MasterCard Casinos - Everything you need to know

The MasterCard is one of the most famous Payment methods. But not only in the online casino, but also for purchases at dealers. The MasterCard is very highly recognized almost worldwide and is therefore accepted almost everywhere. In addition, the use of MasterCard hardly fees and thus the credit card is particularly user-friendly.

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What exactly is MasterCard?

the MasterCard is an American financial service, which is available in many different countries. The headquarters of the company is in New York, in the USA.

The main concern of the company is it, Payments between the banks of dealers and card exit banks or. Credit associations of the buyers to process. For transactions with MasterCard, debit, credit or prepaid cards can be used - they all belong to the MasterCard brand.

MasterCard Worldwide is one Stock market oriented company since 2006. Before walking to the stock market, what MasterCard a cooperative with over 25.000 financial institutions, the cards of the MasterCard brand.

MasterCard was originally known as "Interbank" - from 1966 to 1969. Then it was called from 1969 to 1974 "Master Charge". These were founded by an alliance of several regional banking cards and were the answer to the issued BankAmercicard of the American main bank.

In 1966 several regional banking card associations concluded. The association called "Interbank Card Association". Interbank branding was 1966 initially only from a small, inconspicuous lowercase I inside a circle in the lower right corner of the front of each interbank card; The rest of the card design was the privilege of every business bank.

This tiny logo proved to be completely unsatisfactory for creating a nationwide brand awareness to compete with the established market leader, bankamericard.

In 1969 Interbank developed a new national brand, "Master Charge": by combining the two overlapping yellow and orange circles of two banks and embossed the name "Master Charge".

Mastercard fused in the following years with a number of other banks. Only in 2006 the MasterCard became what we know today. This includes the typical logo of the two interlocking circles - depending on the type of card these circles have other colors.

Since 2019 MasterCard only uses the logo without the lettering.

Why was MasterCard so popular?

One reason why most banks decided to cooperate was that at that time fifteen states banned the branch business and the "unit banking" was prescribed. One "Unit-Bank" is a bank that can only be active in a single location and is therefore forced to stay small. By joining a regional bank card association, a Unit Bank quickly recorded a credit card in its supply of financial products and achieve size benefits by showing annoying back-office activities such as the card operation to the association.

Such associations enabled the Unit banks to summarize their customer base and dealership networks to make a credit card usable for both customers and traders; Early credit cards were failed because they could only be used in a small radius about their respective issuing banks.

Fall fees for payments with MasterCard?

What fees for the use of a credit card or MasterCard - are incurred on the bank that issues this credit card. Most banks give their own credit card to their customers and these must pay a small fee for it. Mostly that is one annual fee, which is automatically deducted from the account.

If you want to use His MasterCard not only in your own country, for example Germany or USA, you must also join Foreign job fees calculate. Can Cash deduction fees and loan fees incurred if you cover your card.

Most banks require an annual payment of fees. This fee usually fluctuates between 20 euros and 40 euros.

These are some incurred fees for common MasterCards:

  • ClassicCard The TARGOBANK CostsTest 30 Euro Annually
  • Mastercard of Commerzbank costs 29.90 euros a year
  • Travelcard of Santander Consumer Bank costs 48 euros a year
  • Netbank MasterCard costs 20 euros annually

Some banks also offer free credit cards or. Mastercards for your customers. Some of them are free only in the first year, with others there is a border, how much money they can spend with the card, without charges.

In addition, for example, there are also Offers from airlines, Like the Lufthansa (Miles & More Credit Cards). Here customers get For every euro sales, you get a flight mile, which one can collect. To welcome there are up to 4000 miles free.

In summary, one can first stick to that there is a whole series different mastercards. These are usually issued by a bank and therefore the fees can vary widely.

Which advantages and disadvantages have payments via MasterCard?

Of course, there is also a number of advantages and disadvantages for the MasterCard. But it always depends on it, What you want to use your credit card primarily for.

MasterCard is a global group whose product is highly recognized almost everywhereThere may be easy delays and waiting times when paying - partly between 24 and 48 hours
MasterCard is easily supported by almost all banks and dealersPayments on MasterCard can be blocked
Almost all online casinos offer MasterCard as a payment method

In general, however, you can say that payments via MasterCard are very widespread and there are hardly any problems in use. While other cards resp. Payment methods can also be rejected, the transactions with MasterCard usually do not happen.

How good can you pay in the online casino with MasterCard?

In most online casinos, you can easily play when you have a MasterCard. Almost all casinos accept MasterCard as a payment method and allow deposits and payments via MasterCard.

Who wants to pay with map in the casino, must often be afraid of no bonus or free games to get the provider. But since the MasterCard is so widespread, there are hardly restrictions and you do not have to worry about your free spells, nor to your bonus.

For payouts of profits in the online casino, you should Check that you can get payments on your map. Otherwise, there is always a way to choose an alternative payment method for the payment.

Suitable payments via MasterCard for US?

The MasterCard is very common worldwide - and not only online. Meanwhile you can also pay with a lot of conventional dealer with credit card. Particularly popular with credit card payments are MasterCards because they are almost always recognized and used. Other credit cards can also lead to difficulties, which happens very rare with MasterCard.

The payment method is also widely used in USA. Not only in online casinos, but also for purchases, US use the MasterCard. Which MasterCard is available for US is available on the bank that issues them.

In USA, most shops and dealers are equipped with a card reader. Only very rare should it come to problems with the payment with MasterCard.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a welcome bonus with MasterCard in the casino?

Yes, in most online casinos, there is no problem to get a welcome bonus when you deposit with MasterCard. As a rule, mainly e-wallets are developed by the credit of a welcome bonus.

Is MasterCard a credit or debit card?

To be exact is MasterCard a debit card. Because the customer can actually use only the money with the credit card, which is really available on the bank account. So from MasterCard there is no credit framework as it gives it with other credit cards.

You can use MasterCard for deposits and payouts in the online casino?

Yes, MasterCards can be used easily for deposits and withdrawals in most online casinos. In fact, MasterCards are even the most commonly used payment method in the online casino.

What is the difference between Mastercard and Visa?

The only difference that it really gives is that both cards only work in the respective payment network. A VISA card can not be used in the network of MasterCard and a MasterCard can not be used in a VISA network. But of course not all cards are the same.

What is better, Visa or Mastercard?

In principle, credit cards are very similar and widespread. So it's no problem with both cards to pay worldwide. In some countries, however, they will find a better exchange rate with MasterCard - which is only important if they travel regularly.