that funds will not be paid out in the end if you play in illegal games. That's why you should always check in advance whether everything meets the facts. In general, we only recommend you to play on pages that are really legal in your own country. Especially in USA, there are many discrepancies at the point. There are casinos on Malta offering for US casino games. Here, however, it is recommended to play directly in USA at US online casinos. There are no penalties, but you never know how the whole thing will develop.

You can play games through a proxy server?

This question is just as often asked by the Gamern and we can only say one thing. No, proxy servers are illegal. If you want to gamble a casino game about a proxy for free, you will probably get no problems. In the real money game, you should not risk this because the casinos usually require a badge and can trace everything back anyway if you want it.

So far, there are different opinions anyway, which affects playing in the online casino. May you play online in another country or not? Actually, it is forbidden, but if there is no limit, then this should not be a problem. Well, but if a proxy server is used, that's almost as if you were illegally entering a country. That's why we do not recommend it. Also, if sometimes goes well, in the cheapest trap only the winnings are gone, in the worst one can count on high fines or freedom access. We are not really informed about the penalties in such a case, but those can be hard. The casino business is strict and punishes those who do not think of anything. Who deals by a proxy, acts by hand. After all, it is known in the case that the casino does not allow players from country xy.

Is the possibility to test the casino games for free?

Of course there is a demo mode for most casino games so that you can watch the games in peace and without risk. Many online casinos offer free games, but also on the provider sites themselves are the casino games usually playable. If not there, waiting on the web still numerous other free pages where you can play for hours.

We always recommend playing directly with the official websites because they are the safest gamble. You must not forget that there are viruses on some free pages that you get on the PC. Pay attention to the fact that the homepage is SSL encrypted, has a privacy information and presented to AGB. Also, should you be careful that you do not have a subscription. Everywhere where free is on top, is usually a hack inside. That's why always check everything twice and triple. In legal online casinos, you definitely gamble safely and seriously.

Take advantage of the free games to try different tricks or to develop a strategy. Although not really intervene in a gambling machine. But it's still fun to keep the casino game a little under control. Try it out. What do you already have to lose?

This provider has convinced us especially:

Playing Casino online - best with bonus!

Now we absolutely want to remind you that there is a very decisive and profitable advantage in the online casinos, with the terrestrial gambling halls just can not keep up: bonuses and free spins!

No matter what Casino game you have decided, it is always a good idea to play with a bonus. So you not only play so to speak for free and does not set your own money to the game, but you can (unlike gambling in the demo version) also really and actually gain real money. You should not miss these opportunities.

There are also more frequent actions that were developed for special casino games. If casino games are released in the online casinos, there are usually also bonus actions to play these games. These can look like this:

  • Welcome bonus
  • Free games (especially popular with slot machines)
  • Bonus coupled to a deposit
  • Bonus without deposit
  • Real money bonus - So without bonus or sales conditions
  • Tournaments
  • Raffle
  • Prizes
  • Cashback Deals

The shapes are as different as the casino games themselves. You just have to be fast enough to miss the action. It is generally worthwhile to subscribe to the newsletter of an online casino. Always when a game or bonus offer comes new, you learn it directly.

A must for every top online casino is of course the welcome bonus for new customers. Here every customer who has not made a deposit can dust a juicy bonus. However, you can only use this once before you open an account. Please keep in mind before gaming.

Also pay attention to players the fact that for a bonus offer in the online casino apply as well as always sales conditions. It is important to inform oneself about the conditions that you have to fulfill if you want to fully pay out a bonus, several bonuses or even the profits achieved by freelays in the end. The conditions can always be found on the website of the online casinos - either you are directly at the bonus offer with it, or you are referred to the site with the general bonus conditions or terms and conditions. Wherever this info stands, you should definitely read yourself in any case to avoid any errors and resulting disappointments.

Where is the best casino games?

You now have a good overview of those games that are waiting for you in a good online casino. Now only the question arises: How can you spend a good online casino?

Of course you can go myself and log in to many different online casinos and play sample everywhere, so to speak. However, the incredible amount of time and money would cost and probably you would have to create tables in order to remember the advantages and disadvantages, the peculiarities of the game offer and the existing bonuses of each provider and compare them.

Therefore, it is good that we have already done all this work for you! We see it as our most important tasks, continually to test and evaluate the most famous online casinos for USA and German-speaking countries. Our detailed reviews can be found directly here on this website and can make an impression of the different providers based on this. So hopefully it is easier for you to opt for a suitable online casino.

In these test reports, we value the following criteria:

  • How good is the games offer to play both the slots and software as well as in the live casino? Are there good manufacturers such as Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, Pragmatic Play or even Mercury?
  • There are many different types of jackpot play, roulette, blackjack, poker?
  • Are the user interfaces of website and app easy to navigate?
  • How good are the bonuses and free spins?
  • How good is customer service?
  • What about licenses and security?

So look at our pages, learn about all games and online casinos and above all, have a lot of fun!


There are special bonus actions for the games in online casinos?

Of course, in many online casinos there is a welcome bonus, free spins, bonuses without deposit and many other bonuses. This allows you to test many games for free or with a deposit. This reduces the risk of loss and also makes it more fun. But beware, each bonus is subject to certain bonus conditions, that may never forget. No matter which bonus you take, always pay attention to how often this has to be released. The bonus conditions can be found directly on the respective websites. Before you get the bonus, you have to agree with this. Then nothing stands in the way.

You can also try live casino games for free?

No, that is unfortunately not possible. Live is live and the dealers have to be paid. But there is a little trick. For most providers, for example those of Evolution Gaming, you can take pictures in which you log in. You do not have to do a mission and are still there. Use this opportunity to get to know the surroundings and improve skills. For the roulette, for example, you could decide whether next red or black comes. So they play without use and have fun. If you want to play table games for free, enter the table play area.

How many casino games is available in an online casino?

Unfortunately, this question can not be answered so easily because it always arrives on the respective casino. In some there are 300 games, elsewhere 3000. The bigger the platform, the higher the opportunities that the provider has more titles on offer. Finally, the operators have to be for each game or. Pay for each provider extra license fees. That goes neatly into the money. Even 300 games are a lot because they can not play all games at once. That's why it does not matter. A large selection then makes sense if you are explicitly looking for a specific brand or want to play a familiar game.

When will jackpots be paid out?

This question is interested many, including us. Unfortunately, we do not know the answer. Nobody knows when the jackpots are played. The more in the pot, the higher the chance. Especially with Mega Moolah, where it rarely goes over 20 million over it. If so much is in the jackpot, the chances are good that he will soon explode. How, when and where does not nobody know. It's best to trust your belly feel at this point. This is best. Many random gains came about that because the players heard their inner voice. It's worth a try.

In addition to our side. We wish you a lot of fun discovering! If you want to expand your knowledge about the world of online casinos, the following items are available: