Roulette: win with these tips

The roulette game is without doubt about that Casino game par excellence. As proof we have conducted a small survey and inquires which game the players immediately comes to mind when they think of Casino. In 40% of cases, this is the word "roulette", followed by the slot machines.

Roulette is really a significant game, so much is safe. In our special robe we provide you with a lot of information about roulette.

Which story has roulette behind?

The roulette game is really long. Of course, the game has ever developed on his way and changed. Since the emergence of the game in the 17th. Century, there were many adjustments.

If you like the French, then the story of the roulette would like them, because this game was invented by a Frenchman called Blaise Pascal. But actually it is now that was a misunderstanding. In fact, Although Pascal has a font called Roulette, but in France, not only the game was designated, but also called a cyclic curve.

Meaning of the word

From the French translated into German, Roulette "little bike", although one as country of origin is always Italy of the 17. Finding centuries. Often the game we know, with the numbers 00, 0 and 1-36 to 19 will be. Century referred to as the Italian roulette. German roulette or even small roulette is called a version with only 18 subjects. The original origin of the game is undoubtedly on the fortune wheel, to return the wheel of Fortuna in the Middle Ages.

In the course of the 18. In the century Roulette came to France and the king tried to ban it. In the middle of the century, however, the game experienced his high and so "the player" of Fjodor Dostojewski, which was expired to the game.

Roulette in Europe

In Europe, the double zero was soon abolished and thus also reduces the bank advantage, but the double zero in Europe is still common today. Between 1872 and 1933 all the game banks had to close in Germany and only the Nazis had the game flourished again. However, the gambling ban in Germany and France came to a playful flowering time Monaco and the Camille of Monte Carlo was great.

Meanwhile, the same rules prevail for roulette almost everywhere in the world. The only difference is the normal zero, which is not widespread in Europe.

Which different variants are available at Casino Roulette?

First and foremost, you can distinguish between European and American approaches. On this basis, other variants have also been eligible. Depending on which variant you decide, the winning opportunities may vary.

The roulette game includes a large number of variants with different game systems, but also different and varied profits. In any case, it is especially important to distinguish four variants that lead the list of most famous roulette games. Below we will introduce you in more detail.

The French roulette

Also called European Roulette. The French roulette includes a roulette boiler with 37 numbers. These are the currently most played variant, both in the terrestrial casinos and online. The French roulette has only one zero number compartment. The French roulette was probably from the mathematician and Thinker Blaise Pascal in 18. Century invented. For years, the game was considered an invention of the devil, due to myths and legends from the time of late anaissance.

The English roulette

Very similar to the French roulette, you use the same tableau in the English roulette as the French, but only allows inserts like American roulette games. Thus, the English roulette is, so to speak, the mixture of the two variants. Although the English roulette also uses a roulette boiler with 37 numbers, there are some peculiarities:

  • There must be a maximum of seven players around the table, not more.
  • The players have colored jetons to facilitate the croupier the distinction.
  • The playing carpet of the English roulette resembles that of the American roulette.
  • If the ball falls to "Zéro", the use is not locked, but immediately divided among the players.

The American roulette

The American roulette originally dates mainly from the French roulette. However, his roulette boiler has an additional number of numbers, the "Double Zéro" (double zero). The total number of number compartments around the turntable is 38. The operating system of the American roulette is similar to that of the French roulette, with the difference that the upper missions can only refer to a bet on the first five numbers (0, 00, 1, 2 et 3). You have to know that the double zero is very uncomfortable for the player, as he could lose all the use.

The Mexican roulette

Rarer than the three foregoing, the Mexican roulette still remains an excellent compromise. She is a perfect image of the American roulette, but complicates the thing with her triple zero number field. The Mexican roulette has found its niche especially in online casinos, as there is little dissipation in terrestrial casinos.

Which rules should be mastered at roulette?

The rules in roulette are very simple. Therefore, as a new player, one should pay attention to the few peculiarities and find out about the role of zero. Strategies do not necessarily need the roulette as a beginner, but can first play intuitively.

The first step is, of course, learning and understanding the Roulette rules. Do not worry, these are not difficult. In any case, they are easier than they seem. But they definitely need a minimum of concentration. Do not dare to a roulette table just because it's "cool", but only then if you master the game rules. If you know the whole palette of tips and tricks, you can barely stop.

