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The most important data at a glance

address Airport road 225
city Basel
Postal code 4056
E-mail Info @
phone +41 61 327 20 20

The special feature at the Grand Casino Basel is that it is in the middle of the airport. The building is extremely futuristic and really offers everything you want for a successful gaming experience. Basel is close to the French border and thus attracts the attention of many Frenchmen. But the Grand Casino Basel offers significantly more than just one Game bench. There are also various restaurants and bars for a small pause in between. Who is interested in the history of Basel, can also take a trip to the city center.

Opening hours and etiquette

Currently all the game banks of USA must remain closed. This also means that the Grand Casino Basel is currently not open for visitors. When the casino is reopen, is not clear yet. That's why it's worth the news to pursue and see what regulations apply in the future in USA. For our article, we are based on the information to be found before closing on the website.

Before the Grand Casino had to close Basel, guests could visit the casino at the Airport Basel. If you plan to visit, but you should definitely check on the website when exactly the casino is open.

In general, the casino is of Sunday to Thursday from 10pm to 3rd opened. Friday and Saturday the casino is open from 10pm to 5 o'clock - The same applies to holidays.

If you want to enter the casino, at least 18 years old be. This means that you must show a badge. According to US laws, this is scanned at the entrance and stored. In the future you can then play with a membership card in the casino and leave your ID card at home. For international players, it is easy to bring along the passport.

There is No dresscode in the Grand Casino Basel. However, the persons pay attention to a well maintained appearance at the entrance of the casino. This means that you should not come into torn jeans - you should also do without shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Since the casino is on the airport, you can of course give your luggage on the wardrobe.

The Grand Casino Basel has one Concession A the US authority. This means that the casino is completely legal and there is no restrictions - the casino can offer as many games as it wants and also the missions are not limited. Especially for highhollers, the casino offers great opportunities.

In the Grand Casino Basel were before the closure regular events organize. If necessary, the casino can also be booked and used for private events. For example, if you plan a company parties, you can contact the casino and give you more information. The casino has great event and dining rooms for the perfect party atmosphere.

The Casino Basel also has one own dancing lounge. Here even visitors come by, who do not play in the casino. In addition, there is also one Restaurant and a bar For a well-deserved break between the games. There is also a choice of coffee and cake for the caffeine lovers.

Should you plan several days stay - for example, over the weekend from Friday to Sunday - you can Airport Hotel Basel condemn. Here you will find different rooms and a 1a service.

Game offer

In the Grand Casino Basel there is a whole series of different games. During the opening hours, there is not only a lot of slot machines, but also various tables for games like roulette, poker, blackjack and co.

In total, visitors in the Grand Casino Basel can get up Over 300 slot machines be happy. There are various games of different providers. To learn more about it, we recommend reading the reviews of the different games. Some games also offer one jackpot - so you have the opportunity to achieve particularly big profits.

At the machine guests can also Video poker and an electronic roulette game to use.

If you do not feel like slot machines, you can also use the different tables with games. The Grand Casino Basel offers you 8 roulette tables, 5 blackjack tables and 3 poker tables. At Poker, the casino focuses on Texas Hold'em Poker and Omaha Poker. Also find Regular poker tournaments in the casino.


Basel and also the Casino Basel are only A few hundred kilometers from Germany and France. The location can best be seen on Google and plan a suitable route via the search engine. If you are looking for the Airport Basel, you can find the Casino Basel without any problems.

If you want to arrive by car, then go to the highway. Should you from the direction of Germany or directly from USA worth the A2 / A3. Drive here in the direction of France or. EuroAirport. At the Exit Basel-Euro-Airport you can take off and then turn left directly. The advantage of the casino is that you only need to follow the signs from the airport until further notice. As soon as you are close enough, you can already see the red casino building from afar. In addition, the casino is illuminated at night and is even easier to find.

Of course, however, they also have the opportunity to come to location by public transport. If you arrive by bus, then take the Line 50. This is the airport bus, which is used by many travelers. In both directions, the bus stops right in front of the casino - the name of the stop is Friedrich-Miescher-Straße.

Who wishes it something decadent, can also make use of the limousine service. For more information, please contact the casino directly.

The online casino

Although many other game banks in USA also operate an online casino, it has Grand Casino Basel no own online offer. Currently we do not know if the provider plans an online casino in the near future.

Since 2019 there is a new regulation for online casinos in USA. Because these now need an official license of the US authority. As a result, many casinos had to retreat from USA. Only the online casinos, which also operate a casinos in USA. On our pages you will find a lot of articles on the different online casinos and our reviews.

The big advantage of the online casinos is that you Various bonus offers to be able to use. There are a variety of actions and promotions that you can use online.

Especially in view of the current situation, the online casinos offer a unique opportunity. Take advantage of the time to train your skills and skills for blackjack, roulette and co online. Hopefully we can soon summarize ourselves in the game banks of USA personally and let the slot machines let.