Online Casino Payment Methods 2021

Who for Online casinos decides, of course, it must also be able to make all transactions easily online. Therefore, there is a whole range of different online casino payment methods that can be used by players for all payments.

These providers are known for smooth disbursements:

Why is an online casino important with suitable payment methods?

You should always choose an online casino after the presence of suitable payment methods. It does not help you if you can pay exclusively with credit cards, but have no credit card. The payment methods must at least meet their possibilities.

There is a Huge selection of online casinos and therefore one can be quite picky as a player. Many customers attach particular importance to bonus offers and promotions, but the same way should one be with the offer of payment methods.

Many online casinos mainly offer transactions with credit cards or e-wallets at. The problem is that many new customers do not yet know much about E-Wallets and certainly not even about one. On the other hand, many players do not like to deposit with their credit cards in the online casino - or have no.

In general, you should pay attention to them in online casinos pay off again with a deposit method can. For deposits with one Paysafecard For example, you have to look exactly what options you are offered for the payout. Often payouts are only possible on a bank account - but this must run on their behalf.

So you have good reason to check in the choice of online casinos, especially the available payment methods!

Paying with e-wallets and crypto - a new trend?

In fact, it will pay a new trend in online casinos with e-wallets. The transactions with the electronic purses are fast, simple and uncomplicated. More and more online casinos also offer payments with crypto currencies.

First and foremost players and customers want on the Internet Fast transactions. Nobody who has just logged in to play, wants to wait for 5 working days before the first deposit appears on the player account. That's why payments with e-wallets are a great solution and also allow to pay without bank account at the same time.

The most popular and currently most widely used e-wallets are:

  • Neteller - Neteller Casino has now established itself in gambling range than the best electronic purse. But already before the appearance of the other methods, we already thought that Neteller deals with the best and most attractive option in terms of service and fees, if you want to withdraw money.

    If you do not know this method yet, then you should know that this is an alternative to your bank. It is an account on the Internet that works as well as a normal bank account. But it is completely discreet and you do not have to justify yourself for the sums you win. D.H,. that thereby no taxes can be deducted from their profits.

  • Skrill - SKRILL is a good alternative to Neteller. Both e-wallets are based on the same principle. They connect their Skrill account with your bank account, or even several bank accounts, and bundle your financial transactions in your account at Skrill.

    The advantage is like Neteller that you do not have to specify any bank data on the Internet and thus a protective sign between the payee and you exist. If you are recipients of parases from the casino, you have the advantage that you can access the money within a few minutes.

  • PAYPAL - The grandpa under the e-wallets was known as payment method on eBay. Meanwhile, you can use the most online shops with the e-wallet PayPal Casino pay. As with Neteller and Skrill too, several bank accounts can be combined with PayPal, but if you buy you only have to specify his e-mail address and you can already confirm payment at PayPal.

    Thus, the account data between you, the bank and PayPal stay. Of course, the user can also receive payments on his e-wallet.However, PayPal is trying to retreat from the online casino business, so you will find PayPal at ever less providers.

Over time, more and more e-wallets and payment providers are trying to upgrade. But there are also some more, which we want to mention: Ecopayz, ApplePay, PayCloud, Papaya, SamsungPay, Stripe and many more. Which e-wallets are available, primarily depends on which country you are.

Closely closely with the e-wallets are also crypto feeds. Because known as Bitcoin & Co can not be easily transferred by a bank account. Krypto currencies generally always run over a form of electronic wallet. but Attention: Not all online casinos accept crypto feeds - even when e-wallets are offered.

Which payment methods are most commonly used in online casinos?

The payment methods that are most commonly used are still credit cards. However, the trend is becoming more and more in one direction in which E-WALLETs will become the new payment method for online casinos.

Previously, credit cards were a great way to implement fast and uncomplicated transactions in the online casino. Here are especially the following cards popular:

  • Visa - Visa credit cards have been a popular and trusted payment option for years. Millions of people use the uncomplicated way to transfer money online and offline and make payments. You can also use most casinos with Pay off Visa. Note, however, that it usually needs 24 hours until the money is transferred. You can also Ukash Casino use which offers a prepaid solution.
  • Mastercard - Credit cards Brand MasterCard are equally popular as those of Visa. It usually depends on your bank which kind of credit card is made accessible to you. However, there is a difference when it comes to the numbers on online casinos. The MasterCard can in some cases refuse payments to the map. That's annoying, because then the money will be back on the account of the casino and you need to apply for a new payment to another account.

Meanwhile, credit cards are not really the best payment method for online casinos. More and more players realize that too and attach accounts for various e-wallets. The most famous e-wallets like those of Skrill and Netellers are also supported by almost all online casinos.

You have to pay for transactions in the online casino fees?

Whether charges for various transactions or not, comes on the online casino. Some casinos require a minimum amount for one or more. Payment so that a payment can be made free of charge.

To what extent for deposits and payouts charges are dependent on the online casino. That's why you should also find out how to deal with fees with the provider. For some casinos, you will find different regulations for various payment methods - look after!

Often it is not worth paying off profits directly. Mostly it is good to wait a little until you could collect a certain amount. Many providers on the Internet must pay for even fees to the payment providers, That's why no small payouts are worthwhile for these casinos. Often you will find a minimum payout amount.

Which payment methods are best in the online casino?

First and foremost players want on the Internet that all transactions are safe, easy, fast and uncomplicated. However, these qualities are more and more payment providers and thus the selection for players is growing.

We have already found that credit cards are relatively outdated. While e-wallets have become more famous, other payment providers have tried to upgrade. On the other hand, there is also Connection provider, which act as a stopover between, for example, bank account and casino. One of these providers is for example Trustly:

Trustly allows the player to make transfers to the bank account if he has an online banking access. you can Trustly So how to introduce an adapter between Casino and Bank you can use if the casino does not allow direct transfer from or to the bank account. The deposits on the casino go in wind parts and the payouts should be done within 24 hours. If this payment method is not for you, then try Giropay Casino.

Many Banks also offer one Immediate number function at. This means that you also with your bank account, quasi per Bank Transfer, Pay quickly and safely and the money will appear directly on your player account. However, note that Mostly only deposits work immediately - For payouts, you usually need to accept the waiting time of banks.

Best to deposit you pay off in the online casino, use e-wallets. You are: safe, fast and direct. In addition, every potential access to the electronic purses has and can create one within a few seconds.

Most frequently asked questions - FAQ

How long do transactions in the online casino last?

How long a transaction takes, comes to the payment method and the online casino. Some payments take only a few seconds and others take several days. Highest transactions are generally possible via e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller in Online Casinos.

You have to pay in and out of equal accounts?

Due to the license regulations, players must always pay in and out of the same account at almost every online casino. That's why you should think about your deposit on which account you want to receive your potential profits.

Which alternatives are available in an online casino to PayPal?

Who does not want to deposit with PayPal, who can also decide for another e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. Otherwise, transactions with credit cards are similarly fast, but have other disadvantages.

Which alternative payment options are available in online casinos?

The available payment methods differ, depending on which online casino you decide. Most providers provide a mix of credit cards, bank transfer and e-wallets.

Can I pay by SMS in the online casino?

Generally you can not pay simply by SMS in the online casino. Instead, you can purchase a paysafecard, which works at least for the deposit similarly uncomplicated.

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