Visa Casinos 2021 - All information at a glance

Visa has been a good reputation under the bank customers with credit card for many years. Most banks support Visa and offer credit cards from VISA. The fast and uncomplicated transactions make credit cards a popular Payments - Also on online casinos.

# Casino Max. bonus First payment bonus Match bonus to play
1 Casino777.chest 777US+ US100 without deposit 777US 100% to play
2 888 Casino 1500US to play
3 Cherry Casino 400US 200Kf 100% to play
4 Euro Palace Casino 600US 200Kf 100% to play
5 Leovegas Casino 2500 $+ 230 free spins 250US 100% to play
6 Netbet Casino 200 $+ 50 free games 200 $ 100% to play
7 Bahigo 750US+ 100 free spins 750US 100% to play
8th MR Green Casino 100US+ 200 free games 100 $ 100% to play
9 7melons 300US 100% to play
10 22bet casino 300US 300US 100% to play
11 Vegas Hero Casino 1000 $+ 50 free games 200 $ 100% to play
12 Wazamba 500 $+ 200 fri games 500 $ 100% to play
13 Stelario Casino 550 $+ 300 free spins 50 $ 200% to play
14 Whamoo Casino 400US+ 300 free spins to play
15 Spinia Casino 250US+ 50 free games 100US 100% to play
16 20bet casino 220 $+ 170 free games 120 $ 100% to play
17 Jackpots.chest 2911US 1111US 100% to play
18 Mycasino.chest 300US+ 200 free games 300US 100% to play
19 Dublinbet 425 $ 225 $ 150% to play
20 Lucky31 Casino 150US 100US 100% to play
21 Dream Vegas Casino 7000US+ 120 free spins 2500US 200% to play
22 Spin Casino 1000US 400US 100% to play
23 Casimba 500 $ 100% to play
24 Dunder casino 250US+ 120 free spins 250US 100% to play
25 Yeti Casino 777US+ 100 free spins 333US 100% to play
26 Lucky Nugget 200Kf 200 $ 150% to play
27 Spinit Casino 1000 $+ 200 free games 200 $ 100% to play
28 Scratchmania 207 $ 200 $ 100% to play
29 Royal Panda Casino 1000US+ 10 free games 200Kf 100% to play
30 Karamba 200Kf+ 100 free spins to play
31 Ruby Fortune 750US 250US 100% to play
32 Winner Casino 680 $ 350 $ 200% to play
33 Gaming Club 350US 200Kf 100% to play
34 Betway Casino 250 $ 100% to play
35 Casino Room 1000US+ 100 free spins 1000US 100% to play
36 All slots 1500US 500US 100% to play
37 COMEON CASINO 200Kf 200Kf 100% to play
38 Royal Vegas 1200US 300US 100% to play
39 Tropezia Palace 100 $ 100 $ 100% to play
40 Jackpotcity 1600US 400US 100% to play

What exactly is Visa?

Visa is often mentioned in connection with MasterCard, because both cards are very similar. Even Visa is an American financial service that processes transfers worldwide - Mainly with cards of the brand Visa such as credit cards, debit and prepaid cards.

Visa does not issue its own credit cards, Instead, Visa Financial Computers provides the payment method Visa. With a visa credit card can No credit be included and also All charges are from the bank, and not of VISA, dependent.

In 2014, Visa edited over 100 billion transactions, with sales of 6.8 trillion US dollars.

The history of the Visa Card - The BankAmericard

In September In 1958, the Bank of America has its own credit card program start. In this context, the bank has introduced the bankamericard and has reacted to the Master Charge (today MasterCard).

The new credit card was presented from 1966 other financial companies and could be used by these.

Only in 1976 the credit card was renamed Visa - previously it was the whole time bankamericard.

Today is Visa The second largest payment company. In the first place is the product China UnionPay. The size of the companies is measured based on the value of the payments made annually with the card and the amount of card issued. But outside of China, Visa is involved with 50% at the International Card Payments Market.

What advantages and disadvantages has Visa?

Of course, Visa not only has advantages, but of course not just disadvantages. That's why we have created a small overview.

