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Bingo is a beautiful game that is played by many gamblers, no matter what age. They also like to play Bingo, but have not tried it online but? Then we can make you the entry easier. Take a look at our bingo help from our experts Online Casino Games was easily and understandable. We are there to prepare for her first round in the casino!

Here you will learn everything about the history of bingo games to the top strategies of the professionals.

It's already more than just a ritual: Every new section we first devote ourselves to the story of the game. We talked for days with the bingolecture and apart all the details and analyzed exactly to give them a deep and teaching insight.

Learn the rules: Bingo USA

First of all, we have to say: without the Bingo game rules to know, you do not have to start at the bingo. We provide you with understandable explanations and offer you a bingo user guide. You just have to take a few minutes and then try your luck with bingo game in your favorite casino. We would like to introduce them now.

  • Step 1: You get a bingo glow
  • Play on site, purchase the bingeise in the game manager, or in online casino. Sit down and the bingo game may begin. Consider in advance, whether you just want to play a bill or some of them. Nobody should overwrite as a beginner. Professionals Zocken several if they want. In demo mode, it is easy to try out if you come with several clear.

  • step 2: The bingo game starts, now you have to be careful
  • Offline a moderator pulls the bingo numbers from a bag and reads this loud. For example B5. You now have to look at your table, whether under the letter B, the number 5 is. If yes, mark these. As soon as you have a horizontal or vertical line full, call Bingo. If you are the first one, you have won. Sometimes you have to fill out the complete card so you are a bingo winner. This depends on the respective variant.

Worth a strategy for bingo online and which are recommended to play?

Almost every user is looking for strategies to improve his game in online casino. Logical, so the user wants to have everything under control and influence happiness. The game can not be manipulated, but we have put together a few tips for you to help you play.

  • Play in a private bingoclub where there are a few players
  • If you are gambling offline, make sure that not too many players are present. That's better for you. The more heads, the higher the competition. Online this can not be done so easily. Especially then if you compete against the computer. In LiveCasino the chance is bigger that you meet for fewer players. Watch a bit that happen and sign up where you feel comfortable.

  • Play in online casino, the software takes over the mark for you at the light
  • While it makes it less fun, if you do not smoke the bingo cards yourself, but you enjoy the advantage that the computer marks everything for you. Fashion priority with multiple tables simultaneously, this is definitely a benefit. Who plays Real Bingo, likes to miss a bingo number because he loses the overview. This should not happen to the online bingo.

  • Acquire table sets and they usually save money at the bingo - better than single purchase
  • Plan several matches at once to get these shopping directly in the set. Eg. 5, 10 or 20. In this variant you can not choose the numbers, but at least you save when shopping. It is best to compare the different costs, the binges. Sometimes these are offered individually, with others there are sets. It always comes to the provider itself. Do not buy too premature, help you save money in the end of the money.

  • Select the tables at will and get an advantage
  • For some bingo events, it is possible to select the panels. Either they take such have similar numbers or completely others. Both have advantages and disadvantages. In the same bingo numbers you have the overview and with different numbers you have better chances of winning. The bingo numbers to discover but takes longer. You too should try it in demo mode. There can be played through different scenarios. Come clearly, the transition is nothing in the way.

The different main types of Bingo game briefly and crisp for them explained

You may now ask why there are several types of bingo. What can be changed great with bingovo variants? We were surprised as we found the different versions. We did not know that there are so many. We would like to call you a small overview now.

There are therefore various bingo types because they were played independently in several countries. At some point, the game was globalized and classified worldwide as bingo. There are the main formats with 90, 80, 75 and 40 balls. There are also various bingo cards. For most you have to paint horizontally, or vertically the numbers. Sometimes this is also possible diagonally. For special bingo games, the gamer has to achieve a specific form. For example, an X or a square. The information received from the bingo game from the moderator. If the bingo player is obliged to fill the entire card so that he wins, one speaks of Blackouts or Coveralls. This type lasts longer and is often discovered at tournaments.

