Blackjack Online: Our guidebooks and the best blackjack online casinos

Each player knows blackjack, because hardly one Other game is so tightly connected to the term casino like this. Some would even go to say that Black Jack is a real part of the world's casino culture. Whether you find this now or not - in this post you can learn all kinds of knowing about this card game, get to know the different variants and how to choose the optimal online casino for blackjack gambling.

Blackjack General

Like roulette, there is blackjack in as good as every casino. Both in the terrestrial and in the online sincinos on the Internet - Blackjack is played everywhere and played with the help of playing cards zealously points to beat and win the croupier.

The offer on the Internet is particularly varied, because there is more than just a kind of blackjack, and the game rules can even differ from table to table in the live casino, or game to play with the software-based games. Basically, there are three ways for players who want to gamble the blackjack game:

  • In a terrestrial game room.
  • In the online casino as a software-based game.
  • In the online casino in the live casino area.

However, one always remains the same: Who holds a legendary blackjack in the hand, will gain automatically and accumulate the real money. This card combination gave the game its name and usually consists of an ace that can value the 1 or 11 points, and a picture card with a 10 point value value. If you come to 21 points in this way, you can put your mission back into your own pocket, plus extra coal.

But let's go back a bit back in the past. How does it happen that today we gamble blackjack? How old is the game and where it comes from?

How come blackjack? A small journey into the past

Who does not want to know. When and where was blackjack invented? You can track the whole thing at all and why just 21 digits? Some questions will probably stay unanswered forever. The fact is that the Black Jack is fun and this has been many centuries. Even when the game was still very different names. Which ones are experienced in the next section.

When Blackjack was now invented, no one can say exactly. The fact was that it was developed for several centuries. Also, the game changed gradually and after. Finally, there was some precursors that are not unmentioned before blackjack. Trente et Un, for example, a French game, means as much as 31. At that time, the 31 had to be closest. Later, onze Et Demi, with 11.5, Sette E Mezzo 7.5 and Quinze 15 became. As a result, UN or or. Ving etil, this came closer to our blackjack. Was played on 21 points, also called this game seventeen and four.

Unlike we play today, the variants were always played with two players. Sometimes it was the croupier who took the role. The same was always who overbought, loses automatically.

The Americans were definitely that in the end Black Jack made it. That's why it is so popular in the states. In addition, it was adapted so that the croupier does not make a decision and follow certain rules. This was easier for employees who need the credit balanced anyway only in the cash register.

In the 60s, the blackjack game boomed strongly and a book was released, which described the first time the card count. This strategy is not welcome in the casino and generally does not work in online casino. If you dare to try this tactic in a casino, you can be locked. So you should not try.

The A and O: get to know the rules and house advantage

Game rules are always important to know. You should not play as long as you do not know how everything expires. Even if you know it, blackjack is a game that needs exercise. A lot of exercise. It's best to play at the beginning only in demo mode. So long until you master everything and know what you do! If you invest a lot in advance, this indirectly shoots in the wind and just does not pay off the blackjack. Save the coal. Wait better for a week longer and improve your skills.

If you want to gamble blackjack, you should definitely know the rules first. Because even if the game looks very simple and in principle also simple, there is much more in detail, which should still be considered when you really want to win seriously. As with every gambling, a player must first Blackjack rules (often called Black Jack Rules) understand before he has a chance of profits. Blackjack is a game with a whole series of rules of rules that you should definitely master to be at the table, whether virtually or real,.

There are different ways to influence the further gameplay with your decisions. If you want to be successful, so do not come around the need to master all the influence opportunities to the game. Only then can you finally play with high winning opportunities blackjack.

The house advantage of the casinos is a fact that we like to enlighten you, because even at the Black Jack everything is a question of the house advantage of the casino. If you do not know what is meant by this, just read through our article and it will light you immediately.

So again briefly summarized: There are some basic things that you should definitely understand as a prospective blackjack player first before you put a use of real money on the game. These are:

  • The rules
  • The gameplay
  • House advantage
  • The value of each card
  • Your options and options for action during the game

Once you have this basic knowledge, it is important to practice as much as possible. In addition, they are then ready to expand the basic knowledge through the understanding of a blackjack strategy and with the help of these tricks to reduce the house advantage even further in their favor. On the subject of tips, we will report even more later - but now we look at a small overview of the different variants of Blackjack, which there are nowadays.

