Your guide for the perfect casino bonus

A Casino bonus is from almost everyone Online Casino to the players. When and why a bonus is credited can have different reasons. In this post we collected the different types of bonus and give a few general information about Casino Bonus and what to consider. In addition, we test the casinos and give you recommendations where you can benefit from the best offers.

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Your Casino bonus

You should not miss a casino bonus. Because with this you have special possibilities and advantages you get for free.

You get this bonus given as a new player, just as a thank you to have signed up.

If you then make your first deposit, you already get your exclusive bonus. Often, however, it does not remember, but you also get free spells or even a cashback that pays you bares money.

The good is that you can extend your game and have better chances of beating the casino.

The Casino Bonus in USA

Even if you play in a casino in USA, you can get your exclusive online bonus. You will be offered many different online scasinos in which you will receive the offer.

Follow these steps so you can get your bonus in the US Casino:

  • Go to the casino side
  • Create an account
  • Take your first deposit
  • Enter the bonus code

If you entered the bonus code in your account, you get the bonus automatically credited in your casino in USA.

The bonus in the rest of Europe

It is so that there are always regional peculiarities in terms of bonus. Casinos have different regulations, the same is the countries.

Often strict conditions are linked to the preservation of a bonus. The same is the case in Sweden.

Here are strict guidelines. It's that every player just exactly once The welcome offer may perceive.

If players log in as new and receive the welcome bonus once again, you can not get it a second time. Players also find further information in the terms and conditions.

Will not held here, wait sensitive fines. So it is always important for you as a player if you read the conditions before you perceive the offer.

In Sweden, this policy applies since January 2019. The regulation of the supervisory authority of the game inspections then entered into force.

So if a player has already received a bonus, must be ensured that no further is awarded.

Casino bonus in comparison 2021: top list

It is also such that any advertising regarding bonuses and other topics in Sweden is prohibited.

The new German Gambling Act and the Casinobonus

This year, the new German gambling contract comes into force. With this consequences, some changes to which players have to keep when they still want to play legal.

It is not clearly defined whether a bonus will be prohibited in the future. It's like players No deposits of more than 1000 euros a month be allowed. This can lead to players in the future no longer so simply fulfill the conditions to secure a welcome offer.

But it will be that much fairer conditions apply to the player, which also concerns the receipt of the bonus. It is important Fair validity period from 30 - 60 days.

Note, however, that each player is always responsible for your own game ratio.

The gambling regulation in USA

Also in USA, a lot has changed through the new gambling regulation.

If you want to use your bonus for the online casinos games, note that you can only do that with such games, which are also offered by US casinos.

Games that are not approved will be locked and you can hereby Do not use your bonus.

So that you get the bonus in USA at all, it's that you of age are. For this you have to specify your personal details and also prove your identity.

Get the best casino bonus

A bonus in the online casino should be worthwhile. Many casinos try to attract new customers and promise high bonus amounts. But that should not be everything and therefore it is worth looking closely.

Most online casinos offer a bonus for their players. These are usually very different, especially when it comes to the terms of use. That's one of the reasons why it is worth looking closely.

For US customers, it is particularly helpful if the bonus quantities are specified directly in US francs. This saves players annoying conversion of Euro in Franconia, which may even lead to misunderstandings later.

So what we expect from a casino and the promotions are:

  • Fair conditions
  • Usage options at slot machines + other games
  • Offers also without deposit
  • Easy possibilities to pay off profits
  • Sufficient information about actions on the website

The different bonus species

Often, online casinos already advertises with their welcome bonus. Some of them are worthwhile more than others - especially crucial are the conditions that apply to the use of bonuses.

Particularly popular in terms of promotions, are welcome offers. This is always all about the online casino, what kind of offer you can use. Many players expect a lot of a welcome bonus because the bonus amounts appear very high at first glance and you feel like winning a lot.

The reality is, however, that most bonuses are not simply convertible in real money and it is a bit heavier than it looks to fulfill all conditions.

