Keno Online: The best tips for your game

Of course, the most popular lottery games of the German-speaking countries count Keno. To understand the story of the Keno is not easy, because it does not cover less than 2.000 years. Keno is one of the elders Casino games.

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Which stages have passed through the draws, which is almost exclusively randomly? We want to answer this question in the course of this category. But first we would like to give you an overview of our Kenorubrik.

Where did Keno come from and when the game was invented?

Keno has existed for many centuries. It was invented by Cheung Leung in China, when he wanted to finance his wars with Keno. That happened in about 200 before Christ. The taxes could no longer be increased, so he led this gambling. The people loved Keno from the beginning and invested a lot of money in the game. Later it was also used to finance that use the Chinese Wall.

At that time there were no numbers, but only characters. The draw was pulled through by pigeons. These pitched a number out of the sack. Passing pigeons in turn, transported the results to neighboring faces, so that these people were informed.

The first draw Germany was on the 2. February 2007 carried out. Tip Bets for draws were only possible in Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and in Saarland. Raffles were held from Monday to Saturday. At 13th. June 2010 she took place daily. Officially, Keno is held by the Lotterie Treuhandgesellschaft mbH in Wiesbaden.

Discover different versions of Keno Online

To get started, we want to explain to you that there are different Keno forms. The official keno is offered directly from the lottery company. Also, discover several versions in casinos. In the following section you get a small overview.

Whether free or with real money, Keno is provided in various variants. For example Keno TV 3D, with 40 or with 80 balls. Also, in some casinos, the Space Keno and Krazy Keno. The game is played either in the live casino or on a machine. At the slot machine it takes only a few seconds. You select your profit numbers and immediately the numbers are drawn. It is more exciting in the live casino, because there the draw is real and takes longer.

How to work Keno - Learn the most important Keno game rules

Do not worry, keno drawings are not complicated, even if this seems so in the first moment. You know how lotto works, then Keno should be clear quickly. You select different numbers for use. There are differences only in the game's set.

We explain the rules from the right keno, where played with 70 numbers. 20 of which are drawn per draw. You must note that there are many types. The kenotype is determined by the number, the numbers at the leech. You can tick between 2 and 10 final digits. Set two numbers, one speaks of keno type 2, with three numbers it is keno type 3 and so on. The kenotype is therefore important because there is different winning plans in this game. Later.

You can also determine your own commission at Keno. You either bet 1 $, 2 $, 5 $ or 10 $. The higher the use, the more you get. A special feature can be experienced in type 8, 9 and 10. If you do not have a hit on the ticket, you will win the game insert twice at 9 and 10 win tips. At Type 8 you get the inserts back.

Kenotypes and their respective profit plans

Do not be confused, the types are not so complicated again. Also, if it looks like this at first. The kenotype is determined quickly. Best of all call the official table on the Keno website where you can view the profit rates.

In advance, we want to explain the different winning plans briefly so that you have the view. It makes a difference in which class you play. You will receive eg. More money when you properly guess with Kenotype 2 digits than in winning class Kenotype 3. What we mean, you will learn the same.

    Kenotypes Example:

  • Imagine you betting on two numbers. Now you are type 2. To achieve a profit, exactly the two tips must be correct. Put 1 $ there are 6 $, at 2 $ wave 12 $ etc. Compare Kenotypes in advance and test various in demo mode to get an overview.
  • At Kenotype 3, tap three digits. If you have two hits here, you will receive only 1 $. On the other hand, guess three numbers, there are 16 $. In the first moment this may act confusingly, but it is not. If you gamble several times, you will be guaranteed to keep the view.

Is there keno online strategies that will be helpful?

Almost every player is looking for matching tip methods. Logical, one everyone wants to win and enjoy the best chance at the ticket. We have summarized a few important tips tactics for you. Take advantage of the tricks for better profit opportunities.

You have the best chances of playing lotto on the internet

Experiences showed that they have the best prospects with ten numbers. There are the possibilities in some variants to bet up to 20 profit numbers. We recommend that you never put more than ten numbers. Statistics say that everything runs over ten against zero. Whether this applies to you too. In the end, your gut feeling always counts that maybe you may not forget. Do you feel like you should put more correct final digits this time. Go ahead. Normally, most fail when they take more than 10.

Play more numbers with small instead of high missions

Some players make the mistake in which they tap with high missions on only a few numbers. Do not shoot your valuable money. It is better if you set 1 Euro to Type 10. Keep in mind if you do not achieve a single winning number, you get your gravel return or even twice. This makes the type 10 attractive. Again, try a few variants for you to find some of them.


When will the official keno education take place?

The Keno balls are determined daily at 19:10 and transferred to the Internet. If you want to be live, you can watch the stream on the official Kenowebeite page. There is no TV transmission. Also, if it is not sent on TV, it's fun. Hand on heart, today almost one everyone looks at the web anyway. A big difference is not detectable here.

If you are more of the official keno games or on an online casino?

Basically, the RTP are better at the official keno. How everywhere applies, compare the offers. Find a pleasant RTP, access. If no quota number is, leave the fingers away. In that case, you do not know what to return to Player. The best way to change the casino and look for a game with good earnings rates.

There are also bonus offers in online casino?

For Keno specifically, bonus offers and free spins are rarely spent. Most bonuses apply to all games. Note, however, is that some games are only partially credited when they play them. No matter where you gamble, always read the bonus conditions, otherwise you will not receive a payout and that would be a pity.

You can play at any time or are there certain appointments?

If you want to play the keno game in online casino, you can do this all day. You do not have to wait at the machine. Tap the numbers and start it. Also in the live casino is a keno game possible around the clock. Of course, you should ask yourself when the best time is. Her gut feelings can rarely abandon. Try it and listen to the inner voice before they gamble.

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