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If you think of online casinos, live roulette and slot machines come to mind. But do you know the live game Craps online? The online casino game craps is a dice game that is especially appreciated by the American player.

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Learn here how to use craps rules in the online casino

A lot of craps goes past the Nu and is always very exciting. You must know that Craps always was a society game: the atmosphere when playing and betting is warm and the players who gather around the table of casino have many properties together. Even if the craps has lost slightly from his charm on the net, so it still remains a subtle game of whose rules you need to know exactly if you want to prevail. So that you also win in the craps and receive the best payout, we bring you Nicaht any strategy, but the rules closer.

Get to know the Craps rules of online casinos

Simply play your bonus and free spells here, without strategy, but with rules. Up to 16 players gather around a table and try to predict the numbers that are displayed by the cubes thrown by the croupier. In addition to the thrower of casinos, four casino items also have a special function during a lot of craps. So there is the Stickman, who leads the game and collects the cubes, while the two other croupiers of the casinos mainly take care of the missions. These are newly set before each round craps. The game leader finally checks at the bets, whether everything runs correctly during a game of craps. A Craps table is divided into several zones of the bet, some bets are numbered. The players must make a mission and put money and place it on the line of their choice before the dice fall. Craps is not just a dice game, but also a prediction game where you need to use the house advantage for yourself and put your assignments according to the rules. Free spins and the bonus are always a good enrichment in this game and definitely bring you a higher payout if you are well placed the bets.

These are the rules for the eye sum

A round Craps runs so that before the start of the start of the throwers chooses two dice, which are offered by the Stickman. But before the first litter takes place, this must bet on pass, line or do not pass. The players, on the other hand, have the opportunity to select any bet they want. The players who have set to Pass Line win only when the eye sum of the cubes 7 or 11 gives. If a 2, 3 or 12 appears, you lose with these numbers. The players who have bet on don't pass lose when the eye sum of the cubes 7 or 11 gives, but they win at a 2.3 or 12. If the thrower dies a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, then the player has made a point.

If you have made a point, players have to repeat the point so that your pass line bet will be valid and you receive your payout. To do this, you must pay attention in the course of the games that not previously the 7 is diced. Because if the 7 falls, the player loses its entire use. Craps can be so cruel! In front of the second litter of the bets, the players have the opportunity to choose another bet with bonus. When the thrower again achieves a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the player has collected a point and wins the live game.

Get to know the special rules from the Craps

Since you have already met the basics of the casino game, we can now go on. There are still a few special rules that we would like to bring you closer to. So there is the Do not Come bet in the casino, the Field Bet and the Big 6 and 8 bet.

The Do not Come Bet

Besides Pass and Point, there is still the Do not Come bet at Craps game in the online casino. Play them with the cubes when you want a big payout. Before each litter, you can use a bonus and use your free spells to further increase your chances of paying for your games.

The Do not Come Bet is the exact opposite of the Come bet. Here is rolled after exactly the same rules and you have the same house advantage in the game. They lose with the number 11 and wins with the number 2 and the number 3. So make sure exactly on your numbers. You win if you dice a 7 in front of the point.

The Field Bet

Here you have the same earnings rates, each dice litter can mean a gain or loss. You can always play Field and do not have to wait for Point. Play the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 for winning the live game. If you place a 5 - 8, you can lose.

Big 6 and 8

With this bet you have live opportunities. Here are the same winning rates on the agenda and they place their bet on 6 or 8 individually or at the same time. You only lose if you do not notice the house advantage. If you think of the guidelines, you rarely lose. You certainly know this from the live roulette.


You can play with play money in the online casino?

There are some playbanks in which they are without risk. Take advantage of the game money and play in demo mode until you understand the rules. In the beginning you should always refrain from real money, so you do not lose too much. After a while you can start small and increase yourself. Take advantage of a bonus for transitioning to take less risk.

There is also a bonus for craps?

There is a welcome bonus in many online casinos. Note, not every bonus is suitable for table games. Often you can use the bonus, but it does not belong to the sales requirements. Be sure to read the bonus conditions in advance so you know. If there is a separate bonus for the live casino, you should take such a one. Because this often counts more to the requirement.

Where has Craps originating?

Actually, Craps is a simplification of the game Hazard, which was played in the Old England. In 1813, Bernard de Mandeville brought to New Orleans, where it gradually became a craps today. Craps comes from the word Crab (the English word for crab). This is the name for a doublet litter. The European variant is even easier.

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