Casino License Germany 2021: A new law enters into force

In 2021, there will be a lot of casinolicences in Germany in Germany. Next year German players can finally look forward to legal games in their own country. The wonderful thing is that the heads have come up with a lot. Above all, the topic of security is high on the list. In addition, Germany wants to prevent German players in foreign casinos. You will see how that all.

The test winners among the online casinos!

Which online casino providers will provide their services in Germany?

There is no information yet, probably the online casinos do not even know even because they have not been created yet. At the start, we will be guaranteed to report about it and of course introduce you. So far, the topic is still a construction site where you can only speculate. There is live casinos? Sports betting, slot machines, games like roulette, poker and co? You will see what gaming surprises are waiting for us through the new gambling state contract.

It's hard for German players in the future if they want to play at online game casino providers on Malta. It is still possible because some payment service providers are providing. PayPal and Visa did not adopt free of charge from the online casinos. Just because there were regular complaints from Germany, they moved back from the German online business.

The question is just, whoever remains at the end? Bitcoin makes greetings. The more prohibitions, the more attractive online casino crypto currencies. You may be curious if they are still anchored in the State Treaty.

Player protection and limits are high on the list of regulation

An important online game Casino theme was already talking through. The speech is from player protection, which is very important. Allegedly, customers may only deposit up to 1000 euros on the online casino player account per month. A great thing as we find to protect the players. In addition, there will be a real online casinos lock file where vulnerable players will enter. This is then led nationwide. How this looks with the privacy will be seen. But everyone wants to play, must register. If he wants or not. Anyone who is on the online casino provider of lock list can not just register where else. Foreign casinos excluded, which are still playable until then.

Many online casino surprises will give it in 2021

Good that the authorities have finally changed the State Treaty for 2021. In times of Covid19, the money is needed in your own country. Player protection also ensures that customers do not spend too much. In times of crisis, this is also a danger that should not be underestimated. So then, in any case we are allowed to look forward to many offers. How many licenses are awarded, none still knows. Most recently, there were those in Schleswig Holstein. But these are as history and no longer available. The last casino licenses ran in 2019. So far, there was no pre-protection that protects Gaming User. This should now finally change as I said.

Until the time has come, there are still Malta Internet casinos and others. Whether you want to continue playing there or not, everyone should decide for themselves. Actually, it is not legal to play with slots or make sports bets. But if there are no alternatives, one understands some gamblers. Next year, the world looks rosy in any case. Until then, one or the other can gamble in demo mode and prepare for unique hours. Save is as announced.