Keno Rules: You should know this information

If you have already played a lottery game, then you know the rules at Keno already without knowing it. Because the simple lottery plays also include the Keno. If you love numbers and fast games, then you will like this game.

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Nowadays you can play Keno online or in the terrestrial casinos. Or you look at the keno draws on TV. You need to know that there are different variants at the keno. All can record rising player numbers.

What is the principle of this game?

The rules at the online keno are exactly the same as the traditional game. Before you play Keno, you should always watch the winning table. The game principle at the Keno is to bet a number of numbers represented by colorful balls.

To place his bets, the player uses a ticket on which he tickes the corresponding numbers. At the keno you can usually bet on a maximum of 20 numbers, but this number is different depending on the variant and land. In order to guarantee a fair draw, the game seed assemblies use an automatic mixing device. In English, this is as Goose Neck (Keno-goose) known. After the draw is completed, the winner numbers are displayed in a table or on the bottom of the screen.

The variants of the online keno

At the Keno there are different variants whose rules and properties are very different. So the online keno always displays a table with the draw results, the video keno is missing.

As a result, the player is often unsettled, because his money disappears very quickly without he can understand why. You will also find that some tables contain multiple subtables that match the different games zones at the keno. In this way, the player can validate several loosely at the same time. While at the traditional keno on Straight ticket can put, other variants also allow the Combination tickets, Game tables in which more freedom and imagination are allowed.

A lot of A to Z

At the Keno, no fewer than 80 numbered balls are used. The goal is to find the 20 profit numbers. The player can bet on as many numbers as he wants as long as he stays under 20. The more keno numbers of players chooses, the higher are his winning opportunities.

After the player has ticked or marked his profit numbers, he places his commitment. Then he only has to wait for the draw and cash in profits his profits. The online casino happens automatically. After each draw, the results are displayed and if the user has predicted enough correct keno numbers, the profits are transferred directly to his real money account.

What do the different Keno types mean?

Surely they already heard of the Keno types. What does it have it?? Are kenotypes complicated? Not at all. You can present certain things more complicated than you are. Keno type 2 means, for example, that you tick two numbers, with three numbers it would be Keno Type 3. This is the whole magic. Why the type is important, we explain to you in the next section.

Each cenotype has different odds and winning plans. That's why the type is important to know. We do not want to go into detail here. Easily explained. If you have two keno numbers from two kenotipps, you will gain more money than if you guess two keno numbers of five kenotips. The quotas are listed in the respective Keno table where you can look up this. Since every Keno game is a little different, we can not call you exact quotas. In any case, it should now be clear why there are different kenotypes.

What now means the winning class at the Keno?

The winning class is a subcategory of the Keno Type. As a result, we introduce you to a small example so that you can imagine what we mean. As mentioned, the quotas are always different. For example, we are going from the funnel lottery.

Take the Keno type three as an example. Within Keno Type 3, there is in turn the profit class 2 and 3. If you have two correct at type 3, you will receive 1 US 1 US 1, 1 US. Guess all three numbers, there is 16 US. For comparison, in Keno type 2, you would receive for two right 6 US.

The more keno numbers, the less profit classes down there. At Keno Type 7, you must guess at least four numbers. Are four right, there are 1 US, seven are correct, there are 1.000 US. We know, at first, all this sounds a little confusing. But it is not that bad. Best look at the official winning plans, then you will get the view.

How much does Keno cost? Is currently expected here?

Now we want to go to the most important point. The speech is from the price. How much does Keno actually cost? Many customers are confused because they do not know exactly what costs they need to expect. We tell you how much you have to expect and what options do you have.

The wonderful at Keno is the fact, you decide price. You pay a tip and pay either 1 US, 2 US, 5 US or 10 US. The higher the use, the better winning opportunities they enjoy naturally.

Many think they have to pay this use per number. It is not so. You always pay per night. Similar to Lotto. Whether you complete 2 numbers or 20 numbers is left to you. Why do not pay per number, ask now some. Finally, it makes a difference, whether one taps 2 keno numbers or 20. The lottery also pay per lotion and not per number. Except that you have to choose at the lotto 6 numbers. Whether they want to or not.

Now we would like to look at the different uses again more closely and compare with the profit plan. We mentioned earlier if you guess two numbers at Kenotype 3, you will receive 1 US. If you would set two US, you would get 2 US back, five US five each and ten, you get 10 US. In the case they did not win anything and lost nothing. Whether it makes sense to play on Kenotype 2 is questionable. Keno is a simple game, but somehow difficult. Because you can superior for hours, which winning class probably brings the best revenues.

Tips for beginners - note this

We want to explain a small strategy to get successful. Attention: Of course there are no guarantee. It is still on the personal happiness. Nevertheless, there are certain probabilities that were calculated in the long term. We go on this now.

You have the best winning opportunities if you choose between four and eight numbers. This is because fewer numbers, bring worse winning probabilities. The more numbers one plays, the worse the proceeds, if only a few are drawn. That's why we recommend that you play between four and eight numbers. Here is the ratio best. By the way, the name Keno comes from the Latin and gives the note "five". Thus, one can assume that five numbers, probably ideal.

Another trick is the 4 card keno. You play 4 keno cards at the same time and select six or seven numbers for this purpose. This is a long-term strategy that allows first small profits, and maybe greater. It's best to repeat the Kenowetten a few weeks.


Can you play Keno in demo mode?

Yes, in the online casinos there is a demo mode where you can try Keno. Use them to test the strategies or develop your own. Tips from us are good and nice, but some discover those who are also helpful. You will be creative when it comes to playing in the casino.

We transfer keno on TV?

No, the official keno extension is not broadcast on television. But you can consider this live on the internet. It takes place every day at 19:10 on the official website. If it is not the right television. Today, many of them traveled on the web, so why not enjoy lotto and co on the web.

If you play in the online casino or at the official keno?

We recommend that you compare the individual quotas. Normally you can rightly come to the right keno. But here you have to wait daily until 19:10. If you want to play immediately, you will feel comfortable in the casino. There Keno takes place all day. Either you play against the computer or you take the Live Casino Keno Platz. Take a look at the different variants until you find one that you like. A lot of joy while gambling.

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