Casino License Philippines: The Philippines and the Cagayan Special Economic Zone

In the Philippines, the terrestrial and online gambling have been allowed for a long time and there are also spiell licenses for offshore companies. The landscape of the online games in this archipelago, the over 7.000 islands counts, a very special. To understand that, you must distinguish between the country itself and the Cagayan Special Economic Zone. This zone near the airport is monitored by a commission called Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). Spiellizenzen on the Internet are issued directly from this particular economic zone and the CEZA has the possibility of a company the Play license for gambling to provide without having to obtain the permission of the national government. It is clear that the Philippines in relation to online gambling pursue a very own approach. Unfortunately, US players are not accepted by this legislation. So you can not possibly play in a casino that is licensed and operated by the Philippines.

The test winners among the online casinos!

The details of the license issued by the government of the Philippines

The State Company Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor) was the only permitted provider of gambling in the Philippines for years for years. The company offered casino games, bingo, sports betting and online trading. But some real casinos were also operated on the archipelago. In 2000, Pagcor divided the Sports and Games Entertainment Corp. The very first casinol license in the history of the regulatory authority. In 2002, the Philippine State with Philweb Corporation closed together to regulate and tax online casinos, which are becoming more and more numerous. To facilitate the development of the Igaming Market, Philweb SOG led. MPEGs a machine set up in the Cybercafés, with which it was possible to bet online. You need to know that Philweb has no competition in this area in the Philippines. Baccarat is responsible for 40% of casino revenue in this paradise country. In order to receive a license of the government of the Philippines, the applicant must:

  • Be sure to negotiate with Pagcor, which then offer the games of the provider in the GameCafés.
  • Over at least 1.2 million Philippine pesos and a sophisticated business plan have.
  • It agrees that the state retains 28% of gross revenue as a fee.

The credibility and availability of the Philippine license in USA

The Filipino casino license has no credibility in USA. Because the CEZA does not operate in USA. This online money casinos can be deleted from your list. In any case, foreign providers would never hold on the US market with a Philippine license for a long time. The Philippine market is very popular "local" and internationally.

Player protection in the year 2021 - everyone should set a border

The year 2020 was a pure emergency status for the whole world. Since many people are suddenly at home alone, they have no overview anymore. Those who were in advance in the real casino or at horse racing, sign up online partly at dubious games casino providers or sports betting pages. Of course, in times like these fraudsters free train. All life is mainly on the Internet. That's why you should be more cautious, because ever. Who is already at risk, should be locked and contacted with a therapist.

Players, who only register in online casinos, should rely on limits and check the finance well so there are no problems. Many commissions warn that many players play in bankruptcy in 2021 and that is not a good prognosis. Above all, this is not because the debt spiral is currently going down at the moment. It is so important to get help in need. The Philippine authorities, but also many other countries present auxiliary measures that can be read on the respective money casino websites. Also, there are on the web forums where you can exchange with others. There is a lot done to curb the gambling addiction. Therefore, the commissions also take care of or. It is checked whether the casinos inform and whether they offer a service.


May one play as a US in the Philippines?

Since in USA, these licenses have no credibility, apart from the fact that they are not in the EU, because in Europe, you should better escape your fingers. Apart from that, it is advisable to play in your own country. USA has since 2019 own online casinos operators and the law states that the citizens are only allowed to play there. Who does not hold on it, must expect that profits are not paid out. Everything is still in the gray area. Safe and serious is definitely then when you stay in your own country.

How to recognize a reputable website?

The casinol license is the most important. We inform through our contributions, which licenses are recognized and which not. With live online casino licenses from the Philippines you may not be so happy. In the EU we recommend the Malta Gaming Authority. Are you US, stay in USA, because you enjoy top security through the US commissions. There are also many unique offers for players because the casinos are still relatively new.

Where are the license information on the website?

The casino license information will find players usually down on gambling casino website. There is company information, the license number and the respective authority. Partly with logo. If not there, then it is in the imprint to find in the terms and conditions or contact. There is no information, better fingers away. In this case, it has to be assumed that it is a dubious site.