Black Jack Online has many different variants

If you have been playing blackjack for a long time, it's time for variety. Due to the global distribution of the blackjack, different variants have arisen over time, of which we would like to introduce you to the most important. So you can choose the best blackjack variant and fully offer.

With our comprehensive guide we offer you the opportunity to discover a brilliant game that is very different from the others, as the strategy plays a very important role. We wish you a good gaming experience and hope that we could contribute a little to your success.

There are many variants of blackjack today. We only introduce you to the most important:

  • The Big Five Blackjack
  • The peculiarity of the Big Five Blackjack is that 5 different decks are used. In this variant, the dealer can not have any hand worth more than 17 points. By the way, the players also have the right to double two different cards. You can also separate the cards whose total value is 10 points. The Big Five Blackjack allows actions that would be unthinkable at the classic blackjack - and that's exactly where its charm.

  • The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack
  • In this variant, the dealer always has the right to pull new cards as long as he does not exceed the 17 points. The Vegas Single Deck Blackjack can not be doubled, except for numbers 9, 10 and 11. In addition, you can sting an ace, even if the player only receives a single card. The player must not double after he has stung a sheet. Despite all this natural species, it is the main feature of this variant that the player is not allowed to get out of the game.

  • The Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Very famous. The Atlantic City Blackjack uses 8 decks. In this variant you can double two cards at any time, but only a few aces sting. This variant is therefore the most similar to the conventional blackjack, the more, since it is quite allowed to get out of the game, unlike the Vegas single-deck blackjack.

  • The Classic Blackjack
  • Only one card deck is used. The Classic Blackjack allows the croupier no matter what card to pull after the value 17 has been reached. However, only 9, 10 and 11 may be doubled. In this variant you can sting a sheet with a total value of 10 points. However, it is forbidden to double after a leaf stabbed. Last but not least, the Classic Blackjack does not allow an exit.

  • The Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • More and more popular on the net, the Vegas Downtown Blackjack also allows the croupier to play and draw with 17 points. The players have the opportunity to double two different cards and also sting three times, but only with aces.

Black Jack Tips - There's a lot to learn

As you can recognize on the above list of blackjack variants, the essential differences in blackjack relate to the following things:

  • How many card decks is played
  • Whether you can double
  • Whether you have a hand with two cards that have the same value, "split" to continue playing with a second insert
  • Whether you have the option to admit at, if you have a bad hand
  • Whether the dealer may continue to draw a card when he has 17 points
  • Whether you can "assure yourself" against a blackjack of the dealer

Base tables for each game

As you can see, Black Jack is only a straightforward game at first glance. But not afraid: gradually they will understand all these subtleties and learn how to use them for their own advantage. If you feel "so far," you can learn to learn a blackjack strategy.

The Blackjack table should know each one who plays with real money or does not always want to be the one who has to drink the most short. Especially when you gamble blackjack in the casino, then you should know that the type of application of strategies is the most important thing about this casino game. You first learn the Black Jack Basic Strategy You should master them perfectly before they go to other strategies.

Probably the most famous tactic is probably the playing cards, because it was famed by the legendary book "Beat the casinoderal". In the casino world there is also enough legends of blackjack players who have mastered card counting and have brought some casinos around a lot of coal.

The real challenge: blackjack cards count

The blackjack cards include builds on the basic strategy and is the right instrument for courageous players to beat the casino a snippet. the Blackjack cards count Strategy is very famous because it is the subject of numerous studies and also the theme of an American film called Las Vegas 21, to which we go closer to another article. Even if these tactics simply seems, their application is anything but easy and to master you a lot of time and exercise.

To improve the accuracy of card counting, you have the opportunity to use the right counter strategy. After the card counting strategy you should learn this blackjack strategy and install in your game.

Professionals are characterized by the fact that they have more love for blackjack. Therefore, they know all strategies, read all the reading in which the word blackjack is printed and use their superior knowledge to gain more. Are you ready to do it the professionals right?

But attention, the card counting does not work in online casino. Who thinks now, he can try it online, will not come far. That's because you have to see the shoe during card counting. But this is not visible online. In the pure table game, there is generally just a digital shoe. Nobody knows how many maps are included. If it is a livecasino, you will also have insight. The dealers already know how they work so that no tricks are feasible.