Use on the roulette table

The roulette you have to give your bets before each round and decide how big the risk will be to go to the boiler. Whether you choose a simple chance or are more risky, you can decide for yourself. You have the possibility to set all numbers from 0 to 36 (you should play in America, then you can also select the duppel zero). There are a number of different strategies and systems that you can use if you want to increase your chances of winning. Among them are the Martingale and the James Bond method, which we will explain in more detail in the further course.

How is the playing field used by roulette?

The roulette table is, besides the boiler, no doubt the most important element of roulette and you should study him down to detail to know exactly what you do with your money and your jetons. This is the first step on the way to wealth and better game understanding, because each number in the episode introduces many thousand US. Do not get profits because they were lucky, but because they knew exactly what bet they are going.

Which tricks, tips and strategies should be met?

It makes sense to know a few basic tricks and strategies - especially in terms of setting on number combinations. That does not mean that you all have to apply as new players, but it can help the opponents better understand.

Of course, our rubric would not be completely without a pair Roulette tricks, which you can easily put into action. Finally, they strive for winning and money and these strategies are there. We know that you will be interested in this category, because you want to surely increase your roulette profits! Play around the clock and get a better feeling for the ball and the bets.

Apply the right techniques

In addition to our strategies, there are still a few techniques in roulette playing, which has summarized our team of experts for you. Turn them as well as possible and you will see that you will quickly see results. Thus, roulette gains are possible at 0 and they will see through the rounds as at the poker and know more in the world of casino games even better. Become the king or queen at the table!


You do not know for which roulette variant you should decide? The American, European, Mexican or the French? In our article we clarify you about the differences and in the end will you drop the choice very easily, trust us.

Basically, it is always said that with the American roulette version the chance is much higher that the casino wins. That's because the roulette in America also has the double zero. The house advantage is increased by the second zero and is compared to the French roulette at 2/38, ie 5.26%. The reason for this is that with a simple chance of the American roulette the complete use is lost and the player makes more losses. Thus, consider whether you really want to place a bet in American roulette.

The Martingale Strategy

If you want to quickly boost your profits quickly, you can still use the classic martingale at roulette, a game system that has already proven itself and is well known in keycharies.

Basically, as a Martingale, a strategy is described in which the deployment is increased in the loss case. This means that you start a simple chance with a particular use. (A simple chance is either red or black or straight / odd) You always put on the event that has not arrived in the last round. Fell in the last round so black, bet in the next round on red. If the player loses and set 2 coins before, he would now set 4. He loses again, he would set 8 etc. If the player win, he continues the game as usual with the same commitment.

However, this system is no longer possible at the latest when the maximum input of the casing. Before that, of course, it can also fail on the lack of equity. In the long run, the player maintenance is rather negative. This means that the casino will win and you would book higher losses than planned.

In general, a martingale player rather booked small profits and exposes to lose a greater risk from its entire assets.

Which game systems should still be met?

The roulette is not the first place to apply all the game systems, but rather it is important to have heard at least once.

But there are not only the classic martingale, with which they can achieve faster profits. You will also find other game systems with roulette. The detour is worthwhile. We can confirm that these work.

A game system that has prevailed against the Martingale is called "James Bond" strategy. This is why they almost cover the entire wheel through targeted use on dozens and numbers sequences and becomes a loss rather unlikely. So you put on the third dozen 19 to 36 140 $, to the numbers 13 to 18 50 $ and 10 $ on the zero. So they would not win if the ball lands on the numbers 1 to 12.

However, this strategy is still relatively risky, because you can lose your entire use very quickly with a bit of bad luck. In addition, this strategy assumes that you need to deposit at least 200 US, which is a lot of money for many players. Before you place your use with this system, consider well, whether you can actually lack a lot of money, because the risk of losing everything, is of course never ruled out.

Which game type are you?

Even with the roulette there are different game types. Who is rather a risky player, or rather goes on number safely, is good to know. You should be able to assess yourself to what category you would assign. - Of course, it is even better, who can also assess his opponents.

If you want to know which types of players there is the roulette, then you should read our article about the player profiles at roulette. Rather rely on the simple chances, or multiple? Do you have a system or play after your mood? Believe us, it's very exciting!

