Play Craps online for free 2021

Whether online or offline, Craps In the casinos always finds supporters. The free casino game is one of the most popular poker, blackjack, roulette, shooter and slots one of the most popular. Although it is a little complicated for beginners, but exercise makes the master. We give you tips in this article, on which place you can practice it free of charge and give you more useful information. Sometimes Craps is a game that needs acclimation, but it's worth it.

These variants of craps are offered

The most famous version is the European Seven Eleven Craps. It is the version that used as the first dice game in Monte Carlo. In European casinos, the variant "European Seven Eleven" is played almost everywhere because it is simplified.

There are no odds bets, even no come or dont` come. No Lay Bets, No Buy Bets and the Place Bets to 6 or 8. As a beginner you start best with this version because you do more easily.

In the US, the dice game was long frowned, that's why there is a card craps there. Here are the aces, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s used. The game is played with 48 or 72 cards. The rules are identical, as with cubes, except that other symbols are used.

There are also regular craps in which to play with all the betting forms. For beginners, the European is really better, especially if you want to learn it for free. If you call it once, you can still change.

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Which days have the best quotas in the Craps?

We would like to introduce you to different betting options in this section. Also, we tell you how much you can win with the respective missions. The most important bets should be remembered.

Pass-line bet

The most common and best known bet is the pass-line. The house advantage is 1.41% here, so the winning probability is 251 to 244. It is paid 1 to 1.

Any 7

If you reach seven points with your eyes, you call the Any 7. The house advantage at this bet is 16.67%. Thus, she is considered an unfavorable bet for the player. The winning probability is 5 to 1 and that it will be paid 4 to 1.

Do not Pass (Do not Come)

The opposite of the pass bet, is the do not pass. Dice a 2 or 3, win, at a 7 or 11 you lose unfortunately. For a 12, it comes to a push and it cubes until a 7 or a point line is done. The house advantage is 1.36%, the profitability is 976 to 949. 1 to 1 is paid out.


The classic Craps bet is a proposition bet or also hedging bet. She secures several numbers to lose less. But here is the house advantage at 11.11%. The winning probability comes to 8 to 1 and paid 7 to 1.

Field bets

Here is set to individual numbers. To 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. If a 5, 6, 7 or 8 is rolled, lose. The house advantage is 2.27%, the winning probability 5 Z 4 and the payment 1 to 1. Except at 2 (2 to 1) and at 12 (3 to 1).

3 or 11

Here you bet on the numbers 3 or 11. The house advantage is 11.11% and the casinos get through these bets, most profit. The winning opportunities come to 1 to 13 and will be paid 15 to 1.

Hard Bets (hard bets)

Here is set to a pasch, both dice must show the same number. Possible results are 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10. If the 7, 5/3 or 6/2 is diced, they lose. For every other combination, your mission remains the same. The house advantage is between 9.09% and 13.89%. Through the different combi there are also different winning opportunities and payouts.

Where can you learn craps without risk?

The best way to practice craps in the online casinos or find an app that offers craps. You usually do not need real money to practice. Often the games can be done with play money. Of course, you can not win real money in demo mode.

The best look for an online casino, which many live or. Offetable. Most present only roulette, blackjack and baccarat. If you want to play craps, you may have to look for a little. But it's worth it. Do not take over, Craps is quite a game that needs some exercise.

Some need time so you can master the rules. You do not have stress. Let yourself be so much time as you need. The live dealer tables can often only be played with real money, but this is not a problem because there are often bonus offers and free spins for these games. With that you go as little a risk and can play directly in live mode. Ideal for those looking for a way between computer animation and landscasino.

Craps Games Innovations: Craps again becoming increasingly popular

In the online casino there are various craps variants. If you want to play craps slots, so table games where you play against the computer, you should watch the variant of PlayTech.

PlayTech is known for its top quality. Two push buttons operate the machine and set a use between 1 Euro and 300 euros. The payout quotas are here with the above mentioned RTP. There are only a few bets where the quotas deviate a bit. In the live casino everything is more interactive, but not only there. Meanwhile, there are even modern craps tables, which light up and integrate digital life even more into real. We can be curious what still does in the future.


You can use the bonus for craps?

It depends on which casino you play, in most cases this is not a problem. But attention, craps does not always count on the sales requirements. In advance, read the bonus conditions in advance so that you do everything right.

Craps is ideal for beginners in the casino?

Those who quickly realize rules and think well logically will be well with craps. Whoever does a hard time, should start with other games. For example me roulette or blackjack. How everywhere applies, exercise makes the master. Sometimes it takes a little bit until it takes it, but it is worthwhile.

Craps are also offered in Las Vegas?

Of course, in Las Vegas there is hardly a casino game that is not offered. Anyway, we do not know if the European variant is played there. The classic version is played in any case. Practice before your next trip and look forward to many nice hours in the casinos.

Learn on

Take the time to practice. We can only repeat it again and again: practice is crucial. After you control the game, you can devote yourself to the last chapter of our category. We introduce you to the best online casinos for craps: