Grand Casino Kursaal Bern: Enjoy entertainment

The most important data at a glance

Address: Kornhausstrasse 3
City: Bern
Postal code: 3000
Phone: +41 (0) 31 339 55 55
Homepage: www.Grandcasino Bern.chest

In the Grand Casino Kursaal Bern guests can look forward to the best games and top entertainment. the Game bench has a concession of the US authority and is thus not only serious, but above all completely legal. Discover the many different possibilities on the website and are still planning your visit today.

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently the Grand Casino Bern is closed in USA. That's why the information provided on the website is currently very limited. A reopening of the casino is end of February or. planned in March. If you want to get more detailed information about the opening hours and the different options, you can contact the casino by phone.

Next to the play area, the Grand Casino Bern also offers a bar / restaurant called Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar. Here guests can order different cocktails and drinks, but also food as in the restaurant. After entering the casino each guest receives a free drink included.

The Crazy Daisy Kitchen Bar is of Sunday to Wednesday between 12 o'clock and 2 o'clock opened. At the Thursday you can visit the locally from 12h to 4pm and Friday and Saturday is Crazy Daisy open from 12h to 5pm for you.

On the website of the Grand Casinos Bern you can already get an overview of the menu of the restaurant. There you will find US specialties, but also snacks like Currywurst or fries.

There is No strict dresscode in the Grand Casino Bern. The employees are trying to feel as well as possible. You should only be careful not to get in swim shorts, flip flops or tank tops. Tie and suit are not necessary. Just choose a classic outfit in which you can feel comfortable.

Game offer

In the Grand Casino Bern, players can choose between the most popular games. For example, you have the opportunity Roulette to play. For this you can even find all the rules and everything you need to pay attention to on the website. Depending on which table you play, you must pay attention to the minimum.

In addition, you can also get a number of different ones in the casino Blackjack options to use. Again, online on the website are the most important rules.

Who likes to play poker, can also at the Poker tables Casinos play.

Maybe a well-known game in the Grand Casino Bern is Diceball. This dice game is widespread in the US. The game is played with two dice and the goal is to complete as many runs as possible without taking the number 7.

Of course, in addition to the mentioned table games, there are also A selection of best slot machines. But not only slots, but also Video poker machines.

An overview of all available games, conditions, rules and availability can be obtained on the Grand Casino Bern website.


Who wants to arrive by car, can About the highway directly to the casino reach. At the Kursaal Bern Autoparkplatz you can between 11.30h and 5hr cost-effective parking.

Otherwise, you can also come with the tram to the casino. From the Bern's main station you have to Take tram 9 and in the direction Wankdorf travel. You have to get out at the station Kursaal Bern. The tracks run all 10 minutes so they can arrive easily and flexibly.

The online casino: 7melons.chest

In addition to the land-based casino, the Grand Casino Kursaal Bern also has a Online Casino. The online offer is aimed at all players who like to play anytime and flexible. Under the website 7melons.chest Interested parties can find the casino offer. For even more spontaneity you can use the online casino also mobile to use.

Choice of play

All games and options can be retrieved with just one click on the website. 7melons offers a whole range of different slot machines of well-known brands. Here you will find, for example, slots like "Thundestruck II", "Ariana", "Burning Desire" and many more.

In addition to the many machines, players can also enjoy table games. A separate category is available for blackjack. In addition, there is also video poker and some mobile games.

Offers and Promotions

Promotions or offers as we know you from other casinos, Is there 7 melons.not. If there is once a specific action, you can be informed about e-mail about it. Otherwise it is worthwhile to look regularly on the website, whether there are news.


The registry works easily via the website. Just click on "Register" and fill out all mandatory fields. You must make some personal information, including, for example, username, e-mail address, name, date of birth and address. Overall, registration lasts less than 10 minutes and you will receive a confirmation as soon as the registration is completed.

Customer service

For questions or problems, players can reach the employees of the online casinos at any time. The employee team is 24/7 available.

You have the possibility to ask all questions in live chat. You can benefit from the advantage that you can get an answer immediately.

Otherwise, you also have the option to write an e-mail. An e-mail with your questions or concerns can be found at 7melons-Bern @ playersupport.set. Also by e-mail you usually receive an answer to all your questions within a short time.