Online Casinos Gibraltar: The best information about the licensor

Gibraltar is a British oversee territory that Spi exhibits and also a member of the EU is. From a financial point of view, however, it is completely independent of the United Kingdom. For several years now, Gibraltar is known as a center for gambling. At the current date, about 25 Igaming Online Casino companies are resident in the country. They do not deal less than 2.000 employee.

Numerous entrepreneurs hold Gibraltar for an ideal business location. In this article we dedicate ourselves to the license issued by the competent regulatory authority in Gibraltar.

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the government

As in many other countries, you also need a license for top casinos in Gibraltar. The licenses for spacers, including bets on the web and by phone - are awarded by the local control and regulatory authority, the LicensingAuthority of Gibraltar.

The High Commissioner is the chairman of this institution that monitors the legitimate behavior of the online casino licensees. The licensor does not want to ruin his reputation and adapts to whom he gives a license. Although there are seven types of online casino licenses, the following conditions and receivables must be met in any case to get a security license:

  • The licensee must ensure that its advertising and advertising measures contain honest and precise information. Misleading advertising is not allowed.
  • The licensee must fulfill its obligations to the player. The profits must be paid out within the specified deadlines and the licensee must convince itself of his liquidity in relation to his obligations.
  • The online casino licensee must know the name, first name, address and date of birth of each player. He also has to check their identity. However, he has no right to intervene in the private life of the players.
  • The online casino licensee must transfer 1% of its net income to the state of Gibraltar up to a border of 425.000 pound sterling.
  • The licensee (casinos) must submit to the laws of Gibraltar and the applicable tax rates.

The credibility and usability of the Gibraltarian license in USA

The Gibraltar authority has been working on the market since 1998, so it can say that the Licensing Authority in the field of virtual top gambling has great experience. The LicensingAuthority gives licenses that are very difficult to get and that in every online casino area: sports betting, casino games, slot machines, lotteries, billiards or remote games. The online casino authority checks the feasibility of the projects of the providers, their business plan and their bank accounts before assigning a possible license. If the online casino operators love Gibraltar, this is due to the low tax on their profits of only 1%. In addition, they are non-VAT in Gibraltar.

Given the difficulty of acquiring a license in Gibraltar, one can assume that the casinos that own such a license are particularly serious and trustworthy. In our guide you will find a German list of top online casinos to choose from, which also have a license issued there.

This allows you to check if a casino operator is licensed or not

Everywhere is discussed through German online casino licenses, but the question is. How do you recognize if they are valid or not? How do you know as a player that the casino is not fruited and the license is real? A legitimate question we would like to answer. Well, of course you do not know at first. Finally, there are many fake casinos on the web, as it can happen that pages can be copied. The logos of the licensors will certainly be abused on some websites. Nobody knows what the providers of the play casinos on various south sea islands.

That's why we give you a council. Inquire on the licensing site itself. If you are unsure if the casino is legal, you will find the answer there. Writes the casino that it is licensed in Gibraltar, it must also appear there. Most licensors the opportunity to search online. There is a practical search engine with all registered companies. There you can see the online casino website address and can compare these.

You discover a page that is not licensed. Then you should report this directly to the licensor. They help other customers that they do not fall on black sheep and lose a lot of money. In case of ambiguities and problems, of course, the Commission further helps you. For example, they have demonstrably cleared a bonus and receive no disbursement, the licensor will help you to clarify this with the casino or software provider. Nobody lets you stand in the rain. That's why these companies are there to protect the player. Complete complaints from online casinos come, losing the said casinos also their licenses. That's why the gang to the Commission is always a good if all knitches tear.


Can US play online casinos in 2021, licensed on Gibraltar?

The laws in USA actually say that US can only play in their own country. That's why his own US bonus casinos and licenses were launched. So far, it is still a grug. Many players still play abroad. Whether this is still possible, you will see. If you want to play 100% legal, do this in your own country. Otherwise, you risk a restraint of profits and that would be more than annoying.

Which licensor is better? Malta or Gibraltar?

We do not want to divide in good or bad. But the countries all have their favorite commissions. USA likes the Malta licenses rather because they probably made better experiences. But this does not mean that the licenses from Gibraltar are worse. Serious slot machines Casino providers have to stick to the rules, otherwise there are no commissions. There are certain islands where the laws are not so strict. Gibraltar does not belong to this.

Which points takes care of the license

If there is a bonus, for example, it is checked if they are fair in the Games Casino. Also, live casinos are monitored where they can play for roulette or other software. You generally have to read the terms and conditions, and control the operators, whether the rules are really adhered to. Free games, live casino games quotas, app security and more. Everything is monitored and checked. Live games up to slot machines. The deposit, payouts and Co are also reviewed by the companies. So serious slots come together casinos that one can trust.