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Come to this US casino and make you feel safe thanks to US license. Use the great game offer from Slots to Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and more. And if you are on an experience of a special kind, visit the live casino definitely. Thanks to the latest technologies, Sier expect high quality lives.

Casino Review

The pasino.Ch Casino offers everything a good online casino should have. You have a great game choice that you can choose. It is one of the Top casinos And in this test you will find all information. We show you everything from the welcome bonus and the bonus conditions to customer service. You can always reach it 24/7 if you have any questions.

Pasino.CH Casino - the most important thing about overview

Most important data
Welcome bonus Yes
German-speaking customer service and live casinoYes
Payments1 to 3 days
Special feature: 24/7 customer service

Pasino.CH Casino - advantages and disadvantages:

Best game developer Only a payout type
Big game selection
Different promotions

Detailed pasino.CH Casino Experience Report

Read our pasino.CH Casino review by. We tested the casino on heart and kidneys. Learn here all about customer service and also about the welcome bonus. We also looked at the bonus conditions for you and introduce them to them. .

How much bonus can I in the pasino.get chasino?

If you log in to this online casino, you will receive your welcome bonus for your gaming adventure. Collect with this your experiences in the field of game offerings. You will certainly not regret it. You get a 200% bonus up to 300 US.

Log in and get the welcome bonus. You will receive this with this gaming provider in the amount of 200% up to 300 US. That's definitely worth it.

Take advantage of this bonus to gather experiences in the game area and browse through the selection. Players will definitely benefit from the selection of the gaming provider. Only with a registration you get the bonus offer.

But they do not just get this welcome bonus. You also get more promotions that you do not want to miss.

Account confirmation

If you sign up, it's worth it not only for the welcome bonus, because you also get more offers.

If you look at the website of the provider and decide for a registration, you can even get a bonus.

This is very easy, it only applies that you verify your account. If you go to the page: Confirm my account. If you have done this, you already get your 2. Bonus in the amount of 1000 US.

Constless bonus

If you have not enough, you can even get a bonus. You get this without effort. Just give the code Pasino one and you get a bonus that 5 US to 100 US can vary.

Attention: All information on the bonus and bonus conditions was correct at the time of writing this article, but may have changed in the meantime.

What are the bonus conditions in the Pasino.CH Casino?

For each player and account there is the bonus offer only one time. You have to activate it in advance and make a deposit. There is a validity of 30 days.

It is always that a welcome bonus and all bonus offers are linked to certain conditions. This is true to comply with if you want to pay off the offer.

The bonus offer is only per player and account Available.

If you have credited the bonus offer, it is important to comply with a certain time limit. This is limited to 30 days. So you have 30 days to use the bonus offer. If you do not take it within this time, it expires.

You also have a sales condition. This is at 35 paint.

Different types have different contributions to the bonus:

  • Slot machines: 100%
  • Roulette and table games: 20%
  • Blackjack and Baccarat: 10%

On the grounds There are no restrictions. All compasses contribute to the increase in the conditions. If you then comply with these conditions, the bonus obtained will be transformed into real money without a profit.

What can loyal customers in the Pasino.CH Casino expect?

We could not locate a direct VIP program. But that does not matter, because every player is treated like a king or queen.

If you are looking for special games and extraporation on service, you will find it here too. Because in our review during this test we found many great games that you can play.

And these games will also be in the VIP version offered. For example, you can play VIP poker and roulette when you are in the live casino.

The casino offers you different ways to feel like a star.

Just give the gambling a chance. The customer service always gives you detailed answers if you have further questions about the VIP offer.

It is definitely one of the US online casinos that appreciates the customers.

How long does the registration take place at Pasino.CH Casino ?

The registration is simply designed and will not cost you much time. Enter your data and make sure that you follow the conditions.

If you are in the process of registration, you do not have to stay for a long time. Only a few conditions apply:

  • You have to be of age
  • You must be a US citizen
  • You may not be subject to exclusion measure

The registration is simply designed. You go to the website and click on Register. A logon mask opens in which you enter your data.