We also want to warn you, counting cards is prohibited in many casinos. If you get caught, you will accompany and lock them outside. It is truly about a tactic that works well, that the casinos also know. That's why they are so strict and do not let it. If you really dare, then you have to practice as long as you can. In no case should they go to the casino too early, otherwise they will be exposed and fly out. It's best to play with a friend who takes over the dealer. Because they can practice bad in the casino and because it does not work online. There is sure someone who supports you.

Practice, practice, practice

But there are also other strategies, with the help of which something clever can be played. It does not always have to go to complicated probability accounting or above-average brain achievements. It sounds so easy, so often a certain fact will overlook the zealous blackjack players again and again: you have to practice.

Yes, that sounds boring, after all, nobody wants to feel here as in school lessons. But it's just that you get better and even more confident, the more Black Jack round you have already brought behind yourself. The more you exercise, the better you control card values, knows about the different variants and scenarios and can see the important base tables in sleep.

Now comes but our actual tip: practice for free. Play Black Jack in a software-based style and first view it from making a commitment with real money. Lift the gaming with real money for later and gamble in demo mode. So do not put hard-earned real money on the game, the pressure to win, falls away and you can concentrate entirely on the essentials. Fortsey games are lucky in the internet - even directly here with us on the page.

We know that you probably did not have such an outstanding player to gamble for free. Rather, they probably want to win as much real money as feasible. Especially for this reason you will discover our casinos here, where we have a good feeling. We believe that you can maximize your profits here.

Black Jack Casino - Which is the best?

After you learned to play Black Jack properly, you can properly introduce yourself to the world of blackjack. You can analyze other players looking out the best casinos and the one or the other game completely for free to play.

But here's the question: which is the best online casino to play blackjack?

You should pay attention to this

First of all: There is no online casino provider, which you clearly have the title "the best of all". There are hundreds of online casinos today, because gambling on the Internet is booming, and ensures hardest competition between the casinos. Only providers who convince all around and provide satisfaction, seriousness and playing at all levels, can prevail. It's just not enough if a casino provider is just good in offering blackjack games. Even with the roulette everything must be right, and in the field of slot machines, good bonus offers must be found, preferably a chic VIP program, where you are rewarded properly with free spins ... Players have very high demands today!

What is our opinion a good online casino?

  • A valid online luck license license from a reputable regulatory authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority. For US players, the online casinos with US license are interesting.
  • Large games offer - the more choice, the better.
  • Games that come from well-known manufacturers, such as Netent, Microgaming, or, in the case of Live Casino, Evolution Gaming.
  • A first class customer support.
  • User-friendly website and mobile app.
  • The greatest possible selection of secure and fast payment methods.
  • A great welcome bonus and other nice bonuses and promotions for existing players.
  • Great extras also include, such as a particularly original VIP or loyalty program, exclusive games that otherwise there are nowhere, prices and awards, etc.

Read test reports: Research is the key

On the basis of all these criteria we evaluate the online scasinos, which we introduce in detail in the test reports on our website. So we take the work to log in to different online casinos and to find out there by own, sometimes bad experiences, how well this casino provider suits you. Read our reviews and you get current and well searched information about the different candidates on the silver tray. You can also be sure of the online summercasinos recommended by us that you are one hundred percent serious and safe. Sophisticated companies that do not hold on to the rules of the game, play players around their real money and then never reachable, get no chance with us.

On the subject of Black Jack, it can be said that it is particularly important for you as a player who wants to focus on Black Jack, from the outset to know how they want to play mainly blackjack. If you are magical attracting the livecasino, then look for a casino provider that is characterized by an excellent livecasino. If, however, you prefer to play the normal software type of blackjack, then look after these games. Ultimately, it's all in your hands, for which online casino you decide. However, we hope that we can help you with our test reports and also with contributions around certain casino games, whose rules and peculiarities.

The best online casinos play for live blackjack

& # x2b50; Karamba & # x2b50

In the Karamba LiveCasino, several blackjacks discovered from the studios of Evolution Gaming and Netent. So you can be convinced that the casino games are fair and the LiveDealer High Competent and Charming. Finally, it makes much more fun to play against an attractive dealer! If you click on the category of table games at the non-live play, you will find a huge selection of different types of blackjack. Is great for practicing.