Internationally recognized and popular payment methodFor disbursements (eg. From the casino) can come to long waiting times
Transactions are safe and protectedMap data must be entered for online transactions
There are no fees for simple payments

If you decide for payments with VISA, then choose a trusted and recognized product. Also, if there are problems with transactions, you have the opportunity to support at any time.

You have to pay fees for use with visas?

For users and customers of Visa, there are no additional costs. However, there are charges for every payment - but these are taken over in most cases by the dealers.

For each payment in the trade, a cash register system is needed and this course costs money. These costs arise, for example, even with cash payments, but For the settlement of payments by credit card, a credit card terminal is needed. Such Credit card terminal can be paid by the credit card companies.

For a payment with VISA in the trade, you usually have to introduce his credit card to a corresponding reader. For payments online, customers need to typed their credit card details and the Money is automatically deducted from the map.

Since customers do not have to pay for the payments with Visa, the load of the costs is on the shoulders of the dealer. In Europe, especially in the European Union, the charges for payments are limited and regulated:

  • With payments by girocarte fall 0.2% fee
  • For payments by credit card, 0.3% fees are added

These fees fall for all payments with credit cards - whether Visa or MasterCard and, for example, for transactions with the map of American Express.

Further fees for the use of VISA credit cards also include only under certain circumstances. For example, customers have to In addition to cash deductions or may also pay for payments abroad. Since Visa is always connected to an account, it always comes to the financial institution and which regulations for fees apply specifically.

Since 2018 are Additional charges for consumers prohibited. But this applies primarily to all countries in the European Union - in USA, sometimes other regulations apply. For transactions outside the EU, you have to be careful, because it can certainly come to additional costs. In most countries, it is on the dealers whether they charge extra fees or not.

Who travels in Australia or New Zealand, should be particularly careful. With payments with VISA, there are always 1.5% fees. It does not matter if it is a purchase in retail or internet.

How well Visa is suitable for paying in the online casino?

Most online casinos provide transactions with VISA as a payment method. Thus, deposits are usually completely easy and players can immediately access their deposited credit in the casino.

In some online casinos you can No bonus or free spells received in certain payment methods. This is because fees for the casino providers are incurred and the players should be motivated to use other payment methods.

Generally Payments with VISA in the online casino but very uncomplicated. However, you should pay attention to whether you can get payouts of your profits on your visa card.

In fact, payments with credit cards - such as VISA - are the most common use of payment methods to pay money in the casino.

Visa is suitable for US?

Also in USA payments with VISA are possible. As well as in Germany or other countries Pay US with VISA online or in retail.

Most shops in USA have a card reader and accept payments by visa. As already mentioned, you have to but greatly pay attention to additional fees outside the European Union - in USA, other regulations apply than in the EU.

As in almost all countries, you can also Pay contactless with visas in USA. For this, however, the dealer must have a corresponding card reader that allows contactless payment. That too Mobile pay via tablet or smartphone is possible with VISA in USA.

Anyone who wants to pay with Visa in USA - or deposit, for example, in the online casino - should usually have no problems. The credit cards of the brand Visa are almost recognized worldwide and accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

How can I get a Visa Card?

A credit card of the brand Visa is usually issued by your bank. That's why you need to contact it with this to have the opportunity to have a VISA card. Distinguish the conditions for receipt, depending on the financial institution.

Are prepaid visa cards safe?

The special feature of prepaid credit cards is that you can only spend the money, what you download on the map. So there is no danger to cover the account and a VISA prepaid card is probably one of the safest cards. Because even in the case of theft, only the money can be stolen that is actually on the map.

Is it safe to pay in the online casino with VISA card?

Yes, it is safe to pay in the online casino with a visa credit card. To be accurate, payments with VISA (but also MasterCard) are the most popular payment methods in the online casino and are regularly used by players worldwide. However, make sure that you can also receive the payouts of your profits on your visa card.

What are the best visa casinos?

In almost all online casinos, the option to pay with VISA. Therefore, there are no special providers in which a payment with VISA is better or worse.

Which games are available in the Visa Casinos?

Since we can not name online casinos specifically as Visa Casinos, because Visa is almost available everywhere, this also applies to the offered games. In the casinos with Visa you can use all games you know of casino games - slot machines, but also various table games like blackjack, poker or roulette.