The main formats mentioned earlier not only differ in the number, the balls, even the game run is different.

  • 90 ball bingo
  • This is more known in Europe and Great Britain. The balls are pulled until a teammate has a bingo. The card consists of three horizontal lines and nine pillars. On each card there are 15 digits, five per row. The game consists of three parts. In the first round you have to have a horizontal line full, then two lines and in the third round one speaks to a Full House when all were stroked.

  • 80 ball bingo
  • This is similar to the 90s variant, with a difference that there are four horizontal lines and four columns. Here, Zocker must usually mark patterns. Eg. An X or a square. Who does not know this kind yet, try this for free in the online casino. We mean, pattern bingo makes a lot of fun. Finally, you are looking forward to the pattern in the end, not just about any profit.

  • 75 Ball Bingo
  • This version is played mainly in the US and Canada. The card has five straight lines and five columns. This is the version that many know under bingo because a letter is called here. Example B 5. In the case you have to search in column after the bingo number. The bingo game shares in three passes. The player must have digits diagonally, vertically or horizontally in a line. In the last round, the first Full House wins.

Discover a large selection of casinos for online bingo on the net

In the net you would like a lot of free bingo games, so you can do your hobby, the casino games, for free. This proves that many users are interested in bingo games and have fun. You will also find that the free bingo games offer numerous benefits. But this does not mean that you can not buy a bingo game for private use at home, only online is not necessary.

Earlier, when the bingo was not yet part of the casino, it was a purely physical bingo game, which gathered thousands of people in gay halls. But that has changed now. Nonetheless or just therefore, we throw a look back in the past on this style of play that certainly already appreciated her grandmother.

Of course, we would like to provide you with a selection of the best online casinos for Bingo before gambling. This will make sure a trusted casino. Mostly you can enjoy the bingo game at a good online casino without registration.

Not everywhere it plays well. Especially on the Internet you fall in again and again on scams. That's why we tested the best casinos in USA - with valid license according to new gambling law of course.

Here is our current ranking:

Top casinos

There is also a bonus offer in online casino for Casino Bingo?

For numerous online science games there are bonus offers in the World Wide Web. Also for bingo sometimes what offers. However, you have to be careful if they are really valid in the bingo area. Mostly the bingo game counts to table games or. to live casino. Premiums are often excluded from these sectors.

For that reason, you should look for an online casino where you can use the bonus for all games. The best way to read the terms and conditions in advance so you can know. Sometimes they are allowed to use them, but they are only part of the sales requirements.

Use the bonus to practice without risk. It's not always about win. If you just wanted to train, you can not care if you get revenues in the end or not. If you are going to win, it makes sense to get a bonus where you do not have disadvantages. Best compare the different offers until you find your welcome bonus that suits you. What do you have to lose?

Frequently asked questions about the bingo

Our readers always ask us similar questions, which is why we deal here on the most widely used problems. Hopefully that should also answer your questions. We hope you get all answers you need. In the game instructions on the websites, discover as help or ask the game master if you play live.

How many numbers are there at the bingo?

Normally there are 5 x 5 numbers on a square field. But there are many other variants with more fields. For example, the pattern bingo where you need to create a pattern. Or the 75 Ball Bingo. The best way to compare the different species in demo mode. There you play so long until you find one thing that you like. Nobody needs to buy the cat in the sack.

Where is Bingo running on TV?

Mostly in public law TV like WDR or NDR. But of course it is more fun in the casino to pursue the drawings. Television is generally overrated today, after all, there is also "television" in online casino. Live streams are similarly built, with the difference, you can take pictures directly on the smartphone or tablet.

What are the chances of winning bingo?

It depends on the class. "In the case of winning class 1, it is 1 to 1.3 million, in the profit class 2 at 1 to 10 thousand and in the winning class 3 already at 1 to 81."In any case, think positively when you play. Anyone who constantly doubts, loses rather than the one who maintains affirmative thoughts. Top players all have something together, they believe the profits. You should not just practice bingo, try to become a carpenter in life. So you will automatically become the winner.