Online Casino License: The most important information about the licenses!

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular on the web - of them, above all, successful Online Casino Guide. But at the same time, there are many fraud in this entertainment industry, which eventually led to the development of control and regulatory authorities. The main employment of such facility is to guarantee the gaming safety and the comfort of the players. In order to regulate the gambling industry, these commissions have introduced licenses, which only they can grant the interested parties.

The process until the acquisition of a license can be long and tedious. In addition, the online casino must also fulfill certain conditions. Why is that and which are the? Learn more.

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The licenses: One way to regulate the game environment

The authorities fight against illegal machinations and control casinos. They guarantee the normalization and regulation of the gambling industry on the Internet. You need to know that there are more and more authorities issue the game licenses. These are created on the initiative of the respective government and try to provide a certain legitimacy to the providers and the various websites that operate them. In order to be able to operate legal, an online casino is obliged to have a license.

Which tasks have lucky licenses in detail?

We want to take shortly thereafter for what the commissions are responsible and why they protect the players. A license means not only that the online casino may offer your offer. Furthermore, the Commission monitors the providers or reveals them from independent places. Player protection is at the top of the list when it comes to compliance with the laws. We now go through the most important points to pay attention to the casinos and to those who monitor the commissions.

Safety on the website

Probably the most important point is the topic of gambling safety. A player wants to feel safe and canceled on the website. That's why every online casino must have a SSL encryption. This can be recognized by the fact that a lock symbol is located in the browser bar. If the note "not sure" appears there, you should be careful. In this case, the SSL license has expired and the page can be monitored by third parties.

Also an important part, to at least in the EU is the data protection regulation. The commissions check whether the casinos, cookie has information, and whether there are valid terms and conditions. An imprint is not prescribed in any country, therefore not wondering if this is missing on some pages. Of course, even with deposit and withdrawal possibilities, everything must be similar to a high-security worm. These points are checked regularly so that players are allowed to experience a secure gamble. Of course, the companies work exclusively with reputable payment service providers. Even those need licenses that have a validity and are monitored. It is a circle that closes so to speak. If the Casino has no permission, there is no payment service providers. Conversely exactly.

The monitoring of the quotas

A point is also the monitoring of player quotas. Which depends mainly with the provider. Nobody knows how the algorithm is running, but everything must be handled over the Random Number Generator. The coincidence must stop everything, who intervenes here, gets big problems with the commissions. Also checked the live casinos, whether the dealers keep rules and not somehow cheating. The return to players who are given in the games must be right and have their validity. Casinos themselves can not screw on these anyway. This may only be the players themselves. If you change something to the quotas, the number must also be corrected.

The player money must be created safely

Furthermore, the commissions check whether the player's funds are managed on a trust account. Online casinos may not use the credit, the player in any case to make payouts. If the casino goes bankruptcy, Getzer thus get a good care security and receive your credit again. Who does not believe in it, risks that the complete money is playful and the player will not retire their deposits.

The paying periods are checked

Casinos also have to stick to the odds and deadlines. There are regulated laws in the respective country. Should transfers take longer, the customer may complain and contact the Commission. Problematic will then be, if not paid at all. Sometimes it is because the bonus is not released or because violated rules. The Commission offers itself as a conciliation body and helps the two parties find an agreement. If the money is intentionally not paid out, the casino must of course expect punishments.

Player protection and retirement control

An important area is the topic of player protection. The casinos must inform the players where these can turn into a search. Also, the game banks must set limits and lock them if it must be. The commissions also have their own programs and support for any search signs with self-tests and addresses. Age checks must be carried out as well. At the latest in the card copy it can be seen that the player is a minor. No funds may be paid to these. Also, the casino has to hold, otherwise it hails punishment in relation to youth protection.

What happens to an online casino if it does not hold on the rules?

We do not have exact information about this. The fact is, in any case, threaten the game banks as the first high fines. Depending on the tort, this can be several hundred thousand euros. In bad cases, the providers lose their license directly and they must not offer anything on the Internet. As noted by some provider, it may well be that they are still active, but in some countries are considered illegal. In this case, the games are blocked, for example, in Germany or in USA, because they no longer receive permission there. This also runs everything about the commissions.

