VideoPoker: Learn the exciting poker game

Video Poker is the ideal entry-level game for those who want to play poker. In contrast to species like Texas Holdem, video poker is easy to learn. It's about a Online Casino game, which already occurred in the 70s. On time, VideoPoker was mostly played in the tavern or in the Landcasino.

Top 5 casinos

The different video poker species

Basically, most video poker games are equalized, with a difference that you need a better or worse hand. There are also games with Joker or without. Mostly 5-card Draw poker games are used. These include:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Poker
  • Tens or Better
  • Joker and Deces Wild
  • Deuces Wild
  • Bonus poker

There are also games where the player plays against the dealer. This includes, for example, Caribbean Stud Poker. This is usually offered in the live casino. Although it is not the classic video poker game, but with a foot it is still in this genre.

If you do not know any of these games, you should not play in the game casino. We recommend you rise in demo mode and look at the different variants. The game principle is the same, but if you do not know how many hands you need, you can not respond properly. For that reason, you should always look in advance what kind you have at all. Also, if they are already practiced. Always play a few rounds for the mood in free mode. The likelihood of confusion is otherwise great that they do not know what they are actually playing for a variant. The good news. Often it is just about which hands you need. So it's not always that bad.

Playing the video poker

In the next section, we explain the course of video topics. For beginners, this is not difficult to realize because they can not really do much except the cards. But nevertheless, you have to learn certain basic rules, so you know what you actually do.

In the poker, no matter what kind, it usually comes to the values of the cards. These must sit for you to react correctly and steer the game in the desired direction. Learn the values best, or create a note next to the computer so you can spit.

As a rule, almost all variants are played so. The player takes his use and clicks Start (Deal). Now the player receives a hand with 5 cards. Now this can decide if he wants to keep the cards or eject individuals. Those who want to keep them are marked with the button "Hold". Then the player clicks on "Draw".

Now the player's replacement cards are offered. This hand is finally and decides whether the player wins or not.

Know the values of the poker hands

To be successful in the video copy, you should know what value the individual cards have. In addition, different types, different minimum hands apply. Sometimes you need a "drilling" or a "boy or better". Also, there are games where you should have a "couple", or "10 or better".

Whether you gamble dice poker, video poker games or normal table poker. There are card orders that are always valid.

Remember as follows:

  • Highest card
  • High card
  • One pair
  • Two pair
  • Three of a child
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Four of child
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush

Do not worry, in the first moment, video poker sounds complicated. In fact, it is a simple game to make a relaxed start. Later, you can still change to other poker species. Here you practice wonderfully the card values and can react quickly. That's why video poker is an ideal beginner game for the poker onlineCasino.

Practice video poker in online casinodemo mode

In the beginning you should not inevitably invest money. Why also - play video poker games for free in online casino and you can not pass anything. Then, if you once master the cards values, you can still try a real money game in the gaming sculpture as a player.

Take advantage of the game mode to try strategies. Honestly, there are no tricks that work 100%, but many things are grasped the game. For example, Martingale. In this strategy, you increase the use of round for round until you win. If this is worth it, you will find out in which you try it in demo mode.

Important, play video poker only on reputable websites. Best right in online campasino. There you should not log in in some cases. Zock is possible on some pages without registration. If, if this does not hurt. After all, you should not invest anything. Unfortunately, there are some websites that are not safe. Especially if it is free pages, you have to be careful. Here are often viruses or malware ruining your computer. In addition, sometimes the abovals wait for you. Free does not always mean for free. That's why you should read the terms and conditions everywhere, especially where you sign up. Pay attention to whether the website is SSL-encrypted and has all privacy information needed.

Poker bonus in online casino?

You want to use a bonus for poker games? A good choice, after all, rewards are ideal. This makes a lot going on in the way and you should not pay for your game. As far as a free bonus is. We want to explain to you briefly, with which bonuses you can count and also we tell you what you should pay attention to. Much joy

Mostly the bonus actions apply to slot machines. For example, in many online casinos you get a 100% bonus with up to 100 US. You can then use these for slots. Partly there are also free games or no deposit bonus offers. With a free premium no deposit is necessary, with a 100% casin bonus you get 100% the amount on top of that. If you pay 100 US, there are 100 US. As simple as that. Sounds cool, it is too.

Unfortunately, there is a little chop with the bonuses. Each casino bonus has to be released. Only then do you get a payout. The sales request is different high. 20x, sometimes 30x or even 50x. If you get 100 US, you would have at 50x, at 5.Play 000 US. Only then do you belong to the bonus money or the profits.

Unfortunately, however, we have to admit that some bonus offers are not intended for poker games. Sometimes they do not count at all to the sales requirements or only partially. 10% or 20% are common here. This means you would have to play the premium much more often than slot machines that are 100%. Tip: Would you like to gamve video tops and they win a high sum. Nobody says that you have to implement everything at Video Poker. You can still switch to the slot machine area. Play the bonus there and are already happy.