Welcome offers in the form of bonus

Many online casinos offer a free welcome bonus. However, this bonus is linked to the first deposit. This means that you get a 100% bonus whose height is oriented at the height of the deposit. The maximum amount you can get here can vary widely.

Some casinos even offer a welcome bonus across the first three or even four deposits. This means that you can not only benefit from a casino bonus at the first deposit, but also on the second, third and fourth deposits.

For example, a massive welcome bonus offers Casino 777.chest at.

Casino bonus without deposit

A Casino bonus without deposit there is very rare. If there should be such a bonus, then it is usually linked to very comprehensive conditions. Even if you do not have to do a deposit, you must log in to the provider to secure the bonus. On the website of the casinos, however, you can usually find all necessary information. In any case, you should make sure that you know what exactly the free offer includes.

Who is looking for a bonus without deposit, should be looked up especially for newer casinos. Because providers who are currently new on the market can attract new customers and players through this kind of free of charge.

Free games as a welcome gift

Instead of new customers a welcome bonus, there are also free games for some casinos. These will be credited to you on your player account directly after registration and are then available for selected slot machines.

Sometimes free spins and welcome bonus are combined with each other. It is particularly important to note the conditions, because sometimes you have to use first the bonus before the free spins are available, or otherwise.

Free games can be used in the context of the registration, for example in the Mycasino obtain.

Birthday bonus

In some casinos you can play a few extra rounds for your birthday. For some providers you have to be a VIP for this type of offer, in others you can benefit from this bonus from the first day.

Not all providers give you a free bonus for your birthday, so it's worth learning before. - Look in this context also what conditions apply to the birthday bonus, because of course this must be implemented accordingly.

Deposit bonus

For some online casinos, you can not only a welcome gift one Deposit bonus obtained, but also as an existing customer. Even if many casinos are not enthusiastic about, you can even ask customer service after an extra bonus, which is then usually credited in the form of a deposit bonus.

A deposit bonus means that you do not receive a free of free a bonus, but have to deposit real money. In relation to the dedicated real money, you can then get a bonus percentage - depending on whether it is a 50%, 100%, 150% or even a 200% deposit bonus.

You can use a deposit bonus in the form of a 100% bonus US Casino 777, as well as In the new mycasino obtain.

Bonus actions

For certain events or events, there can be additional bonus actions. Some online casinos offer their players but also regular cashbacks with which they can retain shares of their losses.

These actions are very different and it depends on the providers what you are available. Therefore always look exactly on the website, in the category Promotions, what you are offered.

New bonuses in casinos

As already said, you should always keep in mind the promotions side of the casino. Because here you will always be informed about new bonuses and here are the special bonus offers.

In addition to the cashback, for example, it is customary that you have one Reload bonus receive. This offer allows you to charge your account for free with a game credit. Hereby you have more opportunities in the game.

In addition to the cashback and the reload you can participate in tournaments in many tournaments since the latest.

Here you set your real money as usual, but you can measure your skills with other players. If you do this, you can get the best profits. It is definitely always a particularly exciting offer.

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Conclusion: Casino bonus comparison

So that they do not lose the overview, we summarize them here again all bonuses.

Bonus stylePeculiarity
Welcome bonusAfter first registration
Bonus without depositAvailable without deposit
Free games For slot machines
Birthday bonusOnce a year for a birthday
Deposit bonusReceived by deposit
Actions bonus Changing offers of the casino

Special features of bonus actions

We have already set out what types of bonuses there are. We have been discussed on conventional bonus offers. But there are always special bonus actions, which of course we do not want to.

Bonuses and Jackpot Slots

Often players ask themselves the question of which one can combine the bonus in the casino because. Often the question depends on whether the bonus is combinable with Jackpot Slots.

The biggest difference between normal slots and Jackpot slots is that the normal slot has a predetermined maximum payout.

For Jackpot slots, however, it is so that there are different major prizes here. These can vary and it can be distributed up to 7-digit profit.

Often it is so that the jackpot of the slots with Local jackpots comes about. This means that the bets set by players accumulate over time. Local jackpots are often not very big because in the sum less players contribute to the jackpot.