The legislation that specializes in the granting of licenses

The legislation that can issue licenses for online casinos is often available abroad, especially in the Caribbean and on islands in the Pacific.


The government of the island Malta is one of the first to regulate the market of online casino games. It is very active and is considered innovator in the industry. From this year, the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) could even become the first licensor for games in social networks.


That Curaçao Gaming Control Board is the competent regulatory authority on the island of Curacao, the capital of Dutch Antilles. This authority has been active since 2002 and its licensees are considered particularly serious.


The Gambling Ordinance of Gibraltar Grants a high number of licenses each year. Of course, only if the interested parties at an activity in the Igaming industry meet all the necessary conditions and have sufficiently high funds.


Also on the Philippines Is there a national and independent game commission that regulates the terrestrial and online gambling sector. It is less active than the others, but is very committed to the security of users and the fight against cybercriminality.


the Cypriotic Government regulates all forms of gambling: casino, poker and sports betting. Your control commission ensures the fairness and legitimacy of the licensee.

Costa Rica

Since its foundation, the control commission has Costa Rica already giving more than 300 licenses to companies specializing in gambling and e-commerce. The licensees include 200 among the best international websites.


In France Wake the Arjel about the legality of online casinos. The authority for regulating online gambling makes an exemplary work. But she suffers from the rigidity of the French government, which is currently not ready to allow online casino games.


the Kahnawake Gaming Commission based in Quebec issues licenses for sports betting, online poker and online casinos. The KGC is also very well known internationally in the industry and continues the tradition of its Indian ancestors, which have already worked with gambling.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Financial Services Regulatory Commission of Antigua and Barbuda Grants about 50 licenses each year. On this island, which offers a high quality of life, many companies have now settled.


the Alderney Gambling Commission introduced "free access to the Igaming Market" in 2005. Since then, the AGC operates internationally and has already been able to convince numerous providers from their offer.


The Gaming Control Board of the Government of Belize is responsible for the granting of operator licenses on its territory but also abroad. Belize is one of the states that are particularly well suited for gambling companies, because there costs a license only 10.000 dollars a year.

Isle of Man

The online Gambling Supervision Commission of Isle of Man According to the laws of the online Gambling Regulation Act and Electronic Transactions Act of 2000 and 2001. The authority of this small island is one of the most prestigious in the industry, especially as its selection criteria are very strict.


The last matchcasino licenses were awarded at Schleswig-Holstein, those are extinguished with 2019. The government is currently planning a Reunion of Gamencasino licenses in 2021. Several online casino platforms in Germany should receive new permits. How this will look like in practice will we learn next year.


Since 2019 will be in the USA Officially lucky seasoning. 8 companies get licenses with type A and 13 with type B. The permits were awarded to casino and lottery providers. All online casinos are owned by casino operators who already entertained Landcasinos in USA.


May one play as US abroad?

This question make us many players. The US law actually states that US can only play with their own casino, which own a license in USA. It is still a gray zone. Some play abroad and will not be punished yet. It should be understood that even customers could get penalties or the profits are not paid out. It is always more meaningful to play in one's own country than to capture problems abroad!

Why are some licensors less strict than others?

That's because the laws are different in the different countries. There are some where casino games are completely banned and elsewhere does not matter. Accordingly, the commissions are also. The casinos still need to stick to the laws of their own country. Example: A casino in France with a license to Malta, must not just handle the laws of France. Even if it does not notice the gambling committee, that does not mean that it does not reveal the legislator.

Where do you find the license information as a player?

Mostly at the end of the website. There is the license information listed, but also the logo and the license number. If the number is not found there, then in the imprint, in the terms and conditions or otherwise. If nothing is the same on the side, you should better leave the fingers from the casino.

What else you need to know

You still have questions about the license providers outside the independent territories and legislation? Continue reading: