Whamoo Casino Test: Our detailed review

User rating: 2.9 / 5

If you are looking for a top provider with a huge game selection, then you arrived at the destination. Because exactly that is offered here. There are games from the top game developers. But you can also descend a visit to the Live Casino if you like that. Here is the live dealer with his expertise.

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Casino Review
  • Deposit bonus: 400 $ and 300 free spins
  • German-speaking customer service and live casino: Yes
  • Payout times: immediately up to 3 days
  • Sales conditions: 40 x
  • US license: no

& # 127808; Advantages and disadvantages:

  • ✔️ big game selection
  • ✔️ License from Malta
  • ✔️ the best slots
  • ❌ No US license
  • ❌ No app

That Casino rides neat. The website definitely makes something here, but also qualitatively true. The games are only offered by the best of the game developers for you. The offer is also constantly updated.

Detailed review

You get a big welcome bonus here when you sign up. But that's not enough. There is also a large VIP program where you participate with every game you play here.

What is the Whamoo Casino Bonus?

The welcome bonus can be seen again, we find. There are 400 $ for hard-working players in the Whamoo and 300 free games. That's divided on 3 bonuses. We'll show you here what you can expect when you sign up.

Sign up and get started with the gifts. So you like that. You get a cool welcome bonus here.

Because there is To win 400 $. There are still 300 free spins. That can happen in our opinion.

There is not only a bonus in this online casino, but equal to 3 top bonuses for you as a player. First there are the 300 $ bonus. For this you go to the cash register area. There you can put together online welcome bonus for players quasi yourself. This is definitely something special.

You go to checkout and then see the bonus slider. Here you can then set the perfect combination for yourself. You just have to conclude a payment now and already secure yourself the bonus. Look at the website and look at which bonus you can secure yourself here.

There are different bonus offers here. Of 300 free play and 0% bonus up to 30 free plays with 90% bonus is all possible here.

On their second deposit, there is a 50% bonus up to 200 $ and 30 free spins.

Also on your third deposit, there are more bonuses. If you deposit the third time, there is one for you 75% bonus up to 200 $ and 40 free games.

Which bonus conditions apply to the Whamoo Casino?

Yes, as that is in life, gifts are often called conditions. That's no different here. But we also have good news for you. Because the conditions here are really humane and very easy to comply. So do not worry, read on here and they are well prepared.

So, then let's start. But do not worry, it will not have much what you need to remember. The rules are first of one. Since it is a welcome bonus, there are only once to the welcome.

When you sign up, you get the bonus once per player and household. So if you have the offer ever, this is not a second time. So are the rules.

If you open another account, it will be closed and the bonuses become invalid.

Bonuses are not transferable and you can not connect any different bonus actions.

If a player gets a specific bonus offer, that does not mean that This is also entitled to other players in the same form.

If you want to secure the offer, you must enter the bonus code. You will always find the bonus code in the action.

The free spins that you get at the second deposit apply to the slot Hotline 2. The free spells for the third deposit is available for the slot Starburst.

Is there a VIP program?

Here you are not Nu Pure VIP. They are a real superstar. If you sign up, you already start your journey that you will never forget. You can ascend 6 steps until you are the ruler of the Whamoo Universum.

You only create your account for this. This is free and simple, but you can learn more in this review later.

You start your journey then Astro apprentice. They then collect diligent points. This is easy by playing the games. With every game there are points, that's how easy it is.

They then go on the ladder and further up, until they are then at some point the rulers of the universe, and who would not like that? Here you have all the advantages and freedoms that you can only imagine.

There are VIP perks. and other bonuses. With every new level then new perks come.

But the points you collect are still too good than just bonuses. You can exchange the points in the shop against different Goodies. Here you can go with your points quasi shopping and get cool gadgets. The offer is renewed again and again.

There are several advantages you get here when you participate in the Superstar program:

  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • Weekly actions for you
  • Tournaments
  • Free games
  • VIP manager
  • VIP Support
  • VIP Tournaments

How long does the registration take on Whamoo Casino?

The registration on this website is simple and uncomplicated. You will contact you for free here and you are already a player of the casino. You then have the whole selection of the games of the casinos only for themselves.

It's very easy to sign up here. You click on Register. Here only a few data will be queried by you. They enter them and it continues. You only have to verify the account.

But you must definitely be of legal age, so that you can play here for free. If you are under 18 years old, the gaming offer is not available according to law.

You can also do not have more than an account per player. You do not need that even because you already get in the one account everything, what You need. If you have opened up another account, this is not bad. You can just tell the customer service.

The customer service then takes care of it and will simply close the additional account. It remains only one account open. But you should not open further accounts with intention. Because that brings you nothing and You do not need it either.

How user-friendly is the Whamoo Casino page?

That's a page that was really thought. There are interesting graphics and also comic designs. In any case, the eye has something to see and it will not be boring. The website is not overloaded. You will find blind the gaming offer.

The site is really cool. If you end up on the side, you can see a mobile graphic first. Here you are zoomed quasi in the welcome bonus. That can be sighted and makes you want more.

If you have to zoom down, the games fall from above into the field of view. Here website is on Zack and refers to the player with one.

So, it goes on to menu. That's how it belongs, on top of the page. Here's the games, promotions and VIP program. But you also find support here.

Partially, however, cool comic graphics are installed. This loosens the website again, how we find.

Despite the appealing design and interactive design, the site is still not overloaded. You can handle quasi blind.

But even the important information is not hidden, by no means. You simply scroll down and here's information that can be important. If you need information, you will find here the terms and conditions.

How big is the game selection at Whamoo Casino?

Well, we know why you are here. And we also do not want to spend more on torture, but give you the information you need. There are a wide variety of games here. What we noticed in our casino rating but are particularly positive, the virtual bets are ... but equal more.

That's it, for which you sign up here and we know that. There is everything you can only wish.

And like the whole? Just with the free registration you are already available to all players who exist. You will receive here access to the roulette, but here's a lot more, which offers you the gaming provider. You can also enter the area of blackjack and poker and try your luck here.

You always have the opportunity to play only the best games. We know that exactly, because of course we also looked at the gaming manufacturers:

  • Amatic
  • Net
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Wazdan
  • Red Tiger
  • Kayot

You can display the games after the different types.

But there is another highlight, which of course we do not want to pretend you. You can set virtual bets here. That's something special! Here there are Horse betting but also Virtual Soccer Games. But there are also more offers.

Here you can always put an exciting bet on a match without really having to take place. Because there are only virtual games. Nevertheless, you can here gain.

Which slots has Whamoo Casino?

Here are slots of a wide variety of species. There are the latest video slots that exist on the market. But there is more. Because you know the classic of slots? Then click in the area of the fruit slots.

What would it be for a casino if there were no slot machines here. Of course, there are also the! And not too little.

There are a wide variety of video slots. And there is another category. Take a look at the fruit slots.

The story of slots has only started. That's why a whole category was dedicated to this. Here are the different slot machines and the offer is constantly renewed.

We chose these slots to introduce them to them:

  • Master Joker
  • Lucky Lightning
  • Starburst
  • Viking smash
  • Wild Volcano

All Slot machine You can also test it first. In any case, do that! Because every slot is different. Sure, it always is based on the random principle. But there are always different paylines and free spells that are distributed.

You do not have to put your precious money to find out all. Just go to the test mode and try it out. If you are sure, Can you put the first money and also get the first profits.

Has the Whamoo Casino German-speaking dealer in the live casino?

But hello, what would it be for a casino if you could not play live. This is always a gaming experience of a special kind. So, on the livecasino and get the big profits here too.

We find that every player should also play live. Because that is again an offer of the very special kind. In the live casino you will get all the amenities of the casino again, but right home.

In any case, the convenience also plays with pure. You can sit on the couch, open the laptop and dial. Already they are in the live casino and it can start. You see the dealer live and in real time. He is waiting at the table on her to make her missions.

They are looking for one of the games. Then make your mission and see the dealer. But the great is that you can play with other players. You can also exchange. This works out About a chat.

We have found so many different games here that we would like to introduce you:

  • Dragon Tiger Live
  • Mega roulette
  • Mega Wheel live
  • Speed Baccarat

Locate one of the games and log in. You only decide for a dedication and it can start.

The quality The transmissions are always the best. Because the dealers are always in HD filmed. With that you have no sagging to the real casino visit.

What is the payout rate in the Whamoo Casino?

Every game in online casinos always has a payout rate. And the higher this is, the more you can win. The quota is always specified in percent. The higher the percentage is, the better it is.

The payout ratio always says what part of your commitment you get paid out if you win as a player of the casino.

But do not necessarily assume that you get back the amount after the first game round. That can take a few game rounds.

In online casinos is the quota always about 97%. The quota is always calculated meticulously, either by the casino or through the game developers themselves.

The quotas are also influenced by your game behavior. Why that is so, can be explained. Because every game is considered individually in the casino. This ensures how the game behavior on this single game is.

There will be up to 10.000 of the moves watched. Sometimes but also significantly more, if necessary. This then calculates the payout ratio.

Since the 97% are only one average, there are also exceptions. For example, let's take the Mega moolah of microgaming, we see that the only one quota has 88%.

The Netent Jackpot 6000 But has a proud quota of 99%. You will always find the odds in the Games Terms.

Is there a Whamoo Casino App or Mobile version of the page?

There is always the possibility that you also play mobile. That's easy when you think. You do not have to download this and nothing further. And mobile games gives you only benefits. Continue here if you want to know more.

Play mobile and easier than you can imagine. Because you do not have to download your annoying app here.

Everything you need to do is the following. You either take your phone or the tablet, that's no matter and depends on what you prefer.

You open the browser of your choice. Your choice because all different browsers are supported. There is just on it, which browser you have installed.

So, then only enter the Whamoo Casino Url. You also invite on the mobile side. Simple, or? We said yes.

It has many advantages that you play here mobile without having to download an app. Because then updates are also getting away, which will be forgotten quickly. Always when they land on the mobile side, they are already On the latest version of the page.

Here you then have the entire game offer you know. You can then sit from anywhere, no matter where you are right now.

How serious is Whamoo Casino?

We have found that the casino has a license from Malta. You definitely do it wrong. You will only collect the best and safest experience. But we have already listed here everything else you need to know.

First of all, let's always see if there is a license. And that's the case here. Here's a license from Malta. That speaks for itself alone for a quality.

And of course you have earned only the best quality here as a player, we know that. You will therefore only collect the best experiences here.

Licenses are always awarded only when the casino has passed many strict tests. All games must definitely be fair and transparent. It must be apparent, How the profits are generated.

But that's not all. It is also always particularly important that players play responsibly. There are also some help.

It should always be so that the fun is still in the first place. They should not earn their livelihood. What they should not do is to borrow money, So that you can continue playing.

That's not the meaning of the casino. If you have more questions, you can visit the site for the responsible play. Here you will find all the information you need.

How long do the payouts take at Whamoo Casino?

We looked at that again for you again, so that they are well prepared. Of course, it always depends on the method you have selected for your payments. Sometimes the money is immediately on your account. In some cases it can also take up to 5 days.

These are the different payment methods in this casino:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Trustly
  • Paysafecard
  • Online banking
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Muck
  • Klarna

You then decide for one of the methods offered. But it is so that you can only use the same method for your deposit as for the deposit. These may be do not distinguish.

Security is very important to the provider. That's why you have to submit a few documents if you want to apply for the payment. There is only checked if you really have the person of the player account and whether everything is ok.

Because it should be ensured that the money Safe and fast Landes on your account.

If you have requested a payment, there is first a 24 hour period. In the time you still have the opportunity to cancel the request if you prefer to continue playing with the money.

But if you do not submit a cancellation, the payment will not be processed. The money will then be paid equal depending on the method or it can take up to 5 days.

Is there a German-speaking customer service at Whamoo Casino?

The Casino is always looking forward to taking contact with it. That's easiest of the chat, but of course you can also write an email. So there are different ways we would like to introduce you here to be well informed.

Whether it's a big topic you need to address, or you just like to write emails, both are not a problem. You can always like Support @ to write.

There is also the option of selecting the contact form under the menu item. Here you tap your player data and also the question you have to the casino. Prompt is already an answer and your request is solved at best. That is In most cases so.

But there is also the good old live chat. Here the problem is solved faster than you can count up to 3. There is always between 06:00 o'clock to 03:00, So almost around the clock. You simply press the button for the chat on the bottom right side of the page and it starts.

The chat staff are very friendly and are always happy if you can help. We have definitely gained good experiences here, we can tell you.

Why is Whamoo Casino so recommended for players from Germany?

German players love this casino and we can understand that. We found the design very appealing with the failed graphics. But of course other things are important as the bonus, which is definitely right. Your security is always important for the casino.

If you are on the page land, they will see the same thing that you have thought about how they feel like themselves as a player.

You can find yourself the same and fast. But also the games are quite convincing. We looked at the game developers and were excited. Because here are the Top sizes represent.

The game selection is also very big and covers everything that should offer a reasonable casino. However, we particularly convinced the offer that you can also bet here. This works out On virtual sport.

You can play mobile here. And mobile, but even if you play in the conventional version, you always have the fullest security. There is a license from Malta before.

Player protection is just as important. You as a player here all collateral. You can read the area of player protection and find out. But it is so that you are always here to play for pleasure. If you think you have crossed a border, you can always disable your account for a while.

Frequently asked questions about the Whamoo Casino (FAQ)

Where does the license come from??

There is a valid license here. The comes from Malta.

What is there special games here?

There are quite special games. For example, you can set virtual bets here.

Can I also play from on the way?

Yes, clearly you can. You can play with the phone and tablet, no matter where you are.

Is there a VIP program?

Yes, that's what. You can get up here by playing in the different levels.

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General information
SurnameWhamoo Casino
German languageYes
Online since2020
Responsible jurisdictionMaltese gambling commission
Number of games700+
Information about bonuses
Max. bonus400US+ 300 free spins
First payment bonus
Match bonus
Sales conditions
Minimum10 $
Free bonus300 free spins
  • Amatic Industries
  • Bf games
  • Net entertainment
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Red Tiger
  • Ruby Play
  • Steckey
  • Wazdan
Payment options
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • Klarna
  • Mastercard
  • Muck
  • Neteller
  • paysafecard
  • Skrill
  • Trustly
  • Visa
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