One more note: Profits resulting from No Deposit bonuses or free games are also limited. Here are highest 50 or 100 US are paid out. This annoys some players and many overlook this rule because they do not read the terms and conditions properly. You should definitely do so that you do not experience disadvantages. Read the terms and conditions from the beginning to the end. This is ensured that you have joy with the premium.

Free games can not be redeemed in video poker games at all. These have a certain value and are only in good hands in the slot. Exceptions confirm the rule as always. If you would like to get a casino bonus for video copiers, you should compare the various offers. Mostly there are better actions on casino pages specializing in poker or report directly on a poker page. Sure you will get a casino bonus that you like. Sometimes you have to research a little, but mostly it's worth it.

The best online casinos to play a poker:

888 Casino

The 888 casino is desirable and looks back on a long story. During this time you also learned there how popular video poker can be. In the relevant area of online casinos you will find, for example, Deces Wild, Jacks or Better, Casino Stud, Mississippi Stud, Aces and Faces, Jokers Wild, American Poker and Three Card Poker Zocken. Also in LiveCasino poker is not too short. Furthermore, on the 888Casino is always great, how solid the entire platform is built and that there is simply incredible many different entertainment options. VideoPoker is just a part of it!

MR Green

This provider has a LiveCasino area that can satisfy most live casino sads. There are not only many different poker tables with different use limits, but also numerous other live games. Even more choice is available at the software-based poker - just click on the tab "Table Games" and look around. We can not imagine that you could not find it here.

777 Casino

The 777Casino is a virtual offshoot of the famous land-based US game hall to Davos. All excellence, which one can expect from this operator, can also be found in online casino again and in relation to video copper was also not shocked: you can gather the software-based version or go to the right poker games in the live science.

Small tips that always help

Even with the video Poker Bonus, you need to consider the rules. For example: You have to put the bonus multiple times. How often, gives the respective game casino. For example 20x, 40x, 50x. Get 100 francs and 40x apply, you have to be 4.000 US francs. Read the bonus conditions in advance so that you are not surprised and not getting your profit at the end. Sometimes there is several free games instead of a bonus.

No matter what you use and how exactly you play, some tricks always go:

  • Know game rules exactly
  • Know card values exactly
  • First practice with free play
  • Fun is the main thing
  • If necessary, set limits
  • Bonuses and promotions use

You can also use these. If you are not out of the victory, such a bonus can definitely help you to learn the poker hands. From the Joker to the best hand. Look forward to video top, and experience a highlight after another. The perfect entry into the poker world, for those who want to learn it from scratch.

Faith puts mountains, so say

Now we give you a tip, which may happen to you weird. We give you the advice nevertheless. Finally, we live in a time when wonders are possible. We do not talk about witchcraft or the like. Also, we can not promise you that it works 100%. But you can influence your luck a little bit. How this works can be found in the next lines.

They already heard the law of attraction? Books like The Secret are on everyone's lips. If you do not know it yet, you should deal with it. The quantum physics already confirmed it and wonders are possible. Positive thinking alone is not enough, how many believe. It is a life setting that you have to develop. If you are afraid of real money and lives constantly in the defect, will rarely be lucky in the matchcasino. That's why you should really work in itself and develop your own setting.

How do you think, come the famous lucky strands? Suddenly you are lucky and wins round for round. But then it stops again. This is because the fear returns sometime. If you win something, you believe in it, but man is programmed to end all the luck at some point. That's why you doubt and already pull the bad luck. Some always have luck and that's because they no longer doubt. Think about the many people who do with sweepstakes and win everywhere. Believe seriously, it is alone lucky? Of course not, you believe in it, therefore you always win and everywhere.

It is best to deal with the subject of mindfulness today, do yourself together with people who practice it, and practicing successfully. There are enough exercises on the web, many blogs writing about it and there are lots of success experiences. Learn from those who can. Most people make a big mistake, they always believe those who fail, or those who are too ground. Whoever wants to achieve big, whether in the job, in love or the video poker. Allow yourself to dream. Only so do you create it sometime. To guarantee to guarantee, it does not have to come, but the opportunities will improve and they will feel changes in all areas of life.


What are the rules on video poker?

Very shortly you get five cards and then must then discard or keep to deliver such a good leaf as possible. For more detailed information about the poker rules, however, there is a separate contribution.

What kind of video poker is most famous?

Five Card Draw Poker is the kind of poker based on video poker. Then there are different variants, and Deuces Wild is probably the most famous.

Where can I play online video poker?

In every good online casino. All providers we imagine here on our site have not only convinced us with regard to video poker, but also leave a good overall impression.