It's that the jackpot only applies to the slot of the casinos, which offers Eb Dating Local Jackpot.

But there are progressive jackpots. Of these you almost always hear when it comes to Jackpot slots. Progressive jackpots Grow each time a bet is set. Each of these bets then contributes to the jackpot. That's casinum.

Often you have the luck in your casino, that you have your jackpot slot can play with a bonus.

The bonus for slots is always awarded in the form of free games. With their spins they do then, you can also secure the jackpot. The chance is not reduced or enlarged by using free games, but you definitely save your money.

Bonuses and live games as well as table games

Another question that is often asked is whether you can connect a bonus with a table game or in the area of live games.

Live games can be found in any well-equipped casino. Here you will always find an exclusive and special new offer.

In the live area you will always get a very special selection of the games you already know. You know the table game roulette from the normal casino area.

But if you go to the live area, you can here Special variants of classics play:

  • Lightning roulette
  • Speed Baccarat
  • monopoly
  • Deal or no deal

That's why it's worth it, of course, if you take a look into the real-time area.

But that's not all, because as the name implies, you will find in real time in real time in real time.

You see the dealer thanks to camera techniques live and in HD and can have the authentic casino experience, even if you are comfortable at home.

But always look at the terms and conditions. Because the terms and conditions suggest that they are free games and the bonus Not in LiveCasino to be able to use.

Also certain table games are often exempt or have special sales conditions. So we always advise you that you are The terms and conditions including the terms of sales rest.

Bonus offers in VIP status

In connection with the VIP offer of a casino is often asked if more bonuses are distributed here.

And we have good news for you. Because that is definitely like that.

If you log in to a casino, you can participate in most cases immediately after your registration at the VIP program.

With every game you then play further and also with any bet you put, you can continue rise in the VIP levels.

This is done with many advantages for you. Because with every level you continue to rise, you will also get more Promotions and actions. In any case, this also includes bonus offers.

With each higher level, further and better cashbacks are also offered and higher payout limits.

It is always worthwhile when you play diligently and continue in the VIP status.

Casino customer support and bonuses

If you have questions or are unsure about what your personal bonus offer is concerned, you can always contact customer support. This is especially there to help you.

The most common methods to achieve customer service are:

  • Live chat
  • Telephone support
  • Email support
  • contact form

You can choose one of the methods offered and just ask the customer service if you need more information about the bonus offer.

You can also ask questions where you are in the VIP program and which promotions you can expect when you participate in the VIP program.

There is basically no question that you can not put the support.

The bonus conditions for the preservation of the promotions

It is always so that the preservation of a casino bonus is linked to certain bonus conditions. Only if you comply with these conditions can you pay off your profits.

If you are not sure which bonus is the right one for you, always look at the bonus conditions. These provide information on whether the offer is worthwhile for you personally.

The deposit amount

It is often so that the bonus is bound to a specified deposit amount. Often it is important that you make a minimum deposit.

The minimum deposit is at 20 $ in most cases.

Many bonuses have a minimum deposit, which must first be made before they get credited De Bonus at all in their account.

You should inform yourself in advance and also decide whether you can easily achieve this deposit or if another offer may be better suited to you.

This information is always found in the Bonus AGB.

The payment methods

Some bonus offers are only available if you Certain payment methods use.

If your payment method is represented herein or if you agree to switch to this payment method, nothing speaks against this. It can also happen that

Player a different rating and not like to open an account with another provider.

If a certain payment method is assumed, they are mostly Ewallets like Neteller or Skrill.

The games

Many bonus offers are linked to specific games. If you have certain favorite games that you prefer to play, you should see if you can connect them with your bonus.

Sales conditions

If you are not sure if you have to do it with a good bonus offer, you should also take a look at the terms of sales. They recognize a good bonus because they do not High sales conditions to have.

For sales conditions, this is a number that says, How often you need to implement the bonus amount.

Only when you have done this, you can pay off your profits. If you get a bonus offer where you Make the bonus 25 times, So you have to bet the bonus amount you got 25 times before you can request a payout.

Casinos protect themselves through sales conditions in front of money laundering and also before the players only open up accounts so that they get as many welcome bonuses as possible.

