Casino Neuchatel: Game fun in the land-based casino of USA

The most important data at a glance

address Faubourg du Lac 14
city Neuchatel
Postal code 2000
E-mail Info @ Casino-Neuchatel.chest
phone +42 32 729 90 00
Homepage www.Casino Neuchatel.chest

In Germany we usually do not talk about Neuchatel, but of Neuchâtel. The place has an interesting past that offers a lot of space for visitors to discover. Who comes to Neuchatel, should definitely visit the church from the Middle Ages and the castle. For students, especially the many universities are a special feature. But the biggest highlight for us is of course the casino Neuchatel. In this Game bench There are a lot to discover great games.

Opening hours and etiquette

As well as all other gamebanks in USA, the Casino Neuchatel must continue to be closed. Due to the current situation, it is not yet foreseeable when US players can play back in the casino. The opening hours on the website may differ if it comes to the reopening. That's why you should definitely inform yourself individually before a visit.

Before the closure, the casino could Sunday to Thursday between 10pm and 3rd be visited. The opening hours on Friday and Saturday are a bit more expanded and players can play from 10pm to 4pm. By the way, the land-based casino is always open on the eve of a holiday.

If you do not just want to play, you can also visit the restaurant Neuchâtel. The opening hours are perfect for those who want to stop lunch or dinner. The restaurant has a lot of good reviews and is from Wednesday to Saturday from 11.30h to 14 o'clock and 18.Opened up to 222h. If you are planning a visit to several people, it is worthwhile to call in advance in the restaurant and reserve a table. Further general information about the restaurant you can also get on the website of the casino or Google.

To visit the Casino Neuchatel, you need at least 18 years old be. To check that, you absolutely have to wear a badge or passport. Due to the US law, this document must be scanned at the entrance of the casino. Subsequently, they are considered a "member" in the Casino Neuchâtel and receive a member badge and can leave their ID card at home.

There are also in the Casino Neuchatel No strict dresscode. However, you should refrain from torn jeans, tank tops and t-shirts with provocative inscriptions. Best attract something that you feel comfortable. A suit with tie or evening dress does not have to be.

Game offer

The Casino Neuchatel is also referred to as automatic sculpture. Because especially in the field of slot machines, the casino has a lot to offer. There is A total of 150 video slots, where they can play partly already with 1 rappen. If you want to put more francs, but of course you are free. The machine casino not only offers the classic game, but also Electronic roulette and video poker.

The machine casino also offers to all games "Mystery Jackpots". Here visitors can partially up to 36.Win 000 US. The jackpot can be cracked at any time - to get more information about the details, ask best in casino directly.

In addition to the slots in the machine scasino Neuchatel there are also table games. In addition to the many video slots there are Every day from 17 o'clock also play possibilities at the table. With just 5 francs you can play at most tables. Among other things you can Blackjack at two different tables to play. Here you have to deposit at least 10 francs. In order to increase the gain in the game, there are also additional bets.

There are also two poker tables for poker fans. Here you can play with other people in the casino. Decide for Texas Hold'em or Ultimate Texas Hold'em. So you can choose yourself if you want to play against other people or rather the dealer.


Who wants to arrive by car, is best advised with Google. Google has an excellent route planner, which also indicates current diversions and construction sites. So you can easily find the fastest and safest route. Basically, however, you can take the route 5 and follow the road to Neuchatel. When you turn on the Place Alexis-Marie-Plaget, you will come to Faubourg du Lac. On the right side you will find the casino. Just enter the address on Google and search the best route.

In the area of the casinos you have the possibility to find a number of parking spaces. In general, it is within walking distance of a parking lot to the casino. Look on Google to "Parking du Lac" or "Parking du Seyon".

By the way, the nearest airport is in Zurich. From there you can either travel by train, or rent a car. In general, you can easily rent a car on site - but pay attention when you arrive and how the opening hours of car rental.

The Online Casino - Hurrahcasino.chest

The Casino Neuchâtel announced a online casino some time ago. From May 2021 Players can also use the offer of the casinos online. Currently, interested parties can already register and will be informed immediately as soon as the online casino opens.

The new US casino on the internet is so far mysterious. Because there are a few information about the game offer. However, it is advertised that there are many different games will give and new customers can look forward to a great bonus.

Make sure that only US players can register. Persons from other countries must decide for other online providers. The US laws require that online casinos are only accessible to players from USA.

In order to operate an online casino in USA, providers must fulfill a lot of conditions. This also means that all online casinos need its own US license. After tightening the law in 2019, many online casinos had to retire. However, the Hurrah Casino will become one of USA's official casinos - the license is already available. Until the Hurrah Casino opens, there are also some other machine summons on the internet where you can play until then.