Online Casino Ukash - All information at a glance

Ukash was an electronic monetary system that allows customers to exchange cash for a secure code to Payments to be able to run on the internet. Customers got the code in the form of a voucher, like a paysafecard. However, the company was bought by the Skrill Group in 2014 and since October 2015 all Ukash codes are invalid.

These are the casinos where you can pay with Ukash

# Casino Max. bonus First payment bonus Match bonus to play
1 888 Casino 1500US to play
2 Cherry Casino 400US 200Kf 100% to play
3 Euro Palace Casino 600US 200Kf 100% to play
4 Netbet Casino 200 $+ 50 free games 200 $ 100% to play
5 Bahigo 750US+ 100 free spins 750US 100% to play
6 Dublinbet 425 $ 225 $ 150% to play
7 Lucky31 Casino 150US 100US 100% to play
8th Lucky Nugget 200Kf 200 $ 150% to play
9 Scratchmania 207 $ 200 $ 100% to play
10 Karamba 200Kf+ 100 free spins to play
11 Ruby Fortune 750US 250US 100% to play
12 Winner Casino 680 $ 350 $ 200% to play
13 Gaming Club 350US 200Kf 100% to play
14 Betway Casino 250 $ 100% to play
15 Casino Room 1000US+ 100 free spins 1000US 100% to play
16 All slots 1500US 500US 100% to play
17 COMEON CASINO 200Kf 200Kf 100% to play
18 Royal Vegas 1200US 300US 100% to play
19 Jackpotcity 1600US 400US 100% to play

What exactly was Ukash

Ukash was one In the United Kingdom-based electronic monetary system, that enabled users to To exchange cash for a secure code for online payments. The code was then used for online payments, for charging cards or e-wallets or for money transfers. the Codes were distributed worldwide through the participating retailers, kiosks and ATMs.

It was in April 2014 by the Skrill Group and merged with the Austrian competitors Paysafecard, who had been adopted by Skrill a year earlier.

All existing vouchers ran after the 31. October 2015. Remaining vouchers could be exchanged in paysafecard pins.

In the year In 2013, the company supported the start of, The information about it offers how online frauds and ransom requirements can be avoided.

In June In 2014, Ukash brought the Ukash Travel Money Prepaid Mastercard to the market, a rechargeable prepaid mastercard for Euro and US dollars that could be used everywhere, where MasterCard is accepted.

Were there fees for Ukash payments?

When using Ukash, no fees fell. The payment method was therefore free.

Ukash users received a unique 19-digit code representing their predefined money; This was entered if you made a transfer, payment or online purchase. If the purchase was below the value of the code, a new 19-digit code could be provided by dealers. This code then contained the difference sum and could be used further to pay.

What were the advantages and disadvantages of Ukash?

Ukash basically works similar to a paysafecard. Of course, that has some advantages, but also one or another disadvantage.

Anonymous payments on the internet possibleDo not exist
Fast transactions
No fees

Was Ukash practical for payments in the online casino?

In the online casino has Ukash The function of a prepaid charge had, similar to a paysafecard.

So that players can pay in the online casino with Ukash, the providers must also offer the payment method but of course. Since Ukash has not existed as a single company long, the payment method has not really established itself.

Was Ukash usable for US?

Since Ukash has worked like the Paysafecard, you could Ukash using everywhere where the codes were sold. So it did not make any difference if they were in Germany or USA.

The anonymous payment with Ukash was therefore also available in USA.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ukash available in the online casino?

No, the payment method Ukash does not exist anymore. Meanwhile, the service for Paysafegroup and anonymous payment is on Paysafecards.

How expensive was ukash?

At Ukash you could buy codes with different value. You could then redeem these online and even redirect residual amounts to a new code.

Was Ukash sure?

Yes, Ukash was a secure payment method. By paying with Ukash customers could even stay anonymous if they wanted to pay on the internet.

Why is Ukash no longer?

The company was bought by the Skrill Group and later fused with Paysafe. The product Ukash is now in the form of a paysafecard.

Is Paysafecard and Ukash the same?

In principle, both models hardly differ. For both payment methods, you could buy a card with a code on the kiosk or in other stores and use them for payments on the Internet.

But that's not the only prepaid card you can use

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