But it is so that you should definitely be careful that sales conditions are still in a healthy relationship with the bonus height. In addition, you should calculate before using the bonus, whether you can afford the bonus conditions.

Common sales conditions are Paint between 20 - 40.

Further bonus conditions

It is often so that next to the bonus conditions we have introduced to you still apply.

Always read the terms and conditions for the bonus you chose. Note such conditions especially:

  • Sales conditions either on the bonus amount or on the deposit
  • Convert the terms of sales within a time frame
  • Some games are excluded from the bonus campaign
  • Pay attention to the maximum
  • Free games only for certain slots

The Casino Percentage

Most bonuses are distributed in conjunction with different percentages.

An example of this is one 100% bonus up to 100 $. What it has with these percentages, if you log in to a casino, we will explain to you below.

The 100% Casino Bonus

If you have one 100% bonus up to 100 $ get advertised, you should perceive this. It is a fair bonus in which you have nothing to fear. It is one of the most common bonus offers.

If you get the 100% bonus up to 100 $, you also have to deposit 100 $ so that the offer will be valid.

The 200% Casino Bonus

The 200% bonus is rarer than the 100% bonus, it is also worth it very much if you take it.

This is already a more generous offer. You pay less and get more.

This is usually also one Exclusive welcome offer.

The 300% casino bonus

The 300% casino bonus is also a great deal. He is much harder to find. If you get such a bonus offered, you should Bonus AGB Detailed and rested in peace, so that you do not fall into the trap here.

Our casinos with special bonus conditions

We would like to introduce you to a few casinos, which provide you with special bonus offers. Because in addition to the traditional bonus conditions we have already presented to you, there are also casinos that provide you with special offers.

The 22bet casino

The 22bet Casino offers you definitely a bonus with very special bonus conditions. For 22bet casino do you have Especially low bonus conditions.

You only have to here Deposit 1 $ and get already credited to the first bonus. You will get this in the amount of 2 $.

If you decide that you want to deposit something more, you can do that too. If you, for example 10 $ deposit, get a 20 $ bonus.

That can definitely be worthwhile because you can use many slots for a few cent per spins.

If you decide here, however, that you use the bonus for the sports betting, should you note that you only up to the amount of 122 $ to be able to use.

The Netbet Casino

That too Netbet Casino offers you a special bonus.

If you decide here that you want to perceive the bonus offer, you should not have too much time.

Because here you only have 7 days to use the offer. If you do not do that within 7 days, it expires for you as a player.

The welcome bonus must Be implemented 30 times.

But extra sales conditions apply to the free spa. These are free to play Paint. Even such characteristics are not uncommon.

Why give casinos bonus offer?

Since you already know which bonuses you get in the online casino, we would like to close the reason why online casinos are even bonuses and distributing them to the players so that they get a better sense of this.

The main reason for this is definitely, that new players should be generated. Because without new players, the casino can not logically hold long, and of course they want to avoid that.

But also players who have already registered in the casino can benefit from bonus offer in the form of the loyalty program. This should ensure that Both new players are added, as well as that faithful players are kept.

The advantages of a casino bonus

If you are unsure, whether it is worthwhile that you secure a casino bonus, we can understand that.

It is definitely clear that you have one through the casino bonus Light and good entry get into the online campasino.

Of course you get many advantages with the bonus offer because you can save money if you take it.

Of course, it is also that you do not get anything given. So that you can also perceive the bonus offer, it is important to comply with the bonus conditions. For example, online casinos ensures that they will stay longer than players and do not immediately change the casino after you have perceived the cash offer.

We can always give you the bonus 100% Casinobonus recommend. Hereby you are on the safe side and have not so high self-participation above all things.

Another advantage is the casino bonus without deposit. Since you say here, as the name implies, no deposit, You can also use this pretty risk arm.

If you look closely at the bonus conditions and the betting requirements, you will see that you have to do it with a good deal or not.

Make sure that you are looking at continuing bonuses. If you see that a lot is done for the players and you can take more promotions after the welcome bonus, you should also strike.