You must confirm your identity and submit certain documents for this:

  • Copy of your identity card
  • Counterpart

The casino from USA gives you 30 days, To submit this information.

If you have entered all your data, send it with a simple click to the casino. Be careful not to enter your data correctly.

So make sure that customer service employees can quickly check their data.

You should definitely have one valid mail address indicate. Because to this mail address you get a message sent.

This message is a confirmation link. Click this link to confirm your mail address and thus your account.

How user-friendly is the pasino.Ch Casino page?

The Pasino Casino renounces to shrill designs and lets the colorful games speak for themselves. You can quickly find yourself thanks to the intuitive design.

When you get to the website, you will first be welcomed by the welcome offer. Here you can see current actions and promotions you can perceive.

In addition to the bonus, you also see here if there are special offers in the field of free spins.

In the upper strip you will find the main menu. This is divided into New Games, Slots, Live Casino and Board Games.

You can also translate the website into various languages. They are the languages German, French, English and Italian to disposal.

Again, you have the opportunity to complete your registration or, if you have already done to sign up in your account.

If you continue scrolling on the website, see the entire offer of games.

Colored colors are also waived, so that the colorful games are better out.

How big is the game selection at Pasino.CH Casino?

Players get a big game selection at the US online gaming provider. This ranges from slot machines to roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat.

If you have it on a big game selection, you are in the right place at this gaming provider. Our experiences and reviews Get here not only a great choice of play, but you will also get them from Top software developers Offered like evolution gaming.

But not only Evolution Gaming offers you the top games here, there are also represented:

  • Net
  • Isoftbet
  • Red Tiger
  • Gaming 1

You can be sure that all these game developers are market-leading and offer you the latest and best technologies.

So you get a selection that is not only up-to-date, but you also get the classics offered under the games.

You can undergo all games you offered in the US casino and then you Find the favorite game.

The great is that you can also filter the games you offered after many attributes.

So you can play the game selection Filter topics, like cartoons or wildlife.

Also, you can specifically Play new games or looking for the most popular.

We noticed particularly positively in our test from the casino from USA that you can search for specific bets. Either low, medium or high.

The following US values apply:

  • Low: less than 0.50 US
  • Means: 0.50 US to 5 US
  • High: Over 5 US

You can also browse the games according to specific paylines:

  • Low: 10 or less
  • Means: 10 to 50
  • High: over 50

This type of casinos, after filtering attributes, we have definitely noticed us positively.

Which slot machines has Pasino.CH Casino?

Also the offer of slots is flawless. The Nauch here only slots of the best game developers offer you and you will find both the novelties and classics in the market.

You can use the slot offer without hesitation if you like to play them.

Because this type of games are not particularly suitable for experts, but also for newcomers in the world of casino. With slots The best review Apply here as a customer like a king and can browse through the large machine offer.

These slots are offered among other things:

  • Wild Elements
  • Jewel Scarabs
  • Treasure Mine
  • Atlantis
  • Plasma fusion

Since this type of casinos games is always the same, they will quickly find themselves up with the handling.

It is always so that there are up to 5 rolls. These are different symbols. By pressing the start button Bring the rollers in motion. Now it only depends on how many same symbols stop.

If you are now a machine have decided with as many paylines as possible, Of course you also have the biggest chance of winning.

Has the pasino.Ch Casino German-speaking dealer in the live casino?

Of course you can also use the live casino offer without restriction. Just click on the live area and you can choose one of the games offered.

If you would like to experience a casino experience of the special kind, go to the livecasino. Here you have the authentic casino experience while you are comfortable at home.

By video Look at the dealer live, How he tries the moves.

You can exchange views with other players through a chat, as if they actually saw them side by side in the casino.

These games are offered:

  • Crazy Time
  • Speed roulette
  • monopoly
  • Lightning roulette

But that's just a small selection of the live games. Just just click in the live area yourself and let yourself be inspired.

All live games that are offered are with the best software equipped.

Newest video technologies make your visit to something special and ensure you particularly high quality.

What is the payout rate at Pasino.CH Casino?

The payout rate is always the value of 97% in online casinos. With this value you can not go wrong, because this value is well above that of land-based casinos.

