Online Casino with Sofortüberweisung 2021

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What is immediate transfer? With the Sofortüberweisung not only players in the casino, but also buyers at online shops an alternative to credit card available. the payment Immediately it's easy, you do not even have to specify your e-mail address. Basically, it works quite like PayPal, except that you do not need a account for your order or deposit,.

These are the casinos where you can pay with immediately

# Casino Max. bonus First payment bonus Match bonus to play
1 888 Casino 1500US to play
2 Euro Palace Casino 600US 200Kf 100% to play
3 Netbet Casino 200 $+ 50 free spins 200 $ 100% to play
4 Bahigo 750US+ 100 free spins 750US 100% to play
5 22bet casino 300US 300US 100% to play
6 Vegas Hero Casino 1000 $+ 50 free spins 200 $ 100% to play
7 Stelario Casino 550 $+ 300 free spins 50 $ 200% to play
8th Spinia Casino 250US+ 50 free spins 100US 100% to play
9 Dublinbet 425 $ 225 $ 150% to play
10 Lucky31 Casino 150US 100US 100% to play
11 Dream Vegas Casino 7000US+ 120 free spins 2500US 200% to play
12 Spin Casino 1000US 400US 100% to play
13 Casimba 500 $ 100% to play
14 Yeti Casino 777US+ 100 free spins 333US 100% to play
15 Scratchmania 207 $ 200 $ 100% to play
16 Royal Panda Casino 1000US+ 10 free games 200Kf 100% to play
17 Karamba 200Kf+ 100 free spins to play
18 Ruby Fortune 750US 250US 100% to play
19 Winner Casino 680 $ 350 $ 200% to play
20 Gaming Club 350US 200Kf 100% to play
21 Betway Casino 250 $ 100% to play
22 All slots 1500US 500US 100% to play
23 Royal Vegas 1200US 300US 100% to play
24 Jackpotcity 1600US 400US 100% to play

What exactly is immediately?

Immediately a payment system is on the Internet, with which you can pay cashless. It also speaks of one Pseudo prepay system, because the dealer is not direct and immediately the payment, but the payment confirmation receives.

With immediate transfers, it is possible to pay on the Internet and especially in the online casino with credit balances on a bank account without having to accept the waiting time of the bank. Instead, the Payment directly, since Klarna or. Immediately goes for you as a customer in advance.

Deposits in the online casino are immediately very uncomplicated, fast and above all safe. In most casinos, immediate payments such as a bank transfer are considered and therefore qualify for a welcome bonus (if there is one).

As a payment method, it is immediately suitable primarily for deposit. For disbursements, however, you have to reckon again with the usual waiting time - or decide for another payment method.

Profits can not be applied for in the online casino with immediately for payment. However, customers for deposits benefit from fast and direct transactions.

How long does it already exist?

The instant transfers have been around since 2005. However, the company is immediately since 2014 to the Klarna Group. Since 2015, the company has been registered as a GmbH. The Klarna Group is based in Munich, in Germany and is headed by Robert Buenick, Patrick Dittmer and Jacob by Ingelheim. Currently, the company has just under 200 employees.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of immediately?

Anyone who decides immediately, which will quickly find that this has a lot of benefits:

  • You can pay cashless.
  • You can use money from your bank account.
  • You do not have to accept waiting times.
  • You can manage your credit as well as you are used to.

Nevertheless, you should not forget that one Transfer data through a transfer with a third party. Of course, the Klarna group is completely serious, but still you have to pass on very private and confidential information to perform transcuse immediately. For example, this includes that you Information such as account balance, sales, credit frameworks, presence of other accounts and their accounts, sharing. In addition This query happens completely automatically and customers are not specifically informed about it.

Who decides for immediate transfers, will quickly find that The advantages unbeatable are. However, you should inform about the data transmission and at least know what information is revealing exactly if you pay with immediately.

Collect for immediate transfers?

Depending on what you want to pay by Sofortüberweisung, there are different tariffs. As a rule, there is a monthly basic fee. This is taken over in online casinos by the casinos themselves, so customers actually hear nothing and immediately feel as a free payment service provider.

In addition to the basic fee, a fee per transaction and payment is due. There is a volume premium that is composed of percentage.

For individual payments, a fee of 0.9% is due with an additional fee of 0.25 euros.

In addition, for all providers, such as online casinos, a one-time furnishing fee - this is currently 59.90 euros.

In order to terminate cooperation with immediately, a period of 4 weeks at the end of the month must be adhered to.

All fees are due only for casinos or companies that offer the payment service. For users, the offer of immediately is usually free.

How to work in the online casino immediately?

In the online casino is particularly practical, because players have the opportunity to use their bank account for deposits - without having to accept the long transfer times. A bank transfer in the online casino is a very cumbersome payment method, as players sometimes have to wait up to 5 working days on their deposits. With instantly, players can access their credit directly and use to play at slot machines and co.

For a Sofortüberweisung usually no separate conditions apply to the online casino. Instead, the same amounts for the minimum deposit and also a payout will be impaired insignificantly. As already mentioned, a payout is possible only by bank transfer - When paying off the profits, therefore, the waiting times of the banks must be taken into account.

Most online casinos give the possibility to pay by Sofortüberweisung. This payment method facilitates the bank transfer and came a long time before e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and Co.

In the meantime, there are already significantly more options than to make a deposit by Sofortüberweisung a deposit. Now you can make a transfer very fast and completely without charges by Skrill, Neteller and other e-wallets. Banking in the casino has never been so versatile and simple As today - how long the Sofortüberweisung with your fees will still remain, is therefore not foreseeable.

How good is immediately for US?

US customers can benefit from the practical payment method, for example, to use games in the online casino. All information under which circumstances and how exactly if a Sofortüberweisung is accepted, you can read on the websites of the casinos.

Of course, you can use all slots and games of the providers in the casino after the deposit via Sofortüberweisung as usual as usual. To confirm the payment, you only have to provide your TAN and online banking data.

Of course, US can pay the payment service Also for other online purchases to use.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How safe is Sofortüberweisung?

The Klarna Group attaches great importance to safety and seriousness for all money matters. That's why Sofortüberweisung is considered one of the safest payment systems on the Internet. For a Sofortüberweisung the already proven online banking is used - so that Sofortüberweisung is definitely safe.

You can pay with Sofortüberweisung in the online casino?

Payments are not possible with Sofortüberweisung. However, since most online casinos require that you have to pay in and pay off the same account, a payout must be requested for the corresponding bank account.

How long does a sofort take over?

As a rule, the customer can access his balance immediately and directly, if this was paid by Sofortüberweisung in the online casino. For other payments on the Internet, the dealer also receives the payment immediately.

How do you do a Sofortüberweisung?

Generally, a Sofortüberweisung works exactly like a bank transfer at the bank. With a payment process on the Internet you can pay with the account details of the online account. This is not necessary for this.

Which bank offers Sofortüberweisung?

Most banks in Germany offer Sofortüberweisung. However, there are some exceptions, so you should contact the appropriate bank before use.