Competition under the casinos

OnlineCasinos are almost like sand by the sea. There it is little surprising that the casinos compete with each other.

That makes itself noteworthy that the casinos is almost enabling them as a new player. For example, careful attention is paid to them in online casino can play responsibly. That you can do this responsibly, see that active player protection is operated.

You as a player are offered for emergency assistance. This can happen in collaboration with the Gambling therapy. The Gambling Herapy is an organization that can help players in just these cases, so they are the best Get help.

So that casinos can get as many new players as possible, are often Bonuses without deposit offered. This is the common method to get new players.

But many more bonuses are offered. These are usually found in the area Promotions. If you see here that a lot of promotions are offered, you can be sure that you have to do what the bonus is concerned with a good provider.

Gamification in OnlineCasinos

Also owed by the competition, which prevails among the various casinos, the Gamification developed.

Casinos always adapt to new trends to always offer the players the best gaming experience. From this trend idea, the Gamification developed.

We explain to you here more exactly what it has with you and how you can use them.

It is initially a one quite new term. It should serve to improve the general user acquiction. There should also be new and potential customers to be addressed.

This makes it possible to make an intense gameplay so that you can experience more fun and tension as customers.

It should be found through the gamification new ways, as the online casino experience can be improved. Be at the gamification Video game elements and also video game mechanics integrated into the casino sites.

Gamification is also used in connection with Casinoboni. If you have particularly immersive gaming experiences, you are also more inclined to play the game longer and more often, which allows you to use more bonuses.

From the bonus hunter and casino expert

There are always players who take advantage of the offers of casinos in a special way. This can affect different ways, but it is clear that there is something given, there are always different types of use of such gifts.

Casino experts and the bonus

We rise with the so-called casino experts or too Highright. If you have been in the field of online casinos and have already experienced anything, you will probably be considered twice if you accept any bonus offer.

Experts know what to pay attention to the benefit of the bonuses. If the Sales conditions too high, It is usually worth less if you take the bonus to play.

Because then they will be virtually busy to implement the bonus conditions without ever benefiting from the offer?.

So note the bonus conditions if you want to equip it the experts. If you are also a player with a lot of experiences, you need Not necessarily bonuses to win.

Bonus hunters in casinos

The term bonus hunter is therefore in many different facets:

  • Bonus Hunting
  • Bonusjagt
  • Bonus abuse
  • Bonus

These are just a few of the different terms but they already see that not each of these words are necessarily positive.

The approach of the bonus hunter

With the so-called Bonus hunter These are persons who make use of online bonus offers strategically so that they can maximize their own profits.

The hunting of the bonus is always more difficult, But it is not very impossible.

The bonus hunting is not illegal, But is still in a legal gray zone. It is so that the competition of online casinos on the market is particularly big. Casinos have to come up with new ideas for the reason to bind to one player, on the other, but also to attract new customers.

The bonus assignment therefore has as a one Popular marketing instrument developed. Many players have begun to register in as many different online casinos as possible to get all bonus actions.

Since the casinos had fewer advantages, they have adapted the bonus conditions and aggravated. This has become more difficult for the bonus hunters to use de bonuses only to use their personal benefit.

The online casinos still offer bonus offerings, but it can not be so easy anymore achieve high profits. If bonus hunters are going to work today, they need to use high volatility and use a high budget, so that the bonus offer is worthwhile.

They go casinos against bonus hunters?

As already mentioned, the casinos have developed various approaches, so that the bonus hunters can be done.

On the one hand, fewer bonuses are offered, which are worthwhile for players alone. Sales conditions were introduced, which also meet the casino.

In addition, a Maximum bet introduced. So the player is prescribed how much he can put pro.

If there are games in the online casino, which have high payout keys, these are often excluded from bonus offers. Games to which this applies may be:

  • roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Further table games

If these games are not completely excluded from the bonus offer, then they are very probably probably with small percentages credited.

If casinos still detect such behavior in a player, they have another possibility. Casinos can freeze the player's account and only unlock it again when the behavior is considered appropriate again.