Progressive Jackpots: The Jackpots of Online Casinos

When will I crack the jackpot? And maybe I even become a millionaire in the casino? Someday in the lottery! Is there a bigger luck? All these essentials Questions and thoughts Have you ever gone through my head. We always tell ourselves that it is impossible to come to a multisimous fortune. They fool themselves. The progressive jackpots of online casinos may be in their range and they do not require much use of them.

Online casinos also offer progressive jackpots. The jackpots on the game platforms of the online providers are connected to each other and often exceed one million euros. You can be cracked on special games, often at slot machines. Now you just have to know how to do it, so you at least have the touch of a chance. We will explain that to you now.

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Never set to the same slot machines

The first important point you need to know: It is useless to put all your money on a single slot machine. Statistically, you have a greater chance to crack the jackpot when you set a single time on multiple slot machines. So expand your game radius! If you know that you get nothing back when playing at a progressive slot machine, then you should multiply your opportunities. Why do you only want to play on an automatic, if it is still compulsory to put the maximum sum to qualify for the progressive jackpot.

Secure the necessary budget

To crack the progressive jackpot, the online casino operators require them to make the permitted maximum. This condition is mandatory and unavoidable. But before you can get a jackpot, you may need two, three, four or 100 attempts. Therefore, you need a long breath for the search for the progressive jackpot. You have to save a lot of money before you dare. If you have the necessary funds, you also need to know what to use this: You have to be aware that you can lose your entire use. Then you have to start again from 0. Are you ready for it?

Play in slot machines that are worthwhile

Progressive jackpots are as fleeting and randomly that it is hardly or not possible to determine when they are cracked. Find out about slot machines that count the most winners. Some are more generous than others, as their jackpot falls more frequently. So if you are ready to spend your money, then you should do that at a machine that offers you real winning opportunities.

Which ones are the best slot machines for a progressive jackpot?

We do not just want to talk about the theory. Of course we also call you a few games where you can grab a jackpot. We start directly with the famous Megamoolah. This slot is mentioned wherever it gives jackpot slots. No question. After all, he belongs to the best, the best. Megamoolah was produced by Microgaming and congratulated numerous players in the past. As a result, we want to deal with the most important facts, so that it is clear what it is about. Have fun

Mega Moolah: The different versions

There are different versions of Megamoolah. For example, Megamoolah Isis, Megamoolah Summertime or 5 Reel Drive. But here it should be noted that of course it does not exist everywhere the jackpot. This is usually in the original slot. Who speculates on the jackpot, should therefore play this slot machine and no other.

In the original megamoolah machine, there are also four different jackpot species:


These are small profits, which are always played again. This definitely exceeds the deposit amount and ensure exciting moments.


This is one of the Game Jackpot, which is usually over 100 $. He is distributed more frequently and can partially provide even more surprises.


This jackpot may already be seen. Although there is no million, but hundreds of thousands of euros. Major Jackpots are distributed more frequently than for example Mega Jackpots.


These are those jackpot whom everyone wants to have. The Progressive Mega Jack Pot, which made some players kingdom. Who knacks this is almost always one millionaire. The lowest profit amount is around $ 1 million. Underneath it is hardly played. The highest sum was around 18.9 million. Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly when it's time. That's what jackpots are in themselves. If there is a lot in pot, you should definitely stay as a player. Especially if you want to win a lot.

Not wondering, the payout rate is at tight 88.12%. This is normal because less is paid out. When it's time, then there is a coal. That's why nobody has to wonder about the low RTP. Such odds are normal for many progressive slots. Whoever wants to achieve small profits more often, should play better at a low volatility machine. The wonderful online casinos is that there is something for everyone.

Similar super slot machines that also have a lot of pot in the pot are among the Mega Fortune from Netent, but also Joker Millions, Hall of Gods and others.

How to recognize players how much money is in the jackpot?

Most casinos present a kind of thumbnails and this can be deduced how much money is in pot. Unfortunately, the sums are not displayed in some. In this case, the player must open every single slot so that he learns the buzzer. For large slots, for example, Megamoolah is reported everywhere. That's why you should not overlook the sum here. At the latest in the slot it is clear anyway. Who speculates generally on jackpot vending machines, plays anyway where there are unique offers.

You can play a progressive slot machine with a bonus?

This question can handle numerous players. What about the bonus offers related to the jackpot possibilities. The good news, who uses a bonus for a progressive slot, enjoys even benefits in many casinos. Say, who knacks the jackpot, the money should be kept usually. This is not always the case. In some bonus conditions, it is noted that with a NO DEPOSIT bonus or in the free gild winning limits of around 100 $.

Exempted it is to sum jackpot, then this regulation does not apply. However, it is not clear whether this applies to all machines. In case of doubt, we recommend to ask you. If you want to play with Mega Moolah, ask in advance when supporting whether you can keep any profits with a bonus or not. Let us give this in writing. As a result, it is clear whether to keep the money or not. Better double and triple demands than once too little. Otherwise they annoy themselves and receive the million not paid out.


How much money do you have to invest, so you win a few million euros?

The good news, with a progressive real money Jackpot, it is usually no matter. Whether you are in 50 cents or 100 euros. Each player enjoys the same opportunities on the main goal. That's why Megamoolah and Co are so popular. Just because with small buzzing big jackpots are possible. In Las Vegas Zock as many people at Jackpot machines. 200 euros in a slot to throw and think, now you crack the megage world, somehow does not feel well. Although the chances are actually the same. But we people think more if we play 200x, we have better. That's why you should die 10 cents 200x instead of everything at once.

Is there any online casino progressive super jackpot slots?

No, unfortunately, not every casino presents Jackpot Slots. Even those who can play microgaming games. Even there it happens that there is no mega moolah. Some have only small jackpot slots that you do not know. Also there is acceptable sums. But millions of wines can be found more at Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and Co.

When are most jackpots played?

Unfortunately we can not tell you that because it is different. Sometimes in the morning, next time in the evening or in the afternoon. Unfortunately there are no Game statistics. As always and everywhere we recommend. Then play at a slot if you feel like you should now play on vending machines xy. Most gamers attract because they lead themselves from destiny. Do not insist on a profit, let yourself lead you, making the chances of winning higher. Let go the magic word.

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