Curaçao lucky license: Get all the information about the commission

The small state of Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, has been given for several years Spi. Applicants can benefit from a very beneficial tax regime - only 2% of the net income of the companies will be charged as a fee. The Curaçao Internet Gaming Association is the name of the regulatory authority, which is based on the Dutch Antilles. Your mission is to control the gambling scene on the net and to ensure a good balance. Each licensed company undertakes to comply with the CIGA Code of Conduct.

The authority expects professionalism, trustworthiness and seriousness under all circumstances from their licensees. What is such a license in USA and value in Europe?

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the Government of Curacao

Among the members of the CIGA you will find two categories of licensees. First, there are the providers, D.H. The companies that exercise an igaming activity directly on the territory of Curaçao. Subsequently, companies themselves are providers like banks, insurance companies, software manufacturers, real estate agents. Among the members of the CIGA there is a strong sense of belonging. All undertake to proactively follow the applicable principles and standards. You need to know that the criteria for maintaining a license are very strict. The CIGA is a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC). In addition, only one type of license from the CIGA is always issued, whether one is now provider or non-provider. Here are the properties for obtaining this license:

  • The future licensee undertakes to respect the laws and principles of the CIGA.
  • He ensures that he does not allow minors to his games and that he does not offer illegal games.
  • A deposit of 60.000 Dutch Antillens Guild (Florin) is required.
  • During the two years following years is a monthly payment of 10.To carry out 000 florin.

The credibility and usability of the Curacaic license in USA

In USA, the license from Curacao is considered less credible than the license from Malta, for example. But it is generally much appreciated in Europe. The CIGA is monitoring and guarantees the integrity of the providers and developers. The players do not have to worry about it. The CIGA is one of the most competent and experienced commissions in the industry, as it has been on the market since 1996. It ensures that a history chronicle is offered, which lists all the missions, gains and transactions of the players to ensure maximum transparency and regular control. Offensive marketing measures and misleading advertising, as is the case with many illegal providers, are strictly condemned. Of course, it is also involved in the prevention work and offers the players who suffer from addiction problems and debt problems have solutions.

From several points of view, the license of the CIGA is thus one of the most serious providers in the market. In our guide you will find a list of the best CIGA licensed online casinos in USA and Europe.

What can you do as a customer if you need help from the Commission?

A commission, such as Curacao, is not just there to monitor the casinos, also players turn to this business when there are problems. For example, if a casino has a disbursement or hire illegal machinations, you can contact the licensor. In case of doubt you should not hesitate and pass everything in the way. Should it be a mistake, nothing should happen to worse. Especially the gambling industry is full of black sheep, because it is always good if checks take place. If you discover something, you should also report it. Even if it's just a suspicion.

If you receive the payout too late, and the casino does not communicate this correctly, it will be more likely to do this in the future if it gets a complaint from the Commission. Sometimes pressure must be done from above to do something. This is unfortunately in many industries so. In no case do you have to make a reproach. Finally, you have the right to your profits and this should be communicated. Even with inquiries, the Commission is here for players. Who wants to know if and which casino is licensed, gets just answers. Only no shy, the licensors are there to answer other questions. Finally, these protect the customers and not vice versa.


How to realize that a casinol license is real?

This question has many customers. A license is good and nice, but how do you know that this is not fake. Each casino could copy another and publish the logo. Make sure you are on the official supplier homepage and surf the Commission by. There is either a casin trail where the licensed providers are listed or they ask by e-mail. You will definitely give you an answer. Better you ask twice too much as you transfer the money to a provider that is a scammer.

Can US play in casinos licensed in Curacao?

Basically, it is actually forbidden because the new gambling law says that US can only play in their own country. How much this is being caught or not, we can not say. Currently it is likely to be a gray zone. Whether and how long it is tolerated, is of course questionable. In case of doubt always play their own country where the licenses apply 100%.

Are there any news about the licensor in 2021?

At the moment we are not aware of any news. Maybe new online casinos were on the market, which are equipped with this license. Otherwise, there are no exciting news from the industry. For licensors, little changes, except that the laws are reissued. Then we inform about it and clarify. Look at the website again and again, so that you do not miss anything new.