The payout ratio is also called RTP. This is for Return to Player. This describes a percentage that says how much money you get paid if you win.

The remaining 3% of the 97% are the Casino own house advantage. The RTP is thus quasi the entire money that has been deposited and paid by the casino to the players.

The higher the percentage, the higher of course your possible profit.

Note that your bet Not influenced their profit.

There is a pasino.CH Casino app or mobile version of the page?

Thanks to the mobile optimized website, you can easily play on the go and mobile. Handling is very easy and you get the entire range of the game offering also mobile. Your safety is also 100% guaranteed.

With the mobile optimized website, you always have the opportunity to play with your smartphone or with your tablet from the road, no matter where you are.

The handling is very simple according to the terms and conditions of the casinos:

  • Call the mobile browser
  • Enter the URL of the casino
  • Log in to your account
  • You can play mobile

You have exactly the same game offer, as well as in the desktop version. Your safety is guaranteed.

All transactions that they perform are encrypted and their data is safe.

How serious is Pasino.CH Casino ?

The Casino is subject to the US Commission and has a license from USA. This allows you to be sure that this is a reputable provider. We are sure that you will only collect positive experiences here.

If you are not sure if you have to do it with a reputable casino provider, you should always take a look to the terms and conditions throw.

Here you can see if there is a license and if so, where and if this is valid.

Licenses will only be awarded if the US casinos comply with all applicable guidelines.

For casinos, strict guidelines that need to be complied with before the license will then be awarded. Independent companies check the GameCasino in detail before then the license is assigned.

So if there is a license, you can sit back relaxed and enjoy the gaming experience in full trains.

How long does the payouts take place at Pasino.CH Casino?

You have the opportunity to decide between different payment methods. You can always, if you want to pay off your profits. Bank transfer takes 1 - 4 days until the money is on your account.

If you have achieved profits while playing, you can always pay off your profits in the account. Use one of the specified payment methods.

With The bank transfer takes this 1 - 4 days. It is Free and you have a low minimum payment.

The minimum imposition is only 0.01 US.

Just enter your bank data in the form and then click in your account lift up. This confirms your transaction.

Please note that the name of the recipient account with the name of your player account match. If the names are not identical, according to terms and conditions their payment can not be processed,

Also note that you can only pay off your profits if you have verified your account. So it is in the Conditions.

Also for your deposits you have different variants that you can use freely:

Deposit methodDeposit time
Credit card Immediately
Mobile payment Immediately
Bank Transfer 14 days

There is a German-speaking customer service at Pasino.CH Casino?

You have different ways to contact customer service. Either by chat or by mail you always achieve an employee if you have questions.

You can always contact the staff of customer service at any time if you have any questions, these are always happy to help you and answers as soon as possible.

The fastest variant is certainly if you are looking forward to Chat decide. Click on the chat icon at the bottom right on the website and you land already in the chat window.

Immediately an employee will contact you. In our test we have only been waiting for a few seconds, and already helped us.

The chat is 24/7 available.

But you can also contact employees by email. Write to this Support @ Pasino.chest. Even with this method, an employee will contact you as soon as possible.

Why is Pasino.CH Casino so recommended for players from USA?

Here you have a large and qualitative game choice of the best game developers. If you would like to contact customer service, you can do this 24/7, either by email or by chat.

Here you have a real all-rounder under the casinos. With a big game offer you will certainly find exactly what you are looking for.

The games offered are of the best Games developers.

You can, if you have any questions, always turn to customer service employees. This Ghet 24/7 by chat or by email.

Other frequently asked questions about the Pasino.CH Casino (FAQ)

Is there a welcome bonus?

Yes, that's there. When you log in again, get the bonus.

How can I contact customer service?

For this they have different possibilities. Either by mail or by chat.

Is there an app or mobile page?

Yes, you can play mobile. Use the mobile website for this.

Which games are offered?

You find here slot machines, table games and also a live casino.

General information
German languageYes
Online since
Responsible jurisdiction
Number of games
Information about bonuses
Max. bonus
First payment bonus
Match bonus
Sales conditions
Free bonus