Easy or multiple opportunities

First, you can decide if you want to put a simple chance. Those are red / black and straight / odd, because they can play with a relatively lower risk. But as with almost every gambling, your profit is not very high if you do not have a particularly big risk.

So if you are a bit more risky, you can also decide on a sequence of numbers, a dozen or set a series. Again, your chances are still pretty good and the mathematical chance to win is manageable. Whoever really wants to dare, which can put on a single number or zero. In the case of a win, of course, you will receive significantly more money here than with a simple chance, but this should not be hit a number, then you have lost all very fast.

How can you prepare for roulette and how you get roulette professional?

To prepare for roulette, it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the rules and the game. If you decide to play roulette online, you should also look at which provider he wants to play. A casino comparison can be a very good preparation in this case.

Before you dare to a roulette table, you should of course be prepared. Therefore, we offer you free roulette games so you can familiarize yourself with the game and casinos. Roulette play for free is fun and is great for entertainment in between. But make sure that you have no red black color blindness, otherwise that could Play roulette for free become expensive.

Casinos with roulette

And finally, to complete the previous point and complete our roulette dossier, we would like to introduce you to an online casino that specializes in roulette. Visit the Casino Selection Unserer RouletteExperten. Most players love to play here because they can watch live how well-trained dealers can make a fortune. Online Roulette has recently developed the first point of contact for US who want to win.

Roulette tournaments

If you want to measure yourself with other players in a very special kind, you should try Dieroulette tournaments. The roulette winning opportunity is not the highest, but the potential profit all the more impressive. So you do not have to change to blackjack or video slots if you want to clear the big gains. Who once played on the Internet tournaments, who will never be able to leave it again and the account will thank him.

What is the conclusion?

In summary, you can say that roulette is the perfect casino game. Not only because it is almost available everywhere, but also because the rules are very easy to understand. Anyone who decides to play roulette can log in to a casino at any time and actually get started directly.

If you make a gaming experience in the casino, whether online or in a terrestrial casino, then you should not miss the roulette. Because this game is really incredible, but you will not notice if you have tried it yourself. So read all the articles of our special robber and we promise you that you will become a roulette profi within a few hours.

Roulette in the live casino

Especially we can recommend you to test the live casino versions in the online casino, where you can feel like in the land-based casino. You will be a real croupier and there are other players at the table. You can then place your missions on the field in the true casino and watch the ball after turning the wheel. If you have set to the right numbers, you will receive your profit and have the opportunity to continue playing in the next round. If you want to stop, you can get off at any time - just like every country-based casino too.

FAQ's - the most frequently asked questions

Who decides to play in the online casino, who should inform himself exactly. That's why it is so important to thoroughly read the information on the website - sometimes the answers can help on the most frequently asked questions.

There is a bonus for roulette in the casino?

In some online casinos, you can use bonus offers for different games. It always depends entirely which games can be used with the bonus. That's why the general terms and conditions of individual online casinos is worth reading and know.

There are some providers who offer their players the opportunity to use table and card games like roulette with a bonus. Other suppliers, however, exclude games like roulette from bonus use. No matter how, you should always pay attention to how a game contributes to the implementation of the bonus.

Where can you play online roulette?

On the Internet there are a lot of different providers who even offer roulette in different versions. Some casinos also offer live roulette, where players have the opportunity to play with a real live dealer via stream. Whether a provider offers roulette or not, you can quickly find out on their websites, where it is generally a lot of different information to find. - If in doubt, the customer service of the provider for inquiries is usually available to any kind.

What should you consider when you play roulette?

Before choosing a roulette table in an online casino, you should be sure that you can know the minimum use and can afford. Then it can actually start, but you should make sure that you know the rules sufficiently and know how the game expires. The advantage in the online casino is, however, that they are accompanied by the game and that's why they can hardly make mistakes. - Besides, of course, to put on the wrong numbers. .

Which mistakes can you do with roulette?

The roulette can hardly make mistakes. However, you should always make sure that you only play with the money, which is really at leisure. While this is generally true for all games, but the roulette is still harder to continue to play.

Especially they should also make sure that different versions of roulette are offered. So see if you play with one or two zeros and set up your strategy afterwards!

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