& # x2b50; NetBet & # x2b50

Also in the Netbet Online Casino is the selection of different blackjack play huge big. Above all, the LiveCasino scores above all. On these tables, which are also in the studios of evolution gaming, no boredom can occur. Because of the wide selection, it is always clear that you can most likely get a place at a table, even at peak times, such as in the evening. Is it too full or you prefer to be "among themselves", there is enough software-based blackjack games.

& # x2b50; MR Green & # x2b50

MR Green is generally considered one of the best online casinos out there. This is probably because this provider is simply an all-rounder. Games over 2000 is something for everyone - so on for the fans of blackjack online. The MR Green Casino offers various live casino blackjack games, directly from the studios of evolution gaming. If you want to play the software version of Black Jack, you have even more choice.

You can also play blackjack on the smartphone?

Of course, there is the possibility to gamble the games on the smartphone. Where, if not there, there are so many occasions. All those who want to practice blackjack, get a app or play in an online casino. There are much choice on the web. It is just important that you play on a reputable side and that you pay attention to where to sign up.

This also applies to free games pages. Apps get them best only in the official store or on the casino sites. Otherwise, they risk viruses on the smartphone. Basically blackjack works everywhere wonderful. Thanks to HTML5 you play the casino game on Android devices, as well as on Windows, iOS or Linux. Just pay attention that your phone is not older than 5 years old. We also recommend all updates so that the gaming is running fluently.

If you want to play in the live casino and this in real money mode, you also have some possibilities. Basically, the live dealer games work without problems. But definitely a good connection is recommended so you enjoy optimal graphics. It jerks, you can not play well. That's why we always recommend to play in your own network. Please refrain from gambling in public Wi-Fi. These are unstable and also provide a security risk.

Where you can play blackjack best for free?

Several times we mentioned that you should play blackjack free of charge. Now we would like to betray you where you do this best. Well, there is no right or wrong. All ways lead to Rome and also to Black Jack. S safestly you are canceled in online casino. If you want to switch to real money mode later, catch it directly there. Log in and play in the table play area. Many online casinos offer a free demo mode so that there should be no problems. If you have found your demo mode, practice best daily.

It is important that you only log in to reputable pages. Just when it comes to a demo game, it may be that you get on pages where you have to complete a subscription. You should definitely avoid this. Always read the terms and conditions, especially where there is for free. That's why we meant that online casinos per se are secure. Everything is licensed, encrypted and virus-free. For free pages, you can also happen that you can get any malicious software to the computer. Of course there are also free apps or games on social media platforms. Blackjack is basically always the same. That's why it does not matter where you play, a change is still realizable later.

Since there is only one pack of playing cards, you can play Black Jack or with friends. A nice little game suitable for New Year's Eve or similar festivities. Take the opportunity and play with your acquaintances. Let's be the dealer, then again the player. Also, it makes sense in the live casino train and pay attention to what the dealer is driving. Learning by doing means the motto so you will get better.


You can also play blackjack online for free?

Of course, there are a demo area in many online casinos where you try blackjack without risk as you like. Alternatively, some apps and fun pages on the web are waiting for you. As always and everywhere, pay attention to safety. Not that you suddenly complete a subscription on free sides. Read the terms and conditions and pay attention to SSL encryption. Also play with friends is fun. Meet yourself and treat yourself to a round blackjack.

You can play blackjack for free in the live casino?

Unfortunately, this is not feasible because live casinos, as the name already says, are held live. The employees must be paid, so is not feasible that you play for hours for hours. Who wants, but can sit and look at some providers at the table. EvolutionGaming is not a problem. Simply log in and be there. An insert is not necessary, but mostly a registration.

Is there a bonus for blackjack in the online casino?

Most bonus offers and free spins apply only to the slot machine area. However, there are also bonuses for table games, but here you have to weigh exactly if you want this. If so, these usually apply only partly to the sales requirements. It is best to compare the different ways to get a bonus that best suits your needs. There, where many table games are present, there are usually useful rewards.

Blackjack is offered in every Unlie Casino?

According to our experiences, there are only a few online casinos where Black Jack is not offered. It is the casino game number 1. That's why it's almost everywhere. At least on those platforms that offer table games or a live casino. Is it a pure slot machine casino, of course there is no blackjack. We have examined some casinos for you. Check out our reviews and find out where Black Jack is waiting for you.