Online Casino Costa Rica: The Gaming Control Board from Costa Rica

While Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, houses more than 300 Igaming companies and exhibits over 100 game licenses each year, has not yet been an agreement on the legalization and regulation of gambling on the Internet so far yet. The Costa-Rican "legislation" is therefore paradox: Costa Rica issues licenses, although no applicable regulation exists. Worse: for Costa Ricaners are banned online gambling.

This absolute lawlessness from Costa Rica makes an Eldorado for gaming companies. There, the activities are neither monitored nor controlled. So the providers can do what they want. Is this anarchy encouraging? Do not risk players to be exempted?

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the Costa-Rican Government

At Costa Rica, the companies work according to a "license for the processing of personal data". To get one such, the company only has to specify a website and have an offshore bank account to make transactions. 5 will be 5 per year.000 Dollars in stock and this sum is payable annually. In addition, 500 dollars for the processing fees are added. If the company has no seat on Costa Rica, no taxes are due.

There are only four conditions:

  • The online casino applicant of License must have a branch in Costa Rica.
  • The company's office must be registered with the tax authorities.
  • The establishment of the company must have a Costa-Rican business license.
  • The company's office may not accept deposits from Costa-Rican players.

The credibility and usability of the Costa-Rican license in USA

Costa Rica has no laws to monitor the gambling industry. Online bets represent an activity for the Costa Rica. The software and casino providers, on Costarica, are not subject to any regulations or controls. Be careful. In 2013, however, the Government of Costa Rica reaffirmed that it would like to set up a Gaming Control Board to regulate the online casino gambling on the internet. The Ministry of Finance of the country has submitted a report that provides for taxation of 0.5% of gross revenues of the igaming company mentioned. In addition, we collected another tax of 5% on the profit of companies used for the fight against cybercrime.

Are all online casino licenses on the internet real or there are fake casinos?

An interesting question that many online casino players face and we want to answer here. Of course there is black sheep, no question. You do not even have to discuss that. Who does not know if the casino is real or not, is best informed twice and triple. Basically, we only recommend to play there where you feel comfortable. If you have no idea about online casinos, compares the offers in advance. Which names are known? There are some best software platforms that knows you from funk and television. To these should keep customers. Some of them are also licensed on Costa Rica.

If something is unclear, we recommend to ask you directly at the online casino licensor. For example, find a website where Costa Rica is stated as License and there is something not kosher before. In that case, it is better if you contact the Commission directly. Also, on some websites, search engines where you can search directly after the casino providers. If the URL is not correct, please contact the Commission. These can go to the thing and show the Games Casino. Assuming you will find the page operator. Some of these online casino fakes are logged in somewhere abroad, where other laws apply. It is not always easy to account for the operator. Nevertheless, you should report it for other customers to be protected.


Can one play as US in online casinos with Costa Rica Casinolicity?

Can yes, it is not that way right anymore. Still it is a gray zone. The US laws actually say that US can only play with their own casinos. You should keep that. Until long, there are no complaints or ads. But it may challenge nobody. In the worst trap, as a player, you will not receive a profit payment and this would not be in your interest. Inquire better twice as to whether the online casino may offer in USA or not.

Are licensed online casinos automatically serious?

Actually, because best licensors regularly control the providers. If you do not think about the rules, loses its approval. Of course there are licensors working like the mafia with bonus games casinos. This is the case in some countries of this earth. But this is not the Costa Rica approval. This is safe and serious. That's why nobody has to be afraid that the casino is a black sheep. Websites with real approval are serious.

Where to find the license information on the websites?

These are usually listed in the lower corner of the website. There you will find the logo of the licensor or license information. If not there, there are these in the terms and conditions, imprint or other info sites for reading. If there are no findable, you should not play. In the case, it was guaranteed to be a black sheep or a games casino abroad. Please only play on licensed sites so you get help in case of cases. Also reading evaluation portals makes sense.

What else you need to know, the license issued by the Costa-Rican government is not one of the most trusted. You can play in the online casinos licensed in the following countries: