US Casinos St. Gallen - play in the canton St. Bile

The most important data at a glance

address St. Jakob-Strasse 55
city St. Bile
Postal code 9900
E-mail Support @ USCasinos.chest
phone +41 71 394 30 30
Homepage www.UScasinos.Ch / Stgallen

St. There are already existed since the 7. century. There is also a lot of visitors in the area. But also the Casino St. Gallen is considered an attraction, because here players can take advantage of a modern Game bench enjoy in a traditional atmosphere. The place St. Balen offers next to the casino but also a lot of other great offers, such as a Kunsthalle, must and the historic church of the place. Who plans a visit, so can discover much more than just the casino.

Open hours and etiquette

Currently the US Casino must also be in St. Stay closed closed. Due to the current situation, not only the USCasinos, but all the game banks of USA are closed. When they are reopen, is still unclear. That's why it's worth the news to follow to learn when the casino in St. Gallen is opened again. In our article, we are based on the information provided before closing the casino.

Before the casino had to close, the doors of the casinos were of Monday to Saturday 9h to 19 o'clock opened. Compared to other casinos, the opening hours are very short - striking is that the casino can not be visited for a long time in the evening. the Table games like Black Jack and Co can also only from 15 o'clock be played. Because this becomes dealer or. Croupiers needed to accompany you when playing. Before you visit the casino, you should definitely check the opening hours.

Of course you are allowed to play the game bench of USCasinos only from 18 years enter. That's why you have to show a badge when entering. The staff is obliged to record your personal data and scan your ID card, driver's license or passport. This requires the law to prevent money laundering in USA. So do not wonder if your ID will be removed briefly.

Note that the USCasinos belong to all together. If you can be blocked with one of the casinos, the other USCasinos taboo are also!

Also US Casinos St. Have No strict dresscode. However, the staff attaches great importance to a well maintained appearance. You do not necessarily have to come in the suit with tie or in the evening dress. However, torn jeans, shorts or tank tops are not welcome. Before you play, you should also make sure that you give your hats, jackets and bags at the wardrobe of the casino.

US Casinos St. Gallen has one Concession B Authority from USA. This means that players per game can only use a maximum of 25 US. In addition, the casino may only provide a limited number of tables for blackjack and co.

If you want to make a little break from playing, there is an experience bar and lounge. There you can order different drinks in the staff and also take them to play with the slots.

For all smokers there is one Smoking area. This is signposted, but of course you can also ask the staff for assistance.

Game offer

We do not know it differently from UScasinos in Schaffhausen and Co - there is a large selection of best games and slots. Who at the 200 different slot machines want to play that at any time during opening hours. There is a lot of video vending machines with different games.

If you like to connect slots and table games, there are also 16 stations for multi roulette. Here you can easily play without a dealer at the slot machine.

If you do not feel like playing at slot machines and slots, you can also play on the tables that the casino offers. Here visitors can Four roulette tables, four blackjack tables and a poker table to play. At the poker, the casino focuses on Texas Hold'em. However, note the tables Minimum, Because this can differ greatly.


St. Gallen is located in the east of USA. About the numerous access roads to Lake Constance and in the city St. Even is that Casino quick to reach. The easiest way is if you are planning the route with Google. Take advantage of the Google Route Planner and enter US Casinos St. Go up. For orientation, you can look for the Radisson Hotel and follow the signs. There is a parking garage in the St. Jakob Strasse 55 - It is the parking garage of the Radisson Hotel, with the US Casinos St. Bile. There are 164 parking spaces and the parking spaces are available around the clock. Furthermore, there are also other parking garages near the casino. Best to look at Google to find this directly.

If you prefer to travel by bus and train, of course you also have this possibility. In the Google Route Planner, for example, you have selecting the option to select public transport - then all available connections are displayed.

The Online Casino - Online.UScasinos.chest

On the website online.UScasinos.Chine the online casino of USCasinos. This is the online offer of UScasinos in St. Gallen, but also Schaffhausen, Pfäffikon and Zurich.

The online casino offers a lot of opportunities to play the super slots and games online. The best thing is that new players can get a bonus you can use directly to play.

Choice of play

UScasinos offer a clear selection of games. Among them are a series of slot machines, but also various other games like Black Jack and Co. All slots can first be tested as a demo version. So it is especially for new players easy to get a first impression without registering directly.

As the name suggests, you can play in the category "Rappen Slots" with only a few raps. If you would like to put more francs for higher profit amounts, you can also do that in the "Highroller" area. New games can be found in the category of the same name.

In addition to the slots and slot machines, of course, there is also table games. There you can read the rules for each game and also live games like Black Jack, Roulette and Poker.

Offers and Promotions

The offers and promotions are the peculiarity of online casinos, as they usually do not know these from a land-based casino. UScasinos offers online for the first three deposits up to 250 US bonus at. Everything you need to do is deposit and accept the bonus. After the first deposit, you will also receive 10 free games - for 5 days.

Further offers and actions can find players on the website of USCasinos.


Registration with USCasinos is fast and uncomplicated. Just click on "Register" to log in to the provider.

Before registering, read the terms and conditions for using online casinos. Also make sure that the website is accessible exclusively for players from USA. Players from Germany and Austria can not play here unfortunately.

Once you have completed all mandatory fields for registration and the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation.

Customer service and general information

If you have general questions or concerns about the online offer of UScasinos, there is a lot of information on the website. Check if you can find an answer to your question among the most frequently asked questions and related answers.

Otherwise, however, you also have the option to contact the customer service of the casino. Your individual questions can you at the Live chat of UScasinos set up and receive an answer within a short time.

On the website of USCasinos, no question remains unanswered. So just contact problems and do not hesitate. Also read the Casino Renzension for US Casinos-ch.