Giropay Casinos 2021 - All information

Who in the online casino with his bank account deposit wants, who sometimes have to wait a few working days until the credit is available on the player account. With Giropay there is the possibility to act immediately and directly deposits - the money is available in a few moments to play. The best for buyers and customers: The dealers take over the transaction fees.

These are the casinos where you can pay with Giropay

# Casino Max. bonus First payment bonus Match bonus to play
1 Euro Palace Casino 600US 200Kf 100% to play
2 Bahigo 750US+ 100 free spins 750US 100% to play
3 Vegas Hero Casino 1000 $+ 50 free spins 200 $ 100% to play
4 Lucky31 Casino 150US 100US 100% to play
5 Spin Casino 1000US 400US 100% to play
6 Yeti Casino 777US+ 100 free spins 333US 100% to play
7 Lucky Nugget 200Kf 200 $ 150% to play
8th Scratchmania 207 $ 200 $ 100% to play
9 Royal Panda Casino 1000US+ 10 free games 200Kf 100% to play
10 Karamba 200Kf+ 100 free spins to play
11 Ruby Fortune 750US 250US 100% to play
12 Gaming Club 350US 200Kf 100% to play
13 Betway Casino 250 $ 100% to play
14 All slots 1500US 500US 100% to play
15 Royal Vegas 1200US 300US 100% to play
16 Jackpotcity 1600US 400US 100% to play

What exactly is Giropay?

Giropay is an online financial service provider acting as a mediator between the banks and dealers. Be Transfers processed by a bank account immediately become and customers have to do not wait, until the bank has executed the transfer.

The company was Founded in 2006 and enables customers transfers and payments on the Internet within a few minutes.

Giropay belongs to Giropay GmbH and is originally a German payment system and belongs to Deutsche Postbank.

In other countries, there are comparable services that customers can use on the Internet for payment:

  • Dutch ideal in the Netherlands
  • Mybank
  • Interac Online Service in Canada
  • Pagomiscuentas in Argentina
  • Secure Vault Payments in the USA

In Germany, many banks cooperate with Giropay - therefore the payment service virtually uses nationwide. Especially customers of savings bank or other cooperative banks accept transactions with giropay usually easily. However, before you commission a payment with Giropay, you can also make sure that there are no problems with payments.

For a bank transfer with Giropay, only the information you would also use for your online banking. To complete payments, you must enter your TAN and PIN. Only then can the bank release the chosen amount.

Overall, Giropay is quite widespread especially in Germany. After all, the financial service provider has one Range of about 17 million German online banking customers.

Fall charges when using Giropay?

For the use of Giropay, there are various fees - it is important to use which services of the provider. The best thing about it is that you as a buyer or. Customer do not have to pay by the fees, Because these are taken over by the dealers.

To set up Giropay as a payment method on a dealer page, a fee of 99 euros must be paid once. In addition, however, a lump sum is due from 9.90 euros for 100 transactions. For each process, another 0.09 Euro will be charged - with payment guarantee even 0.33 euros or up to 0.95% per transaction.

Who wants to offer as a dealer Giropay as a payment method, so that must pay the corresponding furnishing fees. Customers can then choose with just one click on the website Giropay as a payment method.

Which advantages and disadvantages has giropay?

To pay with Giropay, especially on the Internet has a number of advantages. But of course, not everything is rosy, but there are also a few small disadvantages.

Payments from the bank account immediately availablePersonal bank information is automatically transmitted to Giropay
No registration necessaryTraders pay pretty much for the service
For buyers and customers Giropay is free

In addition, players should note in the online casino that a payout with Giropay not possible is. Different, as other payment methods such as Skrill or Neteller, Giropay is not tailored to the needs of customers in the online casino. Players in the casino have to pay off to their bank account if they previously used giropay to deposit. While a deposit is therefore possible via giropay, the payout must be instructed as a normal bank transfer.

Giropay is not an ideal payment method for gaming player. Because most casinos also have a number of restrictions on the award of bonus and free games. What exactly the provider requires and which payment methods are otherwise available, you can usually find on the website of the provider.

Suitable Giropay to pay in online casinos?

Players in the online casino want primarily Deposit quickly and easily. Of course, the credit balance can also be quickly transferred from one to the other account and Giropay is perfect for this purpose.

In contrast to a conventional deposit from a bank account, Transactions with Giropay completed within a few minutes will. The deposit in the online casino with Giropay still works like a conventional online banking transfer.

For payouts of profits, however, you can not use Giropay. The reason for this is that Giropay is only mediated between dealers and buyers - a payout is not necessary for a normal purchase in retail. There is no extra function from Giropay, which enables a payout of winning in the online casino.

Most online casinos, however, demand that they are on the same payment method, or. Pay out the same account, which you also used to deposit. If you deposit with Giropay, you can easily pay out easily on the bank account. The payout is of course longer than the deposit with Giropay.

In online casinos, a number of conditions usually apply - especially when it comes to the use of bonus offers. Look exactly if you are entitled to a welcome bonus when you deposit with Giropay.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Giropay sure?

Yes, Giropay is a trusted financial service provider, which is very common in Germany. In addition, the company is controlled by the Financial Supervisory Authority and must therefore hold on to all regulations and laws, in dealing with data.

Can you pay off profits with Giropay?

No, with giropay no payouts can be made. To pay off profits in the online casino, you must transfer them to your bank account. But in most online casinos, this is easily possible.

Do I have to pay charges for transfers?

Who makes use as a customer or buyer of the services of Giropay, which usually does not pay any fees. Generally, all fees from the dealers, or. Online casinos taken over.

How long does a payment take with Giropay?

A deposit with Giropay is within 20 minutes on the recipient account. So if you deposit in the online casino with Giropay, you can usually access your balance in the player account directly.

Can you link Giropay with each bank account?

No, so that you can use Giropay, the bank must allow payments via Giropay. If you are not sure, you can also contact the bank on